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Top 6 Best 140mm Case Fans In 2023 Review And Buying Guide

If you’re tired of thermal throttling CPUs and face the dilemma of micro stutters and frequent non-responsive applications, you needn’t be anymore! Having a sound cooling system is vital and will increase the performance and lifespan of your components.

But with so many options, it’s hard to know which one suits your computer case, so we listed some of the best 140mm case fans on the market that are sure to resolve your heating issues. After this guide, you’ll be able to stream, play games, and work effectively without any interruptions.

So, let’s go through them…

Top 6 Best 140mm Case Fans In 2023 Review And Buying Guide

Best 140mm Case Fans In 2023 Review

  1. Corsair LL Series LL140 – Best Premium 140mm Case Fan
  2. Noctua NF-A14 – Best Value 140mm Case Fan for the Money
  3. Corsair ML140 PRO RGB – Best Rated 140mm Case Fan
  4. Noiseblocker Alphacool L12 – Best Mid Range 140mm Case Fan
  5. Phanteks PH-F140XP – Best 140mm Radiator Fan
  6. ARCTIC BioniX P140 – Best Budget 140mm Case Fan

140mm Case Fans Product Reviews

1 Corsair LL Series LL140 – Best Premium 140mm Case Fan

Case fans have evolved a lot and aren’t merely rigid plastic frames surrounding the fans anymore. They aren’t only a cooling device anymore but a “complete package.” Today, many fans have added RGB LED lighting and other features that take your PC case or CPU cooler to another level.

The Corsair LL140 case fan is part of the Dual Light Loop series, and the purpose isn’t only to provide the user with impressive and silent performance but also to provide you with some of the best RGB LED controls built into it.

Dual light loop with 16 LEDs

The Dual Light Loop Fans are designed with sixteen LEDs, with most of them around the edges. A few are placed in the hub, and with connections made to proprietary devices, the visuals that this case fan provides is awe-inspiring. When buying the LL140, you will have to start with the dual 140mm kit since they include the Lighting Node Pro and the RGB Lighting Hub, which aren’t included in the single fan kit.

If you want more than two fans, you can also choose a single kit and maximize your machine’s cooling and aesthetics since every node holds up to six fans. It’s easy to control the lighting since all LEDs are handled through the Corsair LINK software, where all the magic happens. By using the software and controller, you can switch between a vast number of flashing light modes, including “Colour Cycle,” “Rainbow Wave,” “Visor,”…etc.

Eliminates vibrations…

The front of the LL140 fans has a black frame with a white LED ring around the blades. The structure also has rubber pads to eliminate vibrations against the chassis or cooler. The fans have a twenty-three inch 4-pin PWM controllable fan power lead, and another twenty-three inch RGB LED control cable that you plug into the Lightning Node Pro module.

The Corsair LL140 is powerful as well, the fans reach a maximum RPM of 1300, and you can control the speed with the PWM. It also has a decent airflow rating of 51.5 CFM, making it possible to game as long as you don’t over-exert your processor.

The Specs:

  • Size: 140 x 140 x 25mm
  • RGB: Yes
  • Noise Level: 25 dB
  • Fan Speed: 600-1300 RPM
  • Bearing: Hydraulic
  • Airflow: 51.5 CFM

Our verdict?

If you want a fan that combines performance with beauty, then nothing beats the Corsair LL140. It displays some truly fantastic lighting effects, and you can customize them to your liking. The fan speed is controllable, and the noise level is low, even at higher RPMs.

Overall it’s an impressive case fan.

Corsair LL Series LL140

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Sixteen customizable RGB LEDs.
  • Controllable fan speed
  • Two separate, customizable light loops.
  • Noise level is low even on higher RPMs.
  • Airflow is good.


  • The hubs look cheap and are made of plastic.
  • The link controller software is limited.
  • A bit expensive.

2 Noctua NF-A14 – Best Value 140mm Case Fan for the Money

Noctua has been manufacturing fans since 2006, and we have become familiar with the NF-P12 and NF-P14 that stock the famous NH-D14 heatsink. Now they have opened us to a whole new series of fans, the A-series that ranges from 40-140mm. But the fan we’re focusing on is the Noctua NF-A14.

The Noctua NF-A14 is equipped with “Noctua’s AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimization) standard.” They also include practical aerodynamic design measures like the Flow Acceleration Channel that reduce flow separation.

Control the speed…

The NF-A14 features the SSO2 bearing, which was first seen on the Noctua NF-F12. It’s a hydrodynamic bearing with a magnet. The magnetic field stabilizes the rotation, leading to greater airflow efficiency and longer life. The fans are driven by Noctua’s silent integrated PWN allowing you to tweak the speed between 300 to 1500 RPM. Fixed silicon pads in all corners absorb vibrations that are produced when the blades rotate at higher speeds.

As a result, the fans won’t rattle inside the case. At 1500 RPM, the NF-A14 pushes out an outstanding 82.5 CFM while keeping the noise level below 24 dB. The Noctua NF-A14 has a standard 140mm frame. So, when mounted, the corners are closed, preventing any backflow through open corners.

The Specs:

  • Size: 140 x 140 x 25mm
  • RGB: No
  • Noise Level: 24 DB
  • Fan Speed: 1500 RPM
  • Bearing: SSO2
  • Airflow: 82.5 CFM

Our verdict?

The Noctua NF-A14 is, without doubt, one of the best static pressure fans in the 140mm category. Static pressure fans are commonly used on larger components like GPUs and radiators. Don’t be discouraged by the unattractive beige color, as this truly is a beast.

The fans combine excellent performance with a six-year warranty to safeguard your investment. So what are you waiting for? Buy the Noctua NF-A14 now!

Noctua NF-A14

Our rating:4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)


  • Has a broad 300-1500 RPM speed.
  • Includes a 6-year manufacturer warranty.
  • 150,000 hours of operational life span.
  • 4-pin PWM version for tweaking fan speeds.
  • The square frame design makes it perfect for water cooling.
  • Anti-vibration silicone pads.


  • Quite expensive.
  • The beige color may be off-putting.

3 Corsair ML140 PRO RGB – Best Rated 140mm Case Fan

Fans with magnetic levitation blades are nothing new to the Corsair line-up. They have been selling them for quite some time now. They started with single and twin pack fans, with a simple grey frame and blades, but they have evolved.

The ML140 PRO was first sold in solid LED color with red, white, and blue as an option to add a little bit of flair to the PC case. But since then, they have started adding RGB lighting to the ML140 PRO.

Single or dual-pack configuration?

Like the Dual-Light Loop fans, the ML-series fans are available in a single or dual pack configuration. But the single fans LED effects won’t work on their own since they are sold as additions to the dual pack kits. Like the LL140, the single pack doesn’t include the RGB lighting hub or the Lighting Node Pro.

The dual pack includes a few extra things, but apart from that, the ML140 fans deliver an airflow of 55.4 CFM with 1.27mm H20 of static pressure. The fan speed is controllable via the PWM. The fan speed varies between 400 RPM to 1,200 RPM, and the sound level is excellent, with a rating of 20.4 dB. They also include a five-year warranty.

At first glance…

At first glance, the ML140 PRO looks like any other case fans with black frames and grey rubber anti-vibration pads in each corner. The difference is that the seven fan-blades are white, and each hub on the fan has four RGB LEDs inside, providing you with a pretty cool light show.

The ML140 PRO has a four-pin power connection for the fan and a much thinner four-pin connection for the included fan hub.

The Specs:

  • Size: 140 x 140 x 25mm
  • RGB: Yes
  • Noise Level: 20.7 dB
  • Fan Speed: 400 – 1200 RPM
  • Bearing: Magnetic Levitation
  • Airflow: 55.4 CFM

But are they the Best 140mm Case Fans you can buy?

The ML140 PRO are great performers, very well built, and backed by good packaging, customer support, and warranty. The RGBs look good, and there are a lot of reasons to justify the price. But it would be best if you opted for the dual-pack, so you don’t miss out on the RGB effects and the rubber corners.

The ML140 PRO gives you a good bang for your buck and will suit almost any build.

Corsair ML140 PRO RGB

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • The hybrid design works well with most PC cases.
  • The central hub RGB LEDs provide an excellent light show.
  • Operating speed in quiet mot is almost dead silent.
  • Fan speeds from 400 – 1200 RPM.


  • Requires a 12V PWM for full torque.
  • Expensive compared to other case fans.
  • Slightly noisy at higher speeds.

4 Noiseblocker Alphacool L12 – Best Mid Range 140mm Case Fan

Noiseblocker is, even if relatively unknown, very experienced and creates reliable, high-quality products. The Noiseblocker Alphacool L12 has all the above characteristics and is an excellent alternative for your PC build. They are delivered in a simple silver colored box with a picture of the fan on the front. So at first glance, they might not look like much.

The fan itself is white and has a black frame. The noise dampening rubber in the corners are also white. The Noiseblocker Alphacool L12 uses an NB-NanoSLI 2 Magnet-Shwebelager bearing.

High-quality German-engineered case fan…

The design looks nice, and it’s a high-quality German-engineered case fan. The performance is excellent and will suit even enthusiasts because of the superb airflow, and the fan stays relatively quiet; it barely makes any noise even at the top speed of 1200 RPM. The fan speed can be controlled and varies from 300 RPM to 1200 RPM. It has nine nicely angled blades, and each blade has a fin-like edge, which makes them look cool.

You need to keep in mind that the fans are 29mm instead of the standard 25mm, so you need to make sure you have enough space in your case. The case fan comes with a six-year warranty.

The Specs:

  • Size: 140 x 140 x 29mm
  • RGB: No
  • Noise Level: 24.28 dBA
  • Fan Speed: 300 – 1200 RPM
  • Bearing: NB-NanoSLI 2 Magnet-Schwebelager
  • Airflow: 83.92 CFM

Our verdict

The Noiseblocker Alphacool L12 is one of the quietest fans we have tested. It hardly makes any noise, even at high speeds. The build’s quality is excellent, and it has an airflow capable of pushing out 83.92 CFM.

If you want a fan that looks cool and has excellent performance, the Alphacool L12 is a good option.

Noiseblocker Alphacool L12

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Solid build quality.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Quiet, even at top speeds.


  • White, so it needs frequent cleaning.
  • Thicker than usual case fans.

5 Phanteks PH-F140XP – Best 140mm Radiator Fan

Phanteks were, until recently, mainly known for their excellent CPU air coolers. But when they launched the Phanteks Enthoo Primo PC case, they made a real statement when taking on custom water-cooling, and they backed it up with high-end cases. The PH-F140MP case fan is a high static pressure fan, which was first marketed as a radiator.

The Phanteks UFB bearings are composed of MOSS and SSC systems and have an effective hub-tip ratio that reduces air and vibration noise. The noise level is low, reaching only 19 dB, and the airflow is also excellent, with a CFM of 85.19.

Adjustable speed from 600 – 1200 RPM or 300 – 900 RPM…

The PH-F140XP’s PWM uses the unique Maelstorm technology and allows you to adjust the fan speed from 600 – 1200 RPM. Use higher speeds when you want better performance and lower speeds for a silent operating fan. If you want a quieter setup, you can use the Q.S.A adapter, which has speed settings from 300 – 900 RPM

The PH-F140XP is delivered with a bundle of accessories and features, including a 400mm extension cable that improves cable management and a 4 to 3 pin adapter used for the fan controller.

But that’s not all…

Phanteks improved the rubber pads by making them more prominent. The more significant size results in more efficient vibration reduction. There is a total of eight pre-installed rubber pads. The unique fan circuit design on the PH-F140XP provides a Fan Polarity Auto-Restart feature. A sensor placed inside the fan continually sends signals to your motherboard, indicating if the fan is working correctly.

The fans are designed to overcome high-static pressure, blade deflection, and noise challenges. The fan has nine blades with MVB, which produces a powerful, yet silent downdraft airflow.

The Specs:

  • Size: 140 x 140 x 25mm
  • RGB: No
  • Noise Level: 19 dBA
  • Fan Speed: 600 – 1200 RPM or 300 – 900 RPM
  • Bearing: UFB
  • Airflow: 85.19 CFM

But are they the Best 140mm Case Fans on the market?

The Phanteks PH-F140XP is packed with incredible features and was designed for extended-lasting usage. The build quality is good, and the blades provide a downdraft airflow, which effectively cools your components. The PH-F140XP is cheaper than most case fans but still offers excellent performance. The fan speed is adjustable from 300 – 1200 RPM, depending on if you use the Q.S.A adapter or not.

Overall, the PH-F140XP is a capable case fan that will look good in most PC builds.

Phanteks PH-F140XP

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Great build quality.
  • Cheaper than most case fans.
  • Quiet when operating.
  • Black and white color scheme.
  • Long-sleeved cables.


  • No RGB lighting.

6 ARCTIC BioniX P140 – Best Budget 140mm Case Fan

The ARCTIC BioniX P140 case fans are optimized for static pressure and include a few technical improvements like a 0dB mode. The BioniX P140 is available in four different colors, red, white, grey, and grey/white, making it suitable for all PC builds.

The airflow and high static pressure are the main features and make the fans suitable for use with pinholes and filters for increased air resistance. The fans’ efficiency has also improved compared to previous models.

The PWM sharing technology and 0dB mode…

The BioniX P140 only requires a 0.15A input current. It also promotes the PWM sharing technology, but it merely hides the fact that the PWM connections are “looped through,” making it possible to connect several fans to one of the PWN connectors on the motherboard.

This will increase the PWM load, and since some motherboards only provide 1.0A current for these connections, a series of five fans are recommended. The speed is adjustable from 200 – 1950 RPM.

Low vibrations…

The new 0dB mode feature enables the fan to switch off as soon as the PWM signal goes below 5%. The motor is a low vibrating one, so there are no installed anti-vibration rubbers.

The Specs:

  • Size: 140 x 140 x 28mm
  • RGB: No
  • Noise Level: 14 dBA
  • Fan Speed: 200 – 1950 RPM
  • Bearing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • Airflow: 77,6 CFM

Our verdict?

The ARCTIC BioniX P140 has an impressive cooling performance. The fans are audible at maximum speed, but just barely, and the low vibration motor performs well and keeps noise to a minimum. It’s available in four colors, making it suitable for most PC builds. The BioniX P140 is affordable and gives you a lot of value for the money.

ARCTIC BioniX P140

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Affordable.
  • Available in four colors.
  • Impressive performance.
  • Low noise levels.
  • Great build quality.
  • 10-year warranty.


  • No added anti-vibration pads.

Best 140mm Case Fans Buying Guide

Computer components, including RAM, processors, and graphics cards, have increased in both speed and power consumption. This has resulted in an increased amount of heat produced by the system as well. When the heat rises, the motherboard tends to throttle or scale down its performance to bring temperatures down to normal levels.

This means that the CPU and other components don’t run at their full potential. Case fans help remove the excessive heat from the case to enhance the performance.

What’s Essential When Buying A Case Fan?

Corsair LL Series LL140 RGB 140mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fan 2 Fan Pack with Lighting Node Pro

There are a few key factors to look for when buying a case fan. So we have listed them here to help you…

  • Size

Case fans vary in sizes ranging from 25 to 140mm, but the most popular ones are 80, 120, 140, and 200mm. Lately, the 140mm case fans have become increasingly popular since the larger blades are more efficient and circulate more air at lower speeds. They are also quieter.

  • Power Connection Type

How does the fan connect to the system? The 4-pin is the most common and connects directly to the 4-pin connector on the motherboard. A 3-pin will also connect to a 4-pin connector but does so using only three pins.

The Molex connection type connects directly to the power supply instead of the motherboard, and some fans feature a combination of the two, for example, a Molex and 3-pin.

  • Fan Speed

The fan speed is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM); the speed influences the performance and is determined by the fan size. Larger case fans run at lower RPM, circulate more air, and are, in general, quieter.

  • Noise Levels

Noise levels are computed in dBA (decibels) and tell you how loud the fan gets when running at maximum RPM. The levels usually range from 10 dBA to 35dBA, with noise levels increasing as the case fans size decreases.

  • Air Flow

Another critical factor is the airflow measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and describes the amount of air the fan can push per minute. It’s best to opt for a fan with a high CFM while still considering the size and speed.

  • Bearing Type

The three most common bearing types are sleeve, ball, and hydrodynamic (fluid) bearings. The hydrodynamic is self-lubricating and the most durable of the three. The ball bearing is a little louder than the sleeve bearing but will last longer.

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Which Of The Best 140mm Case Fans Would We Pick?

If you plan to upgrade your PC, overclock the processor, enhance the performance and reduce the pressure of your components, you should invest in the best 140mm case fan to keep things nice and cool. Size, build, airflow, speed, and noise are a few of the things you must consider. So, the best in test 140mm case fan is the…

Noctua NF-A14

It allows you to do processor-intensive tasks like gaming for long periods. It’s also one of the best airflow and static pressure fans on the market. Because of the high CFM and RPM, the NF-A14 keeps even the best GPUs from overheating when gaming at very high resolutions. And it will last a long time thanks to the SSO bearing.

Until next time, stay cool!

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