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Aorus AD27QD Review

You’ve just finished building the ultimate gaming PC. The hum from the cooling system provides satisfaction to your ears like a baby listening to a lullaby about to drift off to sleep. The liquid in the cooling system begins to mesmerize you like one of those lava lamps your parents gave you.

You’re standing in front of an amazing piece of architecture, design, and engineering. It really is a sight to behold. Speaking of sights to behold, it’s now time to treat your eyes. And what better way to do that than to purchase one of the best gaming monitors available right now.

Aorus AD27QD Review

The ultimate gaming monitor…

In this in-depth Aorus AD27QD review, we’ll be featuring one of the very best gaming monitors currently on the market. We’ve taken the time to check it out thoroughly to see if it is worthy of pairing up to the rest of your gaming rig.

With a screen size of 27 inches, you certainly won’t miss any of the action. At this size, it’s also suitable for chilling out and catching up on some movies or a quality TV series. Being 4K resolution gives you an impressive 109ppi (pixels per inch), ensuring a crisp, sharp image.

The design of this gaming monitor is something else. With the customizable RGB LEDs inserted along some of the aggressive cut-outs in the rear, it makes you want to look at the back of this monitor as much as the front. The styling almost made us feel like this thing was about to transform into a Decepticon!

But more on this later…

Aorus AD27QD Standout Specs

You’re probably wondering about some performance specs? Well, the Aorus doesn’t fall short here. Boasting 144hz refresh and 1ms response rates, you won’t be disappointed by any ghosting or lagging frame rates.

The Aorus is also capable of HDR and 10-bit color, so you will receive consistent colors that are both accurate and vibrant. There are some other clever features that serious gamers will appreciate too.

LFC or Low Framerate Compensation will multiply your frame rate if it drops below 48fps. This ensures you won’t experience any of those annoying frame rate stutters. This translates to more competitive gaming, and who’s not up for that?

Aorus AD27QD 27

But, there’s a catch…

We mentioned that this monitor features HDR (High Dynamic Range). This is entry-level HDR, so there are better options out there. Incredible HDR would require local dimming to achieve higher levels of brightness and contrast. It would also mean a much higher price tag. We feel this is a fair trade, as you can still really notice the benefits even at this entry level.

The other exciting feature is the 10-bit color available, resulting in an amazing range of 1.07 billion colors. This can only be achieved at 120hz, not at the monitor’s full capability of 144hz. Once again, a fair trade. We were happy with experiencing a wider range of colors, and the 24hz difference isn’t really noticeable.

The Aorus uses an IPS panel, and they’re known for having superior viewing angles to VA panels. This results in richer, more vibrant colors and contrast. The trade-off is usually slower response and refresh rates than the VA competitors. However, with the figures we’ve already covered of 144hz and 1ms, this could now be a thing of the past.

Aorus AD27QD Features

Who doesn’t like having tons of options available to give you that competitive edge? We’re certainly impressed with what’s been squished inside this gaming monitor. In this section of the review, we cover the stand-out features that impressed us most.

The first of which is a unique feature, is what’s referred to as ‘Dashboard.’ By utilizing the USB upstream port, users are rewarded with a range of system parameters. Information such as GPU/CPU temperature, fan speed, and frequency are all displayed on the screen.

Black Equalizer…

Another feature we found useful was what’s called the ‘Black Equalizer.’ This allowed us to increase the visibility of dark items in the game. We all know how annoying it can be trying to find that hidden secret item tucked away in a dark corner somewhere.

And finally, all the menu functions are accessed using a joystick located under the center of the monitor.

Feeling connected like never before…

Aorus AD27QD 27

There are a variety of connection options when it comes to gaming monitors, and the Aorus had us covered. Video, audio, and USB are all covered along with some other interesting enhancements.

Video connection can be achieved by a single DisplayPort 1.2 input or 2 HDMI 2.0 ports. FreeSync works over both ports with an AMD graphics card, but only via Display port with the NVIDIA.

We were pleased to locate a dual USB 3.0 hub. With the number of gadgets and accessories we all use these days, we can never have enough USB ports. Audio is supported via a headphone and microphone jack. The microphone jack effectively implements ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), which reduces background noise with surprisingly high success.

Aorus AD27QD Tactical Gaming Features

We were able to download a free piece of software from the Gigabyte website called ‘Sidekick.’ This enables you to access the monitor’s features without having to use the OSD joystick. The joystick actually works rather well, but we did find having the software handy, especially for the initial set-up.

Of course, we could quickly and easily change between presets and profiles; this has become pretty standard in most monitors now.

So what are the features that make this monitor ‘tactical,’ and will these tactics give you the edge?

We discovered being able to have customizable counters and timers layered across the screen did give us a slight edge to our competition. Crosshairs are another option for customization to the point of being able to draw your own. We’re sure the FPS fanatics will enjoy having this feature.

Another FPS enhancement is the Aim Stabilizer. This will ensure you can keep on the move, and the action will remain fast-paced throughout. Making use of the presets, hotkeys, and Black Equalizer makes it a breeze to spot and pick off those who like to hide in dark corners. Sure to give you that all-important upper edge.

Aorus AD27QD Review Pros and Cons


  • Impressive refresh and response rates for an IPS panel.
  • Accurate, bright, and vibrant colors.
  • Attractive physical design features.
  • Plenty of gaming features like Dashboard and Black Equalizer.
  • Active Noise Cancellation works well.


  • HDR is entry level.
  • Dark room performance.
  • Slightly large stand takes up quite a bit of desk space.

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Aorus AD27QD 27

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Aorus AD27QD Review Conclusion

Overall, we were impressed. And the Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD provided a sharp, crisp, clear image in both the games and movies we viewed. Sitting at a variety of viewing angles didn’t affect the colors or contrast. The color range and accuracy was pleasing, and the monitor is also just nice to look at, even when turned off.

The additional gaming features did give us a slight tactical advantage. So, we guess that Gigabyte’s claims are true.

We feel that serious FPS gamers would really benefit from this monitor, giving them a competitive edge.

Happy gaming.

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