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Top 7 Best 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter In 2022 Review

Let’s start with some simple definitions. An inverter converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). A sine wave is a continuous wave describing a smooth repetitive oscillation. And a pure sine wave inverter produces power that is equal to or better than the power in your home.

Pure sine wave inverters work well with sensitive electronics, such as TVs, media devices, and computer equipment. Furthermore, they are particularly useful with solar power systems, in cars, campers, and RVs. Therefore, we decided to review the best 2000w pure sine wave inverters currently on the market and find the perfect option for you…

Top 7 Best 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter In 2022 Review

Top 7 Best 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter Review

  1. WZRELB – Most Reliable Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  2. AIMS – Best USB 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  3. Kinverch – Best Bluetooth 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  4. Fit4Less – Best Compact 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  5. Novopal – Best LCD Display 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  6. Renogy – Best Wired Remote 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  7. Xantrex – Best Heavy Duty 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

1 WZRELB – Most Reliable Pure Sine Wave Inverter

For a pure sine wave inverter that can safeguard your sensitive electronics, look no further than the WZRELB 2000w. Featuring low interference technology, this device is great for TVs, audio, and radio equipment. Additionally, this is one of the best pure sine wave inverters for media devices.

Measuring 17.5 x 9.45 x 3.7 inches, it can easily be installed in either your home or vehicle. The WZRELB provides 2000 watts of continuous power with a peak of 4000 watts.

Multiple protection circuits…

This device features various protection technologies. They include overload protection in case of any power surges, along with over and under-voltage protection. These work together to protect your sensitive electronics.

Likewise, two safeguards add a layer of defense over any device failures. They are short circuit and temperature protection. The inverter automatically shuts off if either one occurs. Therefore, it is one of the safest pure sine wave inverters on the market.

Battery backup…

This device can provide backup power to your home or vehicle running off a 12-volt DC battery. Also, there are two USA-type power sockets built-in. As a result, you can run laptops, printers, lights, microwaves, and more.

Easily check the level of DC and AC power with the LCD. When everything is running correctly, there should be a DC input of 12 volts and an AC output of 120 volts running at a frequency of 60Hz.


Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Low interference technology great for TV, audio, and radio equipment.
  • Multiple levels of safety features for protecting your electronic devices.
  • Easily viewed LCD screen for monitoring performance.


  • The built-in fan can run loudly when under load.
  • Performs better on a battery than with solar input.

2 AIMS – Best USB 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

What you’ll get with an AIMS inverter is custom-level quality at a mass-market price. It might not have all the features of some other inverters, but it is one of the best performing pure sine wave inverters available.

This inverter will provide consistent and clean energy without any of the issues sometimes associated with budget products. It’s compatible with solar panels, so you can confidently mount this inverter outdoors and exposed to the elements. Furthermore, this is likely the best solar panel pure sine wave inverter you will find.

Run sensitive devices with confidence…

DC input between 9.5 and 16 volts will convert to a consistent AC output of 120 volts at 60Hz. Plug your electronic devices in like laptops, power tools, lights, audio, and medical equipment with confidence.

Offering an extra level of protection is built-in safety technology. This includes short circuit, over and under voltage, high temperature, plus overload protection. All of which will immediately switch off the inverter before any damage can be done.

Choice of output…

Connect your devices using either the two GFCI AC outputs or the USB port. There is even an optional remote control that can be used to switch the inverter on or off if mounted in a hard-to-reach location.

Keeping things cool are dual intelligent fans that will activate automatically if the running temperature reaches 104 degrees. The build quality is impressive, and you’ll be happy with the highly efficient results.


Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Can be mounted outdoors, making it perfect for use with solar panels.
  • Option of a USB output in addition to the two GFCI AC outputs.
  • Dual intelligent fans activate automatically at 104°F.


  • No screw eyelets or easy mounting solutions.
  • Reset button instead of an on/off switch.

3 Kinverch – Best Bluetooth 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Would you like to mount your inverter in an out-of-the-way location yet still have control and monitoring capabilities? The Kinverch pure sine wave inverter might just be the solution you’re looking for.

Bluetooth technology makes this one of the most accessible and convenient products on the market. It is also filled with other useful features, like multiple outputs and built-in safety measures.

All from the palm of your hand…

Connect the included USB Bluetooth dongle and install the App on your smartphone or tablet. Thankfully, it’s available for both Android and iOS. You can then quickly and easily take control and monitor a helpful range of functions.

Check performance with access to data such as real-time input voltage, real-time power output, parameter overview, and a malfunction display. You can also switch the inverter on and off, and even set timers via the app. As a result, this is one of the best easy to use pure sine wave inverters on the market.

Multiple output options…

Featuring three AC outlet ports, with the addition of a USB output port, connect multiple devices at once. Compatible with a huge range of devices, including laptops, smartphones, power tools, microwaves, pumps, LED lights, and more.

Your electrical items are protected by eight internal fuses and two cooling fans. So, you’re covered against overheating, over and under-voltage, short circuits, overloads, and overcharging. Plus, the fans automatically switch on at 104°F to quickly dissipate heat.


Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Bluetooth-connected App offers wireless control and monitoring.
  • Connect multiple devices simultaneously with three AC and a single USB port.
  • Eight internal fuses and dual intelligent fans for safety and protection.


  • Fans can be noisy if mounted in a cavity.
  • Heats up quickly with high-powered items.

4 Fit4Less – Best Compact 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

For some of you, there might not be space for a larger inverter. Also, you might only want to run some low-powered devices and don’t need something so large. If this is the case, you should consider the Fit4Less 1000w pure sine wave inverter.

It has a continuous rated power of 1000 watts with a surge power of 2000 watts. This little inverter is perfect for use in cars, campers, trailers, and RVs running off either a 12-volt battery or solar panels. This means it’s one of the best travel pure sine wave inverters you can buy.

Convenient features…

The Fit4Less inverter is fitted with two IP54 certified industrial level ETL-approved AC outlet sockets. This means that it has both water and dust resistance. So, you can install it almost anywhere, including the inside and outside of a vehicle. The result is one of the best waterproof pure sine wave inverters out there.

In addition to the two AC outlets, there is also a single USB output socket for charging devices like smartphones, tablets, and cameras. For extra convenience, there is a wired remote control included allowing operation from within the vehicle.

Added protection…

To keep electronic items protected when plugged into the inverter, there are built-in safety features. In case of overload, high or low voltage, short-circuiting, and overheating, internal fuses will cut off the device instantly.

Dual high-speed thermally controlled fans help to regulate temperature and dissipate heat. In turn, reducing the chance of overheating. There are OFC cables included to make installation easier, plus a wrench for terminating at the inverter.


Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


  • IP54 certified water and dust resistance rating.
  • Compact size can easily be mounted inside or outside vehicles.
  • Wired remote control included for added convenience.


  • Lower 1000w capacity not suitable for larger appliances.
  • Internal fuses should be replaced with something higher quality.

5 Novopal – Best LCD Display 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Next in our Best 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter review, anyone with a need to connect multiple low-powered devices at the same time should consider the Novopal. Designed in Chicago and constructed using German materials, you can be assured of quality.

This device has a wide range of applications and can be used for everything from camping, to vehicles, and even emergency home use. Compatible with a variety of appliances, including computers, lights, pumps, and refrigerators.

Monitor usage easily…

With a built-in digital LCD, it is easy to monitor the operation of your inverter. Data includes a battery level bar, load level bar, DC input voltage, AC output voltage, plus an audible alarm.

As a bonus, a remote control for switching the inverter on and off is included. The 16.4-foot RJ45 cable gives you plenty of room to install the remote in the most convenient location.

Keeping the noise down…

With thermostat-controlled intelligent fans, when using low-powered devices, the inverter will operate almost silently. If the temperature reaches 113°F, then the fans will automatically begin to reduce heat.

For added protection of your connected appliances, there are several internal safety features. A combination of Chip Smart and internal fuses protect against short circuits, overloads, overheating, plus high or low voltage.


Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Built-in digital LCD screen for easy usage monitoring.
  • Included wired remote control with 16.4-foot RJ45 cable.
  • Chip Smart and internal fuse safety protection.


  • When the fans run, they are pretty noisy.
  • Strange sticker remote control design.

6 Renogy – Best Wired Remote 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

With the inclusion of a wired remote control, this Renogy 2000w pure sine wave inverter is great for campers and RVs. Mount the inverter close to your battery, and then run the remote to a convenient location.

With continuous power of 2000w and surge power of 4000w, this inverter can run a wide range of appliances. It can be used for everything from computers to power tools, and even pumps and refrigerators.

Make the most of your battery…

This inverter is designed for use with 12-volt batteries only. For added protection against electrical shock, both terminals are fitted with caps. Unfortunately, this particular product cannot be used with solar panels.

With three AC plug outputs and a single USB output port, multiple devices can be connected at once. The AC outputs support 115 volts 60Hz, up to 15 amps at 2000 watts. The USB port outputs 5 volts at 1.5 amps.

Staying protected…

There are multiple levels of safety protection, starting with the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). Overload protection for both the DC input and AC output prevents damage to equipment and the unit itself.

LED indicators will alert you if there are any of the following issues; under/over-voltage, overload, high temperature, or short circuit. Also, the high-speed ventilation fans keep temperatures low during operation.


Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Wired remote control included with 16.4-foot cable.
  • Three AC outputs and a single USB output.
  • Multiple levels of safety protection.


  • Only compatible with 12-volt batteries.
  • No ability to monitor usage.

7 Xantrex – Best Heavy Duty 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Our final product is from Xantrex. It is one of the best RV and truck pure sine wave inverters you can buy. With high surge capability, it can provide the necessary current to start demanding appliances.

Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t include a wired remote control. However, the Xantrex inverter can support one. It also can provide automatic ignition lockout. This ensures that the inverter’s output is shut down when the ignition power is switched off.

LCD monitoring screen…

It’s easy to make sure your battery is outputting the correct 12 volts, and the inverter is producing the correct 110 volts. Just take a look at the built-in digital LCD, and it will show you immediately.

Connect appliances up to 1800 watts to one of the three output port options. There are two AC outputs, along with a single USB output. Run everything from computers to lights, to power tools, and even pumps.

Heavy-duty terminals…

Ensure the current is running smoothly between the battery and your inverter, thanks to heavy-duty terminals. Furthermore, this unit features convenient eyelets. So, you can easily mount it after connecting a battery.

Along with GFCI protection, there are several features built-in to protect both your appliances and the inverter. These include over/under voltage, high-temperature shutdown, overload, and short circuit protection.


Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Designed for use with trucks, marine, and RVs.
  • Built-in digital LCD for usage monitoring.
  • Ignition lockout compatibility.


  • Not suitable for use with solar panels.
  • No remote control.

Best 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter Buying Guide

Best 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter Guide

If you go camping regularly, own an RV, truck, or boat, then you’ll know how important having a power supply can be. It can be incredibly useful for a home backup supply or in a cabin or shelter.

Even though each of these products is capable of providing clean and stable AC power, there are some slight differences. So, this handy buying guide will ensure you know which of these products is best for you.

Solar Compatible

With recent advancements in solar power technology, you may want to take advantage of free power. Many RVs, boats, and campers now come with highly efficient solar panels. However, not all these inverters are compatible.

For solar compatibility, consider the WZRELB, AIMS, Kinverch, or the Fit4Less. Although the Fit4Less has a lower 1000-watt capacity, it does have the advantage of IP45 water and dust resistance. Additionally, the Kinverch features wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Remote Operation

Best 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter Remote

Depending on where you wish to install the inverter, and your battery location, it might make it hard to reach. This is where having a remote control comes in handy. Allowing you to switch it on and off from a convenient location.

A few of these products support a remote control, while others have one included. The Fit4Less, Novopal, and Renogy all include a wired remote control. Although, for added convenience, consider the Kinverch with Bluetooth and App support.

Hopefully, you are now more confident in which of these products will suit your needs the most. To find out which of these products we think is the best quality 2000w pure sine wave inverter, keep reading.

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So, what is the Best 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

To be the best, there are a few areas where the inverter must excel. These are solid and reliable performance, useful features, and being of great value. The inverter we believe achieves all of this is…


It supplies a steady and constant 110 volts of AC power from either a 12V battery or solar-powered system. Plus, it has some great features such as USB output, a handy wireless control, and monitoring through Bluetooth and the App.

So, until next time, keep the power flowing.

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