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Review Of The Aukey DR02 FHD 1080p Dash Cam

Having a dash cam mounted in your car is an excellent investment and can potentially save you thousands of dollars. Prior to their invention, any type of traffic incident resulted in a ‘he said, she said’ situation full of conjecture.

In fact, dashcam footage is generally admissible in court. Having footage can provide definitive proof of exactly what happened. There has even been talk of insurance companies offering a discount to those who have one installed.

The Aukey DR202 is one of the most popular Dash Cams currently available. So, we decided to do an in-depth Aukey DR02 Review to see why and help you understand if it’s the right option for you…

Review Of The Aukey DR02 FHD 1080p Dash Cam


Featuring a compact, low profile design, the Aukey can easily be installed in a convenient location on your windshield or rear window. This also helps with preventing the device from being a distraction or obstructing your view.

The device measures 3-inches by 2-inches (7.6 cm x 5 cm). A camera is mounted on the bottom with a vertical swivel facing forwards. On the back, there is a small screen with some rubbery buttons underneath it for controlling the functions. The screen is more for reference and to navigate through the menu settings rather than for playback.

Blends into most interiors…

A neutral color scheme is used, that should look at home in most vehicle interiors. Dark charcoal gray and black can easily be hidden either near your rearview mirror or in the corner of the windshield.

Power is supplied via USB, and you will have to run a cable. Six cable clips are included to help make this task easier. The cables and clips themselves are also black, which should help in keeping them hidden once installed.


Installing the device can quickly be done by yourself. Included in the package is a mounting bracket with a floating bottom, along with some double-sided 3M adhesive pads. Simply wipe down the area where you wish to mount the bracket with some alcohol wipes, and then stick it on.

Handy power supply…

Delivering power to the device is achieved using a dual-port charger. It plugs into a standard power supply port (the old cigarette lighter) and uses a USB cable to connect to the device. There is also an extra USB port available, so you can still charge your phone.

Performance And Specifications

AUKEY Dash Cam FHD 1080p 1

Images are recorded at a resolution of 1920 x 1080p using a Sony Exmor sensor. This results in clear and detailed footage that can easily be played back on a large TV screen. If watching back on a laptop or computer monitor, the footage is even better.

The field of view is 170-degrees, meaning a wider field of view. It is like having peripheral vision for the camera. This does result in a slight loss in picture quality compared to a non-wide view; however, capturing the additional area is more beneficial.

Nighttime performance…

Footage taken during the day is bright and sharp. Night performance is okay, but not spectacular. However, even high-end cameras struggle with retaining details in low-light conditions. This is why the camera uses a particular feature to try and assist.

The footage taken at night is in black and white. Trying to capture color footage in low light generally results in very grainy images. This allows for more detail to be retained and less loss of image quality.

Audio and still images…

In-car audio can be recorded as an option. This can be turned on or off through the device settings. We think this can be handy for use during a traffic stop by law enforcement. We support law enforcement, and this is just as much for their protection as yours.

Still images can also be snapped using the device. This can be better than using the camera on your smartphone after a minor accident. That way, all details relating to the incident are all stored in one location.

Data storage…

Obviously, your video, audio, and pictures need to be saved somewhere. The devices can store data using a Micro SD card. There is no card included, and one will have to be purchased separately.

Up to a 128 GB Micro SD card is supported. This can store up to one week of footage. After the card is full, the device will rewrite over the existing footage automatically. It will always keep your most recent footage, though.

Features And Extras

If you wish to have hardwiring installed or use an OBD (On-board Diagnostics) adapter, there are some additional functions supported. A built-in gravity sensor can detect movement and automatically switch on the device.

This is handy for protecting you against hit and runs in car parks. Additionally, there is also a motion detector built in that can detect people lurking around your vehicle. However, if this is something you’d like to consider, it would require professional installation.

GPS tracking option…

 AUKEY Dash Cam FHD 1080p 2

If you wish to purchase the optional GPS antenna separately, the device also supports geotracking. This enables your exact speed and location to be logged whenever the device is in operation.

This could possibly assist with any police investigations. Plus, it’s also a cool way to add a location to any videos you wish to share on social media.

Speaking of social media, there is a nifty timelapse function that can be used to record your entire journey. This doesn’t really add any additional safety or security but is a neat bonus to play around with.

Pros And Cons Of Aukey DR02


  • Clear footage during the day.
  • Easy installation.
  • Select optional extras according to need.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • Quality mounting hardware included.


  • Nighttime footage drops in quality.
  • No Wi-Fi or cloud storage available.
  • No rear-facing camera.
  • Does not have a supporting app.

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Back to today’s review…

Aukey DR02 Review – Final Thoughts

The Aukey does lack some of the features offered by similar devices. It may not include app support or have Wi-Fi or cloud storage, but it does do what it is supposed to well. And at an affordable price.

The inclusion of high-quality mounting equipment makes it easy for anyone to install it themselves. Plus, having the option of additional features that may not suit everyone means that it’s suitable for a broader range of users.

While the video quality is clear, it does suffer at night a little. That being said, not nearly enough to cause any concern. License plates can still be read at night, and it can still perform its duty well.

Would we buy one?

We would definitely buy an Aukey DR02. It represents excellent value and can easily have its features expanded later.

Stay safe on the road!

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