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Top 8 Best Bluetooth Adapter On The Market 2023 Review

If you have a desktop PC or laptop that doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature, it can be a real drawback. Many devices these days connect wirelessly using a Bluetooth connection, such as keyboards, mice, headphones, game controllers, speakers, and more.

No need to worry, because as long as you have a spare USB port, there is an inexpensive way to add Bluetooth to a PC or laptop. By purchasing a low-profile dongle, you can enjoy a stable, high-speed data, wireless connection. Therefore, we decided to put together a list of the best Bluetooth adapters currently available so you can buy with confidence.

So, let’s go through them, starting with the…

Top 8 Best Bluetooth Adapter On The Market 2023 Review

Top 8 Best Bluetooth Adapter Review

  1. Techkey – Windows Bluetooth Adapter – Best Premium Bluetooth Adapter
  2. Avantree DG40S – Plug and Play Bluetooth Adapter – Best Bluetooth Adapter for Gaming
  3. Kinivo BTD-400 – Nano Bluetooth Adapter – Best Mid Range Bluetooth Adapter
  4. ASUS USB-BT400 – Top Brand Bluetooth Adapter – Best Value Bluetooth Adapter for the Money
  5. Plugable – Linux Compatible Bluetooth Adapter – Best Rated Bluetooth Adapter
  6. ZEXMTE – Affordable Bluetooth Adapter – Best USB Bluetooth Adapter
  7. TP-Link UB400 – Reliable Bluetooth Adapter – Best Bluetooth Adapter for Headphones
  8. QGOO – Long Range Bluetooth Adapter – Best Budget Bluetooth Adapter

1 Techkey – Windows Bluetooth Adapter – Best Premium Bluetooth Adapter

We kick off with this convenient little device from Techkey is a low energy dongle with the latest in wireless technology. Enjoy being able to easily pair your favorite device to your laptop or PC, including printers, smartphones, tablets, speakers, keyboards, and more.

This adapter is only compatible with Windows OS, and unfortunately, is not compatible with MacOS, TVs, or car stereos. Windows versions that are compatible with the Techkey Bluetooth adapter are 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Latest tech…

Inside the dongle is the latest Realtek Bluetooth 5.0+EDR chipset. EDR stands for Enhanced Data Rate, which ensures fast speeds when transferring data of up to 3 Mbps. Additionally, range and connection stability are increased.

Using Bluetooth instead of a 2.4 GHz wireless dongle reduces the risk of radio interference. The 2.4 GHz channel is incredibly busy, with many devices sharing the same wavelength. This can result in loss of signal quality or even complete drop-outs.

Stronger and further…

Backwards compatibility means you can still connect Bluetooth devices from 2.0 up to 5.0. Connecting to the USB port of your laptop or PC also includes backwards compatibility from USB 1.1 up to USB 3.0.

Besides the EDR offered by the latest Bluetooth 5.0, the distance is also increased to 33 feet (10 meters) in open space. Perfect for wireless headphones or game controllers, allowing you to not be tethered to your laptop or PC.

Techkey - Windows Bluetooth Adapter

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Realtek Bluetooth chipset.
  • Fast transfer speeds.
  • Long-range connection.


  • Only compatible with Windows.
  • Not plug and play.

2 Avantree DG40S – Plug and Play Bluetooth Adapter – Best Bluetooth Adapter for Gaming

For our next product, we have a plug-and-play Bluetooth adapter from Avantree labeled the DG40S. Being plug-and-play means that you won’t need to install any drivers to use the device, and it will automatically be detected, but only on Windows 10.

This adapter is also only compatible with Windows operating systems from Windows XP onwards but will require driver installation. It is not compatible with MacOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, TVs, or stereos. It will give your laptop or PC Bluetooth capability, though.

Connect your device easily…

Avantree uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect with devices such as speakers, keyboards, headphones, smartphones, and tablets. EDR is included in the chipset meaning data transfer speeds of up to 3 Mbps are possible.

The operation range between your PC or Laptop and your connected Bluetooth device is up to 10 meters. Within the adapter, you will find a CSR 8510 chipset. Please be mindful that data transfer is only possible with Android devices, and not Apple iOS devices.

Have more fun…

This adapter is great for connecting an Xbox or PS4 controller to your PC or laptop, making gaming more fun and enjoyable. You may need to install a game-specific driver to configure the key settings.

Because Bluetooth is a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device, it means less power consumption for wireless connections. It also allows for longer battery life from your connected device, reducing the need for recharging often.

Avantree DG40S - Plug and Play Bluetooth Adapter

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Plug and Play with Windows 10.
  • EDR included on the chipset.
  • Compatible with Xbox and PS4 controllers.


  • Not compatible with Mac or Linux.
  • Older Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

3 Kinivo BTD-400 – Nano Bluetooth Adapter – Best Mid Range Bluetooth Adapter

Kinivo has manufactured this slim nano Bluetooth adapter with the model number BTD-400. It will plug into any USB port on your PC or laptop running Windows, Raspberry Pi, Mac OS, or Linux operating systems.

It will then allow you to connect any Bluetooth-enabled device to your laptop or PC like printers, speakers, game controllers, headphones, keyboards, and more. You will need to install the correct driver, as this device is not plug-and-play.

Compatible with old and new equipment…

Using the previous generation Bluetooth V4.0 provides a reliable and stable wireless connection. This is backwards compatible with previous Bluetooth generations and will connect with older Bluetooth-enabled equipment.

Newer Bluetooth-enabled equipment using the 5th generation is still also backwards compatible with this adapter too. Low energy technology provides low power consumption from the USB port while at the same time putting less drain on the battery.

Leave it plugged in…

Thanks to the small, low-profile, slim design of the adapter, you can leave it plugged in at all times. It doesn’t stick out too far from the USB port, which is useful for laptops. It is still easy to pack your laptop into a pouch, case, or bag without having to remove the device.

The wireless range this adapter provides is 33 feet (10 meters), giving you the freedom to roam with your connected device. That makes it perfect for use with wireless headphones or a console game controller.

Kinivo BTD-400 - Nano Bluetooth Adapter

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Compatible with multiple operating systems.
  • Low profile, slim design good for laptops.
  • Low energy technology.


  • Previous generation Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Drivers require downloading.

4 ASUS USB-BT400 – Top Brand Bluetooth Adapter – Best Value Bluetooth Adapter for the Money

When you purchase an ASUS product for any of your technology needs, you know you’re getting a quality piece of equipment. The same is true for the USB Bluetooth adapter for use with PCs and laptops.

It is only compatible with Windows operating systems, and will not work with MacOS, Linux, or Raspberry Pi. Versions of Windows that are supported are from Windows XP up to the current Windows 10.

Works in any USB port…

Use any available USB port on your Windows laptop or PC. The adapter itself is USB 2.0 compliant but is still backwards compatible with USB 1.1. It can also still be used in newer USB 3.0 ports but will not increase its capabilities.

Inside the adapter is a Bluetooth 4.0 chipset, which is the previous generation, but still provides a strong and stable wireless connection. The current 5th generation Bluetooth devices will still connect to the adapter thanks to backwards compatibility.

Fast data and long range…

With the chipset featuring EDR, you can reach data transfer speeds of up to 3 Mbps. Transferring files between your smartphone or tablet to your PC or laptop can be achieved quickly and easily.

In an open area, the wireless transmission can travel up to 33 feet (10 meters). This will be reduced, as with any Bluetooth product, when there are obstacles such as walls or poles that can obstruct the signal.

ASUS USB-BT400 - Top Brand Bluetooth Adapter

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Reliable brand name product.
  • Backwards compatible.
  • EDR fast transfer speeds.


  • Only compatible with Windows OS.
  • Sticks out from the USB port.

5 Plugable – Linux Compatible Bluetooth Adapter – Best Rated Bluetooth Adapter

If you’d like to add Bluetooth capability to your laptop or PC, why not choose the Plugable Bluetooth adapter? It is small, has a low profile, and is a quality, affordable option. All the latest features are also packed inside.

Allow your older desktop or PC to connect wirelessly to a huge range of devices, expanding your possibilities. Connect to items like wireless speakers, headphones, game controllers, smartphones, tablets, and peripherals.

Supports Windows and Linux…

Besides being compatible with Windows PCs and laptops, this adapter also functions with Linux operating systems. Windows versions supported are from Windows 7 up to Windows 10. Linux is supported from 3.0.34 and onwards.

The adapter can connect to devices using either Bluetooth Classic or Bluetooth Low Energy. Being backwards compatible means being able to connect a huge range of devices, both older and current.

Getting the most from your adapter…

As with any Bluetooth device, most issues are caused by interference. There are some things to be aware of that can help reduce issues. Use a USB 2.0 port over a 3.0 port. Use a port in the front of your PC instead of the rear. Plus any objects and walls in the line of sight.

The in-built chipset features Bluetooth version 4.0, which is one behind the latest generation. It still offers great speeds, long-distance coverage, and a strong, stable connection. All products can still be used through backwards compatibility.

Plugable - Linux Compatible Bluetooth Adapter

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Supports both Windows and Linux OS.
  • Backwards compatibility.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy compliant.


  • Not compatible with MacOS.
  • Previous generation Bluetooth technology.

6 ZEXMTE – Affordable Bluetooth Adapter – Best USB Bluetooth Adapter

For anybody on a strict budget, you don’t need to miss out on the world of wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The ZEXMTE Bluetooth adapter is very affordable and still manages to include many of the same features as more expensive models.

You will still be able to connect all your Bluetooth-enabled wireless devices to your PC or laptop with the ZEXMTE adapter. Offering a great range along with a stable and reliable signal at a fraction of the cost.

Compatible with Windows…

This adapter is compatible with all Windows PCs and Laptops from Windows XP and onwards. It is not compatible with MacOS or Linux, TVs, or car stereo systems. It is very easy to install.

As soon as you plug the dongle into a free USB port, the installation drivers will automatically install. This device is plug-and-play, making it one of the easiest and fastest products to have installed and paired to your device.

Small and convenient…

With its low profile and small design, the ZEXMTE adapter can be left plugged into your PC or laptop at all times. There is no need to carry it around with you and risk losing the adapter as your laptop can still fit in your case or bag while still inserted.

The chipset used in this adapter is Bluetooth 4.0 compliant complete with EDR for data and BLE for energy saving. Data transfer speeds are up to 3 Mbps and can be completed over a distance of up to 33 feet (10 meters).

ZEXMTE - Affordable Bluetooth Adapter

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Affordable wireless solution.
  • EDR and BLE technologies.
  • Small and convenient size.


  • Not compatible with MacOS or Linux.
  • If not in an open area, interference is experienced.

7 TP-Link UB400 – Reliable Bluetooth Adapter – Best Bluetooth Adapter for Headphones

If you have ever needed a wireless or network accessory for your PC, then you are sure to have heard of TP-Link. A worldwide leader in network technology, you can be sure that you are receiving a quality, well-supported product.

Complete with all the features you would expect all packaged inside a product smaller than an American quarter. This product is compatible with all Windows PCs and Laptops running Windows XP and onwards.

Premium sound quality…

Built-in to this adapter is what’s called A2DP, which is a Bluetooth standard that allows high-quality audio streaming. That makes this adapter perfect if you intend to use it with either a wireless speaker or pair of wireless headphones.

In addition to A2DP, there is also EDR for high-speed data transfers and BLE for efficient energy consumption. Data can be transferred at speeds of up to 3 Mbps, as is the standard with Bluetooth 4.0 chipsets.

Reliable website support…

While this adapter is plug-and-play for Windows 8 and 10, you will need to install a driver for earlier versions. These can easily be obtained from the TP-Link website and downloaded onto an external storage device for safekeeping.

While most of the other devices offer up to 33 feet (10 meters) of range, the TP-Link has been extended. With up to 65 feet (20 meters) of range, it gives you the freedom to roam around wearing your headphones or place your speaker somewhere convenient.

TP-Link UB400 - Reliable Bluetooth Adapter

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • A2DP high-quality audio streaming.
  • Plug and play for Windows 8 and 10.
  • Extended 65 feet (20 meters) range.


  • Only compatible with Windows operating systems.
  • Previous generation Bluetooth chip.

8 QGOO – Long Range Bluetooth Adapter – Best Budget Bluetooth Adapter

For our last and final product, here we have the OGOO Bluetooth adapter. Another affordable product with a useful feature. This adapter has an extended wireless range over most of the other products.

Being affordable and having an extra feature means one small sacrifice, though. The dongle is slightly larger than the other products. It is not much bigger but might cause some frustration when trying to pack a laptop into a case or bag while still plugged in.

Freedom to move…

Most other Bluetooth adapters offer a wireless range of up to 33 feet (10 meters). The OGOO adapter will provide a signal up to 65 feet (20 meters) in an open area. Of course, this is reduced when obstacles like walls are in the way.

By using a Bluetooth 4.0 chipset combined with EDR, there is a maximum data transfer rate of up to 3 Mbps. All older Bluetooth-enabled devices are still compatible thanks to backwards compatibility.

Open many Windows…

The adapter is supported by any PC or laptop running from Windows XP up to the current Windows 10 OS. If you are using either Windows 8 or 10, then there are no drivers needed to be installed as the device is plug and play compatible.

If using an earlier Windows OS, then you will need to install the drivers, either off the included CD or downloaded from the website. Unfortunately, this device is not compatible with MacOS or Linux operating systems.

QGOO - Long Range Bluetooth Adapter

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Long-range wireless signal.
  • Affordable option.
  • EDR fast data transfer.


  • Larger size dongle can be inconvenient in laptops.
  • Only compatible with Windows operating systems.

Best Quality Bluetooth Adapter Buying Guide

Best Bluetooth Adapter Guide

We have now shown you what is currently on offer for turning your PC or laptop into a Bluetooth-enabled device. If your current PC or laptop isn’t currently Bluetooth enabled, there really is no excuse.

Now that you know what is available, it’s time to narrow down the choices. Then you can start enjoying having your devices connected wirelessly. Therefore, we will now cover some key points you should consider before making that final decision.

What is your operating system?

All of these devices are compatible with PCs and Laptops running Windows operating systems. Most from XP onwards, although you should really be running at least Windows 7 by now if you intend on using Bluetooth.

For Mac and Linux users, your choices are more limited. The Kinivo is compatible with nearly all OS, including Linux, MacOS, and even Raspberry Pi. Otherwise, if you are running Linux, your only other option is the Plugable.

Which device do you intend to use most?

If you plan to connect an audio device such as a wireless speaker or headphones, then the TP-Link is right for you. Not only does it have A2DP high-quality audio, but it also offers range extension of up to 65 feet (20 meters).

For anyone looking to connect a gaming controller from either an Xbox or PS4, then consider the Avantree. While you may need to source an additional driver, the adapter will be compatible, and you’ll receive full use of your controller.

We hope that this has helped your decision easier with which product suits you best. If you are still not sure, then stick around for our next section when we reveal our choice for the best adapter and why. But before that…

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Which is the Best Bluetooth Adapter?

Making a decision on which is the best adapter came down to the following things. It must be easy to connect, be low profile, offer a great range, and a reliable, stable connection.

The product we believe outperforms the others in all of these aspects is the…

TP-Link UB400

With plug-and-play for current Windows OS and its convenient compact size, this is one easy-to-use adapter. It has double the range potential of most other products, rarely receives any interference, and is backed by a reliable company.

Happy Bluetoothing!

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