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Best Big and Tall Office Chairs with 500 lbs Capacity

The usual standard load carrying for an office chair is 250 pounds. Some bright spark decided that was the weight limit that would suit the vast majority of office and other workers who use chairs. But that might not always be the case. You might need to look for the Best Big and Tall Office Chairs with 500 lbs Capacity?

There are going to be times when people will be heavier than the set rate. Taller people tend to way more, but it is dangerous to exceed the recommended weight load. However, there are chairs that will accommodate up to 500 pounds of weight. So, let’s take a look at the very best and find the best heavy-duty Big and Tall Office Chair for you…

Best Big and Tall Office Chairs with 500 lbs Capacity

Top 5 Best Big and Tall Office Chairs with 500 lbs Capacity

  1. Best Office 500lb Chair Wide Seat with Lumbar Support – Best Big and Tall Office Chair with 500 lbs Capacity with Lumbar Support
  2. AmazonBasics Big & Tall Adjustable, Swivel Office Chair with Armrest – Best Budget Big and Tall Office Chair with 500 lbs Capacity
  3. Safco Products Vue Intensive-Use Task Chair – Most Robust Big and Tall Office Chair with 500 lbs Capacity
  4. AmazonCommercial High-Back Bonded Leather Chair – Best Looking Big and Tall Office Chair
  5. The Hon Company BSXVL705VM10 Big and Tall Mesh Office Chair – Best Big and Tall Office Chairs with 450 lbs Capacity

1 Best Office 500lb Chair Wide Seat with Lumbar Support – Best Big and Tall Office Chair with 500 lbs Capacity with Lumbar Support

For people who spend a lot of time seated at desks and in front of computer screens, you need something appropriate to sit on. This chair is designed for people that are heavier and taller than others, and the design elements allow for wide backs and a broader seat width.

The back of the chair has an ergonomically designed shape with a curved back. This not only helps in the posture while seated, but it also creates a good angle for the back. This will help to reduce fatigue during a long day.

Heavy-duty design…

It is made from a PU imitation leather and has a tough, metal heavy duty five-pronged base. Each base leg has a quality caster, but there is no brake to keep the chair in position. It has been given extra thick padding to the seated cushion and the back support to aid a comfortable position.

There is also a padded headrest. It is not too soft that you will sink into it but holds you upright nicely. This seat has a height adjuster from 20 to 23 inches. The seated area measures 24 inches wide by 21.5 inches deep. It has armrests, but, unfortunately, they are not adjustable.

Fancy a massage?

It has a complete 360-degree rotation. This chair has also been given an extra feature in that it has a lumbar massage facility built-in. It connects with a USB connection to provide some gentle vibration during the day if needed.

You will need to assemble the seat yourself, which should take between ten and twenty minutes. When assembled, the chair will weigh fifty pounds.

A decent enough chair at a reasonable price point.

Best Office 500lb Chair Wide Seat with Lumbar Support

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Well padded with lumbar support and extra-wide padded seat.
  • Full rotation and a built lumbar massage unit.


  • No brakes on the casters.

2 AmazonBasics Big & Tall Adjustable, Swivel Office Chair with Armrest – Best Budget Big and Tall Office Chair with 500 lbs Capacity

This is a chair from AmazonBasics that is designed especially for those who sit all day at a computer desk. It is a high back chair with upholstery of black leather and sturdy metal fittings.

It has a safe and secure base with five legs with casters. The casters are all hooded and enclosed, but, unfortunately, they do not have any locking or braking mechanism.

Solid and secure…

The seat will rotate freely around 360 degrees. It has a pneumatic height adjuster that has an easy operation that can be adjusted while seated. The chair has an overall size of 31.1 by 29.5 by 45.5 inches and weighs 58 pounds. It is quite heavy, but it has a very solid and secure build, and the weight adds to its stability.

The design offers the support of the whole body but especially the lumbar region. The arched design of the back emphasizes the correct posture and in gaining a good seated position. The seat has a reclining feature that allows you to lean back. Underneath the seat is the control that will set the resistance for the amount of lean you require.

Comfortable affordability…

The seat is BIFMA certified. This is the body that regulates business furniture for safety and practicality of purpose. It can support up to a weight of 500 pounds, but of course, it is also suitable for people weighing much less. The padding of the seat and the backrest is comfortable but firm and has a structured cushioning design. It has shaped cushioned armrests that are not adjustable.

It is good in the office, but its attractive price point means it may also be a worthwhile addition to the home. If you spend hours seated at work or for other reasons at home, this could be a valuable asset. It is made in China.

A nice chair with an attractive faux leather finish.

AmazonBasics Big & Tall Adjustable, Swivel Office Chair with Armrest

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Nicely made with an attractive look.
  • Plenty of support for the back and recline feature.
  • Very affordable.


  • No safety locking mechanism for the wheels.

3 Safco Products Vue Intensive-Use Task Chair – Most Robust Big and Tall Office Chair with 500 lbs Capacity

This is a very basic chair from Safco. Initially, it looks similar to an ordinary office chair. But it has a strong build and is able to hold 500 pounds in weight.

It has a vinyl seat and a mesh backrest that is given anarchy shape for lumbar support. The mesh design of the back of the seat allows it to breathe and allow air circulation. This can help your back in not getting too hot with long usage.

Perfect adjustment…

It has a variety of features, including 360-degree rotation and tilt action. There is a tilt lock and tension control so you can get the amount of resistance exactly right. The height of the backrest can also be adjusted as can the height of the seat. The seat is adjustable between 17.5 inches to 20.5 inches. There is a pneumatic lever control placed for easy use under the seat.

The seat has a waterfall edge, which is always a helpful design for comfort in a chair. It reduces undue pressure and assists in ensuring good circulation in your legs.

Basic but practical…

The base has a very strong build with a steel base. It is given a powder coating in black that is treated to reduce any scratching or other damage. It is a five-legged base with a caster on each leg and is therefore built to be very stable and secure. The casters will perform equally well on carpet or hard surfaces.

It is not packed with a lot of features and has no armrests as an example. But it does have a very strong build, which is a very important thing. Not a particularly cheap option.

Safco Products Vue Intensive-Use Task Chair

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • A very strong build.
  • Some basic seat movement options.


  • Quite expensive, given its basic design.

4 AmazonCommercial High-Back Bonded Leather Chair – Best Looking Big and Tall Office Chair

This is a well-made, good looking chair, but before we go too far into its description, we feel there are some things we need to mention.

Firstly there seems to be some confusion about the weight handling. We have tried to identify the exact load-bearing potential of this chair and have only found a recommended weight of 275 pounds.

Secondly, it says in the description it is upholstered in ‘quality leather’. That is slightly misleading. It is bonded leather or, in other words, reconstituted leather. That is not the same as real leather. It might be described as a similar situation to wood and laminated wood — leather-based but not pure leather.

Ok, so on to the chair…

It is a BIFMA certified chair with a nice design and has a nice look to it. It is well-padded on the backrest and on the seat, which gives it a comfortable but firm feel when seated. The seat has a height adjustment, and it can also be tilted.

There are armrests that flip up. This is always a good feature. Some people like armrests while others don’t. With this chair, you have the choice to use them or move them out of the way.

Sparkling aluminum base…

The base is a solid five-arm design with an aluminum finish. It will rotate around 360 degrees. On each leg, there are dual casters but unfortunately no locking or braking facility.

The price point for a chair of this size and look is very low, but we think that is because of the weight issues we have already mentioned. That and the adjustment options that are built-in. These are rather basic and could be a little ineffective.

AmazonCommercial High-Back Bonded Leather Chair

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • It looks good.
  • A reasonable price point.


  • Lacking a comfortable working position or adjustments to achieve it.

5 The Hon Company BSXVL705VM10 Big and Tall Mesh Office Chair – Best Big and Tall Office Chairs with 450 lbs Capacity

This is a chair with a lot of features that make it very easy to like. It, therefore, must be considered as one of Best Big and Tall Office Chairs with 500 lbs Capacity. But, perhaps we should just clarify that the actual weight handling is 450 pounds. We think that’s close enough to be considered.

The seat itself has two layers of padding and a mesh covering. The backrest also is padded with a mesh outer layer. Some people prefer a mesh finish. It allows air to circulate and certainly doesn’t get as hot as some vinyl and leather-based chairs.

Superb adjustability…

The armrests have a good design that allows you to change and regulate their position. They can move up or down, or you can move them away or closer to your body. This is a good design feature as changing the angle of your sitting position can alleviate tiredness and stress.

There are some other interesting design features built-in for comfort. There is a knee tilt mechanism that rotates the seat angle. It also has a tilt facility that has a locking mechanism. You can also adjust the tension applied to the tilt to suit yourself. There is a pneumatic control under the seat top to adjust the seat height.

Comfortable all day long…

The seat itself is wide, and the backrest has an angle on it to provide lumbar support. All of these adjusting features ensure you are going to be able to find a comfortable seating position. But also to make some changes as you go through your day.

The base is sturdy with its black-powder coated five-leg design. It will rotate through 360 degrees. Each leg has dual casters that are well-made and operate on carpet or hard floors.

Quality comes at a cost…

A good chair, it has a lot going for it. It is a little more expensive than some, but it gives you all the features you need for a comfortable day.

The Hon Company BSXVL705VM10 Big and Tall Mesh Office Chair

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Very strong build.
  • Many adjustment features for comfort and back support.


  • A little more expensive than some.

Best Big and Tall Office Chairs with 500 lbs Capacity Buyers Guide

The right chair can make a difference. Sitting at work all day, or even for lengthy periods of time at home can take its toll, especially on your back. If you are taller and heavier than most, then it is even more important to get the right chair. So, here are some things to be aware of…

Firstly can the chair carry the weight it may have to? It needs to be stable and secure. Secondly, are there enough adjustment features? Plus, what is the best material for the upholstery?

The best chairs have a range of options that will allow you to alter your position while seated. This is important. A chair can be comfortable and built for the right reasons. But sitting in the same position all day and every day is not a good idea. A chair that allows you to alter the position and angle of sitting is a far better idea.

The base is important…

Big and Tall Office Chairs with 500 lbs Capacity

Most chairs have strong dual casters to allow you to move around. Even slide over to a colleague if working. But if they don’t have a brake or locking system, they may be constantly moving on a hard floor. That is not going to be helpful. A simple locking device for the casters would be a good idea.

What about the material for the seat and backrest. Some prefer mesh upholstery, which allows some air circulation, if not as much as some manufacturers claim. The alternative is vinyl or mock leather. Both can become rather hot, but they are easy to keep clean.

Stress Relief…

All important issues, but if we were to identify what we feel is the most important, we would say the seat, backrest, and armrest adjustments. They can help to relieve the stress on your body from sitting in just one position.

One final thing to check on is the weight load it will carry. It’s always a good idea to make sure the chair is going to be fit for purpose and avoid any potential accidents due to lower build standards.

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So, what are the Best Big and Tall Office Chairs with 500 lbs Capacity?

For us, we would choose a chair that matches as many of those criteria as possible. It is probably going to cost a little more, but that is money well-spent to ensure your comfort and, to some degree, your physical health.

Therefore, we would go for the…

The Hon Company BSXVL705VM10 Big and Tall Mesh Office Chair

A very good chair that has just about everything we would need, and easily our choice of the very best of the Best 500 lbs Big and Tall Office Chairs.

Happy seating.

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