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Top 8 Best Art Sets & Painting Kits For Creative Artists In 2021 Reviews

One of the great things we all have at our disposal is creativity. That’s why we decided to review the Best Art Sets and Painting Kits for Creative Artists. Because what greater joy is there than great art or music?

Through the eyes of genius…

The music we know all about but have you really looked at art? Have you stood mesmerized in front of The NightWatch by Rembrandt in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam? Or the painting he did of his mother, again on display in the Rijksmuseum? How about Da Vinci’s masterpiece in the Louvre in Paris?

So many great works. Van Gogh, Mondrian, Renoir, Vermeer, Van Rijn, Monet, Manet, the list goes on and is almost endless.

But then there are the later modern artists. Picasso, Dali, Warhol, even John Lennon. A different type of medium but still art. Still an expression, and a powerful one at that.

Art is for everyone…

However, art isn’t just for geniuses. It is for all. And we can all find great satisfaction, even relaxation in the creative process. And one of the big plus points is that it isn’t interested in how old you are. You can paint or draw when you are young or when you are older.

There is a wide range of art sets and kits for painting currently on the market, which will either get you started or supplement what you are already using.

So, let’s go through the Best Art Sets and Painting Kits for Creative Artists and find the perfect one for you…

art sets painting kits for creative artist

Top 8 Best Art Sets & Painting Kits For Creative Artists Recommended In 2021 Reviews

  1. U.S. Art Supply 82 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set – Best Beginners Art Set and Painting Kit for Creative Artists
  2. Studio 71 Mixed Media, 156 Pieces Art Set – Best Budget Art Set and Painting Kit for Creative Artists
  3. Togood 10pcs Stainless Steel Spatula Palette Knives – Best Palette Knives for Creative Artists
  4. Meeden 148-Piece Deluxe Artist Painting Set – Best Premium Starter Art Set and Painting Kit for Creative Artists
  5. Professional Art Set, Art Supplies in Portable Wooden Case – Best Mid Range Art Set and Painting Kit for Creative Artists
  6. 186 Piece Deluxe Art Supplies in Wooden Case – Best Value for the Money Art Set and Painting Kit for Creative Artists
  7. Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set Amazon Exclusive – Best Low Cost Art Set and Painting Kit for Creative Artists
  8. Sketch Pencils Set with Sketchbook – Best Pencils Set for Creative Artists

1 U.S. Art Supply 82 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set – Best Beginners Art Set and Painting Kit for Creative Artists

An art drawing and painting set can make a very special present for a birthday or other celebration. It also makes a great present for someone showing a basic interest in art. This set would be an ideal gift in both scenarios.

For drawing…

There are some nice drawing pencils. Twenty-four colored pencils as well as two pencils for sketching. That offers the opportunity of creating colored pictures or just plain black line drawings.

To help you they also have included a pencil sharpener and an eraser and a plastic ruler should you need one. But what about if they want to try something new?

For painting…

Both watercolor and oil painting are catered for. There are twenty-four watercolor cakes, which are blocks of concentrated pigment in various colors. They are activated and become usable when water is applied. There are also twenty-four oil pastels in tubes as well as two paintbrushes. The brushes might not be the highest quality, but they are adequate for the beginner.

However, there are no charcoal pencils included, but you do get two drawing sketch pads. These have 30 pages each and measure 9 inches by 12 inches. You even get two free drawing pads to get started.

A Presentation Box

To act as a convenient place for storage, everything is included in a presentation box. This also adds a nice look. Made from wood with a sturdy metal handle, it measures 14.5 by 9 by 1.75 inches.

A very nice introduction for any beginner.

U.S. Art Supply 82 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Watercolor, oil painting, and line drawing equipment are all included.
  • Very nice and well-made presentation case.


  • No charcoal included.

2 Studio 71 Mixed Media, 156 Pieces Art Set – Best Budget Art Set and Painting Kit for Creative Artists

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that the more equipment you get in an art set, the better. That being the case, this set from Studio 71 sets itself apart from many of its competitors.

Suitable for all…

This is a set that is an ideal starting point for a young artist. It, therefore, makes a great gift. But it is so well-equipped it is also going to be of value to art students and even artists themselves.

It is a set that has 156 pieces that include a range of supplies that the artist will need.

More than just an art set…

Inside are 36 oil pastels in tubes covering a great range of shades and also 32 watercolor cakes. There are 24 colored pencils and 24 watercolor pencils, as well as ten acrylic paints.

Preparation and sketching…

Sketching is often a precursor to a painting or piece of formal artwork, and pencils of varying thickness have been included. They range from 6B to 2H, which gives you a wide range of practical uses.

There are hard, medium, and soft charcoal pencils and two synthetic brushes. Also, a plastic palette for paint and a plastic palette knife.


As well as a blending stump, there are two Tortillons included. Tortillon is actually the French for blending stump, but a Tortillon is slightly different. They are both used for blending colors or smudging, but the Tortillon is shorter and only pointed at one end.

All of this equipment is completed by a kneaded and vinyl eraser and a sharpener for the pencils.

An Excellent Case

All of this is enclosed in a folding wooden carrying and storage case. It has a good quality handle and metal snaps to hold the case closed. The case measures 30 by 17.6 by 1 inch.

Set at a very attractive price point considering the amount of equipment it makes a great present.

Studio 71 Mixed Media, 156 Pieces Art Set

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • 156 pieces of equipment for creating color and black and white art.
  •  Includes plenty of extra materials in a nice presentation and storage case.


  • Some of the pencils are not as deep in color as described.

3 Togood 10pcs Stainless Steel Spatula Palette Knives – Best Palette Knives for Creative Artists

Art knives are an interesting addition to your art equipment, especially if you work with acrylic-based paints. There are painting knives and palette knives. Some confusion exists in their description.

A painting knife is used in place of a brush to apply the paint directly onto canvas or other media. A palette knife is used for mixing paints on the palette before applying the paint. These knives from Togood appear to try and cover both aspects.

Different shapes…

They are made from stainless steel and have wooden handles. And they are, therefore, lightweight and easy to use and ideal for oil and acrylic painting. They can also be used, as the name implies, for acrylic mixing.

There are ten different knives that offer a variety of applications through their variety of sizes and shapes.

New to Palettes and Knives?

Like many things using them can be a little daunting at first. But as with most things, it gets easier with practice. These are designed to make it a bit easier to manipulate them as they are lightweight and flexible.

A good addition to an artist’s painting kit at a reasonable price point.

Togood 10pcs Stainless Steel Spatula Palette Knives

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Durable and very flexible for easy use.
  • Made with good quality materials.


  • You will need some time to learn how to use them.

4 Meeden 148-Piece Deluxe Artist Painting Set – Best Premium Starter Art Set and Painting Kit for Creative Artists

We all do it. We buy something only to get it home and realize that there are other things that we need. That is certainly not going to be the case with this 148-Piece Deluxe Artist Painting Set from Meeden.

Meeden is a large organization with all of its sales activity based online. They are located in China. We doubt you will find too many necessary requirements missing from this set. That makes this set one of the Most Comprehensive Art Sets and Painting Kits for Creative Artists you can buy.

Quite a bundle…

Looking at what is on offer in this bundle of art equipment, it appears that this has been designed for the beginner. Having said that, there are plenty of artists with some experience who will benefit from its contents.

Let’s look at the basics…

There are 24 different watercolors in 12 ml tubes and 48 22ml acrylic tubes. Add on to that 24 colors of 12ml oil colors, and that is quite a range. The colors are vibrant with good pigment and clarity, as well as being fade-resistant.

There are 30 brushes. Ten for watercolors made with pony and nylon hair, and ten for acrylic made from nylon. The ten for oil painting have a coarser bristle, which is exactly what is required to create the textures you will need.

So many extras…

There are three 9 by 12 painting pads, each with its own material depending on which paint you use. They all have 15 sheets. Each has differing gsm weights ranging from 400 gsm for the acrylic to 190gsm for oil. Two 11 by 14 inch stretched canvas, and six 8 by 10 panels, along with a drawing sketch pad, give you a decent amount of materials to start.

Included in this package are both wooden and plastic paint palettes and a knife set for mixing and color-mixing wheels.

The icing on the cake…

Not many art sets include an easel, but that is exactly what you get here. Made from Beechwood and aluminum, it stands 65 inches tall. It is lightweight and fully adjustable.

This is an excellent package as a gift for a new or aspiring artist. We have to say that the equipment provided is all quite basic in its quality, but all more than adequate for a starter. It is a little more expensive than some. But not when you consider what has been included.

Meeden 148-Piece Deluxe Artist Painting Set

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Excellent range of equipment with an easel and stand.
  • Wide range of brushes, colors, and caters for a variety of styles with lots of extras included.


  • Some may not want to pay this much for a starter gift.

5 Professional Art Set, Art Supplies in Portable Wooden Case – Best Mid Range Art Set and Painting Kit for Creative Artists

Everyone loves new things, especially if they are unexpected. If you know someone that might be interested in art or who has just started to draw, this makes a great gift.

A special art set…

There are lots of art sets around, and many of them are excellent and very impressive. But this one seems to go a step further – this contains everything you need. From oil painting to drawing equipment, it is all included in this set. But it also offers just that little extra to make it special, as we shall find out soon.

What’s in the box?

There are ten brushes, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener. The brushes are nicely made, and feature’ comfort’ handles. The bristles are made of nylon and are soft and very flexible.

There are eight acrylic paints and 12 watercolor cakes. That might not seem like a lot of options. However, the difference is the quality of the paints and the watercolors. They are vivid and bright and able to create precise images.

Even more…

They have included a sketching pad and twelve sketching pencils, and in total, there are 83 pieces in this set. All of the contents are of very good quality. There is also a plastic palette.

Acrylic pigments can be identified by the density and flexibility. The acrylic paints included are of high quality. And just like the paints, all the crayons are non-toxic and therefore safe for children to use.

That little extra?

Many art sets come with some kind of wooden carrying case. But few come with a case like this. It has two draws, and the push-out design makes it easy to store everything and then get it when you need it. As well as the push and pull operation, the top opens up.

This is an excellent feature as it enables all the materials to be stored away neatly. It also has a solid carrying handle. It is made of high-quality wood and looks very impressive.


It measures 13.8 inches tall and 10.2 by 3.9 inches wide. It is therefore easy to carry around with you if you choose.

An excellent art set at a very attractive price.

Professional Art Set, Art Supplies in Portable Wooden Case

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Good range of equipment enclosed in a well-designed portable carrying case.
  • High-quality non-toxic materials at a good price point.


  • None

6 186 Piece Deluxe Art Supplies in Wooden Case – Best Value for the Money Art Set and Painting Kit for Creative Artists

This is another set of art supplies, this time from ShuttleArt. They are a US company that is managed by people who have a background in art. This has enabled them to focus on what is important in presenting art sets like this. And this art set is impressive.

First impressions…

Are always important, and the first impression you get with this set is that it has a great look. It has a wooden carrying case that has a sliding draw. It also has a good quality carrying handle and clips to snap shut the top, which raises up.

The box itself measures 16.5 by11.2 by 6.7 inches, which makes it extremely portable.

What’s in the box?

Opening the box reveals 196 pieces of art equipment. That includes just about everything you will need, either as a beginner or a more experienced artist. There are sixty crayons and ten brushes. There are two drawing pencils, an HB and a 2B with a pencil sharpener, ruler, and an eraser. You also get 24 colored pencils.

There is a good selection of paints with 24 watercolor cakes and 24 oil pastels. Twelve pencils for sketching as well as 16 acrylic paints. To complete the inclusions, there is a waterproof color pad and a coloring book and sketch pad for outdoor use.

Safety first…

All the tools and paints, and brushes in this set are non-toxic and safe for use. An important consideration if it will be a gift for a child or an adult

A nice art set that is well-presented.

186 Piece Deluxe Art Supplies in Wooden Case

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • A well-built carrying case that is easy to carry around.
  • Plenty of colors, brushes, and supplies, including crayons.


  • No charcoal included.

7 Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set Amazon Exclusive – Best Low Cost Art Set and Painting Kit for Creative Artists

This is another well-presented art set. It includes an impressive all wood carrying and storage box that includes a drawer. All very well-organized and very compact, the box measures just 14.75 by 3 by 9.5 inches, which makes it very portable.

It has clips to snap the lid shut but, unfortunately, no carrying handle.

Plenty of paint options…

Included are 24 oil pastels and also 24 watercolor cakes. The color blends of both oil and watercolor paints are nicely balanced for mixing.

Having a variety of colors is very important for any artist, starter, or experienced. Some prefer pastels and gentle colors as Monet and other Impressionists did. Others prefer vibrant, almost violent colors and designs as Van Gogh did at times. Whatever your choice, there are plenty to choose from in this set.

Some extra additions included…

For those that prefer to draw, there are twenty-four colored pencils offering plenty of shades for blending color. Also, sixty crayons.

They give you three mixing palettes as well as two pencils for sketching and two brushes for painting. To complete the package, there is an eraser and a pencil sharpener. This is a very well-laid out art set that is going to make a great gift. It has a price point that is very attractive.

Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set Amazon Exclusive

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Excellent carrying case.
  • Plenty of paint and drawing equipment at a very attractive price.


  • No carrying handle could be a problem if you want to take it with you.

8 Sketch Pencils Set with Sketchbook – Best Pencils Set for Creative Artists

To complete our Best Art Sets and Painting Kits for Creative Artists review, we finish with a more basic option. We refer to it as basic, but it certainly contains a lot of what you will need if it is drawing rather than painting you prefer.

A practical case…

This set comes with a very practical case to hold all the equipment. It is made of durable nylon material and has a zipper to close it. But it also has an interesting stand-up design that can come in useful.

Do you love using charcoal?

It includes a variety of pencils and drawing implements. There are 12 graphite pencils that range from 8B to B and from 2H to 5H and also one soft graphite pencil.

For those that like to draw using charcoal, there is a range of options. They include soft, medium, and hard charcoal pencils. Also, three charcoal sticks, again one each in hard, medium, or soft, and three graphite. If you want to add a little color, there are four pastel pencils.

Some useful extras…

There is always a need for those little extras that make a difference, and there is an adequate supply here. There are two pencil sharpeners, a vinyl, and a kneaded eraser, and two stump blenders. Stump blenders are used to smear or smudge charcoal or similar mediums or just blend lines together.

There is also a sandpaper block and an extender for a pencil and flour willow charcoal vines. All the materials enclosed in the package are non-toxic and safe for children and adults.

A great gift…

This is a useful and versatile gift and ideal for use at school or art class. And it is suitable for those who like to draw using a variety of mediums. It comes with a 50 sheet drawing pad.

The price point is quite reasonable. It measures 11.8 by 7.7 by 1.4 inches when closed. When opened, it has a width of 16.5 inches.

Sketch Pencils Set with Sketchbook

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Compact nylon carrying case with a stand-up design.
  • Plenty of drawing materials using a variety of mediums.


  • For those who enjoy drawing only.

Best Art Sets and Painting Kits for Creative Artists Buyers Guide – What Should You Look For?

There are plenty to choose from and, to be honest, we have really only touched the surface. But let’s identify a few important things to consider.


This can be a useful option. Either painting or drawing is not just performed indoors. Quite often, the best results are achieved outside. It could be an asset, therefore, to be able to carry your art set with you.

You might want to look at the quality of the case. If it is wood, it needs to be well-constructed to withstand a few knocks it may get in travel.

art sets painting kits for creative artists

Material Quality

To create good artwork, you will need reasonable equipment. Maybe not the best, but certainly of a reasonable standard. If you are using colors, look at the range of shades included, especially if you are using pastels.

The Price

There is not a great difference in the prices of most. Occasionally you do get a very expensive set, but that could be for a number of reasons. The number of pieces included could be one reason; therefore, it is well worth taking a look at what is inside.

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Which of These Best Art Sets & Painting Kits for Creative Artists Would We Buy?

We have to say there are some very impressive art kits around. Well-made and attractive cases packed with good equipment. Choosing one would not be easy.

But we would pick the…

Lucky Crown Professional Art Set in Wooden Case

A well-made case packed with good equipment and supplies and our choice as the Best Art Set and Painting Kit for Creative Artists.

That’s it for today’s review, so go and be creative!

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