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Best Budget PC Cases In 2023 – Top 8 Rated Reviews

So, you’ve decided to build your own PC? How exciting! Knowing and choosing exactly what components will make up your rig is satisfying. It’s also satisfying knowing that you’re the one who assembled this masterpiece.

There are so many things to consider. Which motherboard will you choose? Which processor will provide the best performance? And the all-important graphics card!

Best Budget PC Cases In 2023 – Top 8 Rated Reviews

Something often overlooked is the PC case. What is going to protect and present all your hard work? Well, we can help by taking a look at the best budget PC cases currently available. So, let’s get straight to it and find the perfect one for your next build…

Top 8 Best Budget PC Cases In 2023 Review

  1. Fractal Design Focus G – Best Looking Budget Gaming PC Case
  2. Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC – Best Mini Cube Budget PC Case
  3. Thermaltake Versa H15 – Best Mini Tower Budget PC Case
  4. Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1 – Best Micro-ATX Budget PC Case
  5. In Win 101 – Best Mid Tower Budget PC Case
  6. Corsair Carbide 200R – Best Compact Budget PC Case
  7. Cougar MX330-G – Best Minimalist Budget PC Case
  8. AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower – Best Gaming Budget PC Case

1 Fractal Design Focus G – Best Looking Budget Gaming PC Case

This Swedish hardware company has released a range of PC cases, and the one we’re looking at today is the Focus G Model.

An ATX, open interior design is aimed towards budget conscious gamers. And we feel this would be suitable for those doing their first build, making it one of the Best Beginner Builders PC Cases you can buy.

Wow, she’s beautiful…

We think this is an attractive case. The white is striking, and the massive acrylic screen on the side allows you to bask in the glory of your achievements. Add to that the illumination from the white LEDs in the two front 120mm case fans.

This will encourage you to complete a neat build since everything will be on show for all to see. However, a little more time and care will be needed as the cable management holes are lacking grommets.

Looks aren’t everything…

If you choose to install fans or a liquid cooling system in the roof, it’s going to get tight. Not impossible, but it will just require a little more fiddling.

We only noticed very limited noise deadening material in the front panel and none at all in the main panels. Our test unit did run surprisingly quiet, though. However, sufficient cooling would be required to keep the noise down.

Fractal Design Focus G

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Two LED fans included.
  • Massive side window.
  • Attractive design.


  • Tight for space.
  • Missing grommets.

2 Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC – Best Mini Cube Budget PC Case

This is the only mini cube case we have in our review. The reason isn’t because they’re not as good as their full-sized counterparts. It’s because a mini cube case requires more planning and commitment to the build due to the more limited space.

Are we still talking about PC cases, or are we now talking about relationships? No, definitely PC cases. Although smaller in size, it can still handle a mini ITX motherboard and a full-sized power supply.

What else can it handle?

Even though restricted to only a mini ITX motherboard, the case does offer two expansion bays. This enables the installation of dual-slot graphics cards. It was also possible for us to install a cooling system with 140mm of clearance.

Two hard drive bays are mounted behind the right-hand side panel. Each can support a 2.5” drive and a 3.5” drive.

Function and style combined…

The small size does cause some restrictions. These are dealt with in a clever way, though. For example, the top, bottom, and two side panels are removable, giving you greater access during your build.

This tidy little unit does a great job insulating fan noise. Featuring two USB 3.0 ports, plus a headphone and mic jack located in the front, makes it easily accessible. We would definitely recommend this case for use as a home theater PC.

Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Compact design great for a home theater PC.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Easy access during build.


  • Component options are limited due to size.
  • Less cable routing options.

3 Thermaltake Versa H15 – Best Mini Tower Budget PC Case

Admittedly not the best case in our list to look at, but not all of us want our tower to be a showpiece. Some prefer to hide their components, especially now that gone are the days of optical drives that require regular access.

Being a mini tower complements the ability to store away your rig safely out of sight. The Versa H15 is up to the important task of holding all your components together in a solidly constructed case.

Wait! Hold my components…

The case arrives with a pre-installed 120mm fan in the rear. There is a removable disk drive bay near the front capable of holding two drives. SSDs can also easily be mounted at the back in two prepared cut-outs.

If you would like to install beefy cooling, it’s possible with space in both the front and top panels. Both can accommodate units up to 240mm.

A tower of strength…

The construction quality was a stand-out to us. Often during a build, you notice screw holes not lining up quite right, cut-outs not lined up correctly, and sometimes just general flimsiness.

This tower felt solid during the entire build, and everything lined up as it should. When removing the panels, we could also replace them with ease. This proves that care has been taken when this case was designed.

Thermaltake Versa H15

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Small and light design.
  • Spaces for cable management.
  • Strong, solid construction.


  • Plain and boring design.
  • Smaller size can be restrictive.

4 Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1 – Best Micro-ATX Budget PC Case

Don’t be thrown by this being referred to as ‘micro.’ This PC case from Cooler Master may be shorter than most, but it has depth. This means you can fit the longest and tallest graphics cards on the market.

Let’s face it. Most of us want a PC case that looks cool. And we think this case most definitely looks cool. From the geometric angles to the three customizable trim colors, it certainly is pleasing to the eye.

Time to lay some cable…

An entirely clear side panel can only mean one thing. That wiring job needs to be perfect. It’s a great opportunity to show off your meticulous skills in cable management. However, if you don’t take as much pride as we do, maybe this one isn’t for you.

Use of either a micro-ATX or a mini-ITX motherboard is compatible with this case. This is actually what the micro refers to in the case’s name. The dimensions are actually rather generous.

Room for improvement…

The ability to house any graphics card or heat sync currently available the possibilities are endless. That doesn’t mean you need those components now, but knowing upgrades can be added later gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Plenty of space is also provided for adding a cooling system to keep those high-end components running full capacity. Support for up to four fans (one comes already pre-installed) is provided. There’s space for two liquid cooling systems up to 240mm in the front and 120mm in the rear.

Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Has room for future upgrades.
  • Customizable design.
  • Solid construction.


  • Higher in the price range for a budget case.
  • Front of the case seems to gather dust.

5 In Win 101 – Best Mid Tower Budget PC Case

Next, in our reviews of the Best Budget PC Cases, we immediately found the sleek black front of this case alluring. The warm glow of the red LED, and the smooth panels give a sense of power and control. Plus, for a change of style, this case is also available in white with a blue LED.

The roomy chassis is capable of packing in all the latest high-end components. A tinted tempered glass side panel lets anyone who’s interested peer inside. A great way to show off the circuit wizardry contained within.

Spoiled for choice…

Motherboard compatibility is vast. Choices include ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX, and some E-ATX boards as well. At the rear of the chassis, there are seven expansion slots. Two bays for HDDs can be found at the top.

You may want to place your 2.5” HDDs at the rear of the motherboard tray. Two hidden trays were discovered there too. In keeping with the multiple build options, it’s possible to add up to six fans within this In Win chassis.

Something to build on…

We appreciated the build quality noticing there was no plastic insight from the outside. The steel and glass give a feeling of strength and quality.

Allowing for flexibility in how you complete your build means we would recommend this for first time builders. The quality of construction and choice of materials gives you the confidence that this rig will last.

In Win 101

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Quality materials and construction.
  • Great flexibility in build.
  • Sleek design.


  • No fans included.
  • Cable management can be difficult.

6 Corsair Carbide 200R – Best Compact Budget PC Case

From the outside, this looks more like an old-school office desktop. With an emphasis on simplicity, Corsair designed this case to make builds as easy as possible.

Look at it this way. Purchasing a cheap and easy to work with case means more money to spend on components. Would you rather a fancy PC case or that upgraded graphics card? We know what we would choose.

Let’s just keep it simple…

Corsair claims that the one and only time you’ll need a screwdriver on your build is when you install the motherboard. They have tried to take the term ‘tool free’ to the next level. And being a mid tower means plenty of room for all your goodies.

Taking a simple approach affords Corsair to supply a rigid chassis and solid panels. Black paintwork is carried throughout, and even the screws have been given a coat. Keeping with simplicity, the only ports or switches are two USB 3.0 ports, headphones, an audio jack, and a power/reset switch.

What’s in the box?

Offering seven expansion slots, this makes multi GPU configurations available. A range of HDD options are also presented, supporting up to four 3.5in hard disks. Squeezing a radiator into the roof would prove difficult, but not impossible.

Arranging all this hardware is made simple by using clever clipping mechanisms. With an abundance of cable routing holes, it is easy to hide all those ghastly wires.

Corsair Carbide 200R

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Simple design.
  • Tool free set-up.
  • Variety of configuration options.


  • Limited air supply.
  • Boring design.

7 Cougar MX330-G – Best Minimalist Budget PC Case

With a minimalist, functional design, this, in a way, makes the Cougar stand out. Being understated is attractive. It displays confidence, and with this PC case, there are many reasons to be confident.

The Cougar does a great job of hiding cables. It’s a good thing it does because it also sports a beautiful tempered glass side panel, and the easy to remove dust filters fall in line with the ‘clean’ look.

Now’s a time to keep your cool…

We spend a lot of money on components. We need to keep them cool. The Cougar has fantastic airflow and cooling potential. You’re sorted with both fan and liquid cooling options, depending on which you prefer.

There’s space for two fans at the top, two at the front, and another at the rear for expelling all that unwanted heat. Up to a 240mm cooling radiator can additionally be installed, ensuring both protection and smooth running of all those expensive components.

Try this on for size…

This case looks good, and can keep everything running at a low temperature. But what about size restrictions? Well, supporting up to a 350mm graphics card, this means a 4K 60fps capable rig is possible.

Offering E-ATX motherboard support size isn’t an issue. It’s even possible to arrange a dual-socket server motherboard with two radiators measuring 240mm each. We think it’s fair to say that size isn’t an issue for the Cougar.

Cougar MX330-G

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Great airflow and cooling options.
  • Sleek, minimalist design.
  • Supports large components.


  • Front is difficult to access mounting holes.
  • No motherboard screws included.

8 AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower – Best Gaming Budget PC Case

As we’ve mentioned. We love gaming. That’s why we were pleased to find this RGB case from AeroCool. There’s just something about RGB LEDs. They give a feeling of high tech, fun, and action.

Along with the see-through side panel, this case just screams gaming. It’s all well and good to look the part, but what’s important is… can it play the part? We will take a look at if this is the case you want for your next build.

Time for some fun and games…

Being a mid tower means there should be no problem housing all those necessary items for a gaming rig. A high-end graphics card and cooling solution are essential. Surely being aimed at gamers, the AeroCool can fulfill these needs, right?

Long graphics cards aren’t an issue. Cooling, however, is a little more restrictive. Although able to mount up to a 240mm radiator in the front, it can be challenging. Pre-installed with a 120mm fan in the rear, a further 120mm can be mounted to the top.

Looks over smarts…

If you are new into builds and are performing a budget build, but still want to look the part, then this might be for you. This case is certainly attractive, and we were impressed with the cable management options.

If you prefer to focus on the parts you can’t see, we think there are better options available. They may not be as flashy or attractive, although they will give you more flexibility when adding those all-important components.

AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Appealing, attractive design.
  • Can support a variety of motherboards.
  • RGB lighting.


  • Limited cooling options.
  • Difficult to access for some mounting.

Best Budget PC Cases Buyers Guide

After taking a look at what’s available in the budget range of PC cases, there is no shortage of choice. There is sure to be something that will suit everyone’s needs, from multimedia PC solutions right up to full-on gaming rigs.

Which PC case is right for your needs? This list may have given you more questions than answers. Let’s address some of those questions and help you make your decision easier.

What’s Your Main Purpose For Your Build?

IN WIN 101 Black ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case with Tempered Glass

Do you just want a home PC you can upgrade over time? Those ready to go models from the retail chains are great, but upgrading is usually limited. And then you’re forced to purchase an entirely new machine.

Maybe you’ve just built a new home theater? Now you need something capable of giving you the best 4K experience worthy of your investment? Or maybe you want to experience some super high frame rates during your favorite first-person shooter?

So Which One’s For Me?

If you’re just looking for a home PC, we would recommend the…

Thermal Mini Tower

With a smaller footprint, it won’t take up too much space. Solid construction means it will last the test of time. It also has the space for all your future upgrades.

If it’s the home theater you’re interested in, we would choose the…

Thermaltake Mini Cube

The smaller footprint is handy for hiding away. Additionally, the surprising amount of internal space is more than sufficient for achieving a great 4K multimedia machine.

Gaming is where it’s at when it comes to PC cases. If you build a great gaming rig, it will be capable of all the other purposes and more. That’s why we will reveal our pick next in our final conclusion.

Looking To Enhance Your Gaming Experience Even More?

Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC Mini ITX Cube Gaming Computer Case Chassis, Interchangeable Side Panels, Black Edition, CA-1B8-00S1WN-00

If so, take a look at our in-depth Best Gaming Desks reviews, our Best Budget Gaming Chairs under 200 Dollars, and our reviews of the Best Gaming Monitor under 300 Dollars, or the Best Gaming Monitors under 100 Dollars you can buy in 2023.

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So, What Are The Best Budget PC Cases?

In order to choose which PC case is the best, we had to take into consideration build quality, use of materials, and functionality. The case we feel covered all these areas to the highest standard was the…

Cougar MX330-G Mid Tower

With an understated yet attractive design, quality build, and materials, plus the ability to house a wide variety of components. We are sure you’ll agree that all these cases are great. It’s us, the consumers, that are the real winners with such a great range available for all needs.

Happy PC building.

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