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Top 8 Best Counterfeit Money Detectors On The Market 2023 Review

Money is the lifeblood of any business, and fake money is like a virus to that lifeblood. It is estimated that there are up to $200m of counterfeit notes in circulation.

Why does this matter?

Accepting a counterfeit note hits your bottom line in three ways –

  • Whatever you invested in the goods and services bought by the counterfeit note has now been lost.
  • Any change you gave as part of that transaction has also been lost.
  • By accepting the note, you will now incur time, cost, and effort in resolving the situation

Top 8 Best Counterfeit Money Detectors On The Market 2023 Review

Fortunately, there are a number of great products that can help avoid this situation. So, let’s go through them andfind the Best Counterfeit Money Detectors for you…


There are a range of solutions for detecting counterfeit money in the marketplace. They range from simple counterfeit pens, through to bank-grade machines that combine counterfeit detection with money management functions like bill counting, denomination sorting, and value counting.

For the purposes of this review, we will not be looking at pens. Counterfeiters have become more sophisticated, and can easily avoid pen detection by using fiber-based paper or by bleaching genuine low denomination bills and reprinting them as higher denomination notes.

Technology has moved on…

Fortunately, counterfeit detection has also moved forward rapidly, and there are now a number of low cost products that provide much more effective defense against counterfeit notes.

We will also not be reviewing the full range of money-management machines. They are typically sophisticated high-cost machines used at the end of the day or at least in batches, where the money has already been accepted into your business. Counterfeit detection here is focused on avoiding fake notes going to your bank.

However, we will look at some of these machines where we believe they are able to provide such a dual function (money counting and counterfeit detection) at the front-line of taking and checking the cash and at an affordable price.

So, let’s start by looking at these multi-purpose offerings …

Top 8 Best Counterfeit Money Detectors In 2023 Review

Multi-Purpose Money Counters and Counterfeit Detection

1 Carnation CR1000

This is a well-established product in the market, with a range of features. It comes at an affordable price for businesses with the need for cash management functions as well as counterfeit detection.

This advanced machine features five different counterfeit detection sensors – UV, MG, MT and Reflected Infrared, as well as Penetrated Infrared. It is also multi-denomination, so it can help sort and count your bills into the different value denominations, making the end of your day go a lot quicker.

It is also multi-currency, and can handle seven major currencies – USD, Canadian, UK Pound, Euro, Swiss Franc, Yen, and the Australian Dollar.

Keep up to date…

The CR1000 also has a range of functions to help with general money management. These include counting by volume and/or value, the ability to pause for a jam, and restart from where you were, as well as being able to produce various printouts and reports. It also features a USB port so that all upgrades are easily maintained.

If you take a lot of cash on a daily basis, this is an excellent choice, and can easily handle large volumes – 300 notes without hopper, 500 with the hopper. And it does it quickly, with the ability to process up to 1200 notes per minute, that’s 0.05 seconds per note.

Company support…

It comes with a one-year Parts and Service Warranty, which includes a dedicated technician. Plus, if you need even more, then post-warranty support is also available.

It is a high quality, robust machine with a user-friendly LCD display.

Carnation CR1000

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Five counterfeit detection sensors.
  • Multi-Denomination and Multi-Currency.
  • Superb functionality and capacity.
  • Good speed (adjustable speeds for each mode, and can process up to 1200 notes per minute = 0.05 seconds per note)
  • Excellent warranty and after-sales support.


  • Quite large (13” x12” x12”) and heavy (15.4lbs) so you’ll need to have the required space for it

2 CarnationCR2

This is a more affordable option (about half the price of the CR1000) but without the ability to count the value of notes. However, it is actually faster than it’s bigger brother, being able to process up to 1500 notes per minute. But the capacity is slightly lower at 400 notes in the feeder plus another 300 in the carrier.

It features one less counterfeit detection sensors, only having UV, MG, MT, and IR. And is also multi-currency to some extent. In that, it can process different currencies, but it only counts the number, not the value of the notes. And in some cases, some of the counterfeit sensors have to be switched off as they are N/A for that currency.

On the plus side, it comes with the exact same one year warranty as the CR1000 we just reviewed.


Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


  • High speed and high capacity.
  • Four counterfeit detection sensors.
  • Excellent warranty.


  • Does not provide multi-denomination functionality.
  • Counterfeit capability is constrained by not being able to differentiate different value notes and also by some sensors needing to be switched off for some currencies.
  • Again, it quite large (10.5” x8.1” x9.8”) and weighs 13.5lbs.

3 Carnation CR1500

This is a serious bank-grade machine with a slightly higher price bracket, but a stack of features to match.

It features the usual UV, Infrared and Magnetic sensors, but also has Image Processing Technology and can also detect and track serial numbers. And as with the CR1000, it counts by value as well as volume, and can handle mixed denominations (keeping a separate tally (count and value) for each value note.

Excellent money management…

In terms of counterfeit notes, it out-sorts suspect bills to a separate tray, so they do not disrupt the counting.

Although there is a downside to all this technology because it isn’t as fast or have the same capacity as it’s smaller brothers. However, this is understandable, considering the higher level of protection. It features three variable speeds and can process up to 1100 notes per minute. With a maximum capacity of 500 bills.

Top of the line reporting…

It offers a very good range of functions and reporting capabilities. These include the ability to capture, save, and print the serial numbers of each note processed. It is also selectable multi-currency, and supports four currencies’ out of the box’ – USD, Canadian $, British Pound and Euro – but 30+ more can be added.

Plus, it has a printer-support capability so you can provide receipts if required, or for back-office printing simply link to your PC.

Featuring the same Parts and Labour Warranty as its siblings with dedicated technical support, but for two years, not one.

Carnation CR1500

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • UV, Infrared and Magnetic sensors, plus Image Processing Technology and detection, and tracking of serial numbers.
  • Out-sorts suspect bills to a separate tray.
  • Counts by value as well as volume.
  • Can process up to 1100 notes per minute.
  • Excellent range of functions and reporting capability.
  • Multi-currency.
  • Two Year Parts and Labour Warranty with dedicated technical support.


  • Has a fairly big footprint (9.9” 10.7” x10.4”)

Dedicated Counterfeit Money Detectors

Now we will look at the product that is designed solely for counterfeit detection. These machines are smaller and more affordable than the multi-function machines we looked at above. These products are aimed at front-line detection, preventing fake money from being accepted by your business in the fastest and most rigorous way possible.

So, let’s take a look …

4 AccuBANKER D450 Counterfeit Money Checker

This product is a well-established product in the market and offers a lot more counterfeit detection features than most.

The D450 features seven types of sensor for detecting fake notes – UV, MG, WM, MP, and also thickness and detects bleaching. And is extremely fast, responding in less than a second. This is in the form of an audio bleep as well as a visual response.

Small yet practical…

And unlike the giants we’ve just reviewed, this is a very reasonable 6” x 5.7” x 2.75” and weighs only 1.1lb.

However, user feedback indicates that there may be some issues around reliability. In particular, too many false-negatives and false-positives. So, bear this in mind before purchase.

It comes with a three-year warranty.

AccuBANKER D450 Counterfeit Money Checker

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Seven types of sensor for detecting fake notes.
  • Extremely fast response.
  • Three year warranty.


  • Single Currency (USD only)
  • Some issues around the reliability of results.

5 Royal Sovereign 4-Way (RCD-3 Plus)

Next up, we have a multi-use detector for verifying security features on multiple documents (ID cards, passports, etc.) as well as banknotes.

The RCD-3 Plus offers four methods of counterfeit detection – UV, MG, WM, and MP. But it also features UV lights that can also be used to verify ID cards, credit cards, and passports.

Pay more for portability…

It provides some level of portability, but this does come at a cost. This is because you have to buy an add-on battery pack as an additional purchase. In our opinion, portability really seems to be an afterthought, and it is clearly not fundamentally designed as a portable product.

A few issues…

The company also claims Multi-currency use, but feedback from users indicates this is not widely used or supported, so be aware of that if it’s important to you and your business. There is also a slight issue in that the alarm is only visual, so no audio beep is heard. This may be a concern to some users, especially those in a busy work environment.

Also, customer feedback indicates some concerns about the efficiency of the Magnetic detector, as well as some dissatisfaction with the reliability and longevity of the machine and the bulbs. So bear that in mind as well.

It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Royal Sovereign 4-Way (RCD-3 Plus)

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Four methods of counterfeit detection.
  • Can also be used to verify ID cards, credit cards, and passports.
  • Provides some portability via the use of an add-on battery pack.
  • One year ‘limited’ warranty.


  • Alarm is visual only.
  • Some concerns about the efficiency of the Magnetic detector
  • The reliability and longevity of the machine and the bulbs have also been questioned.

6 AccuBANKER Cash & Card Detector – LED420

This cash and card detecter uses a combination of Superbright UV and white LED lights to provide extremely long-lasting service. It provides UV and WM verification, plus it checks the size of the notes.

As per its name, it verifies ID cards, credit cards, and passports as well as notes.


It’s also built to last with the Superbright UV and white LEDs being designed to last for up to 20,000 hours of use, which is far longer than conventional bulbs. However, the UV light does not seem to be positioned as optimally as it could be.

It’s a fast, reliable and great looking machine, what else could you possibly want?

It comes with a three-year warranty.

AccuBANKER Cash & Card Detector - LED420

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • UV and WM verification, plus note size check.
  • Verifies Notes, ID cards, credit cards, and passports.
  • Long-lasting Superbright UV and white LED bulbs.
  • Three-year warranty.
  • Very positive customer feedback re speed, reliability, and looks (73% awarding a 5 Star Rating).


  • Single currency (US Dollar) only.
  • Does not provide Magnetic Ink or Thread verification.
  • The UV light design is in an awkward position.

Portable Counterfeit Detectors

The final category we are going to review is portables. If there is one area that brings home how advances in technology have made the use of sophisticated machines affordable to all, it is here.

So, let’s look at these exciting products…

7 Cassida’ Instacheck’ Detector

We’ll start off with the Instacheck, which has detector sensors for UV, IR, and MT. It’s also quick as a flash and typically responds in less than 1 second; we did say it was quick.

Although it’s portable, it isn’t the lightest machine you will find, weighing at almost 1lb. Also, with the battery power being optional, it does seem that portability was not fundamental to the design, but more of an afterthought.

It comes with a 1-year warranty, and customer feedback is generally positive about reliability and speed.

Cassida’ Instacheck’ Detector

Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


  • Detector sensors for UV, IR, and MT.
  • Very fast response.
  • One-year warranty.


  • It is portable but quite heavy.
  • Only handles US dollars.

8 B$SURE Portable Checker

This portable checker is a fairly new model, entering the market in 2017 and has been getting some good feedback.

Unlike the Cassida we just reviewed, portability was obviously a fundamental part of this machine’s design from the outset, so the product is both small (1.6 x 1 x 3.5 inches) and light (weighs only 2 ounces).

Very impressive results…

And unusually, it does not follow traditional detection modes of UV, IR, MG, etc. Instead, the company have developed their own ‘Image Processing Technology’ (IPT). This was field-tested at an independent international bank, as well as a national police criminal investigation unit. In those tests, the device returned 100% true-positive results and 0% false-positive.

On positive identification (authentic bill), the red LED will turn green, accompanied by an audio sound. In the absence of positive identification, the red LED light remains on, and there is no beep.

It works on Brazilian ‘Real’ currency as well as USD. However, with US currency, it only works on $10 bills from 2010 on, and on higher denominations (from $20 to $100 bills) from 1996 on. It does not support $1 and $5 bills at all (but counterfeit risk on such bills is pretty limited).

Peace of mind…

Apart from the portability and the impressive test results, this is also a superb option because B$SURE offers a money-back guarantee. But considering the positive feedback from customers (67% awarding 5 Star Rating, and 11% providing 4 Stars), you’re unlikely to need that.

B$SURE Portable Checker

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • ‘Image Processing Technology’ (IPT) for excellent detection results.
  • B$SURE money-back guarantee


  • The product relies totally on its IPT technology. If counterfeiters find a way around that, then there is a big problem.
  • Limited note range and date range.

 Best Counterfeit Money Detectors Buying Guide

Let’s talk about money; in fact, let’s talk about counterfeit money. Money is the lifeblood of your and any business, and counterfeit money can kill it. And it’s been reported that there are a staggering up to $200m of counterfeit USD notes currently in circulation.

The good news is that there are a lot of excellent Counterfeit Money Detectors available, and the even better news is that we have reviewed them and can help you decide which is the best for you and your business.

So, let’s first go through the type of counterfeit detector that you need, by looking at the key factors you need to consider…


AccuBANKER D450 Counterfeit Money Checker

Are you only handling USD, or do you need to handle a few other major currencies (Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, etc.)? Or are you handling a wide range of currencies or even all currencies?

All of the products we reviewed manage USD, but the choices become more limited, the more currencies you need to cover.

Do you handle only current issues of money, or are you handling older issues? Some products will handle all issued money, whilst others restrict themselves e.g., some only handle $10 bills issued since 2010.

All of our reviews make it clear which currencies are supported, and where there are limitations on the issues covered.


Royal Sovereign 4-Way Counterfeit Detector

Do you need help in counting money, or with other money handling functions, as well as detecting fake money?

If so, there are a number of great products that help your business by counting the number of notes, counting the value of notes, sorting into the various denominations, and many other ‘money management’ features. And some do this for multiple currencies. These multi-purpose Counterfeit Detectors also provide a huge range of counterfeit detection techniques (see table below).

Additional features like these will cost more, and also generally require bigger machines – so you need to be sure you have room for them (in your budget and in your business place). These machines are more complex and more expensive, so they tend to be longer-term solutions, meaning that upgrades, support, and warranty tend to become more important considerations.

So, we have made it easier for you by reviewing these multi-purpose solutions separate from the pure Counterfeit Detectors.

Best Counterfeit Money Detectors – Abbreviations Used in this article

UV Ultra-Violet Light Sensor
MG Magnetic Ink
MT Magnetic Thread
IR InfraRed
WM WaterMark
Dim Measures 1 or more dimensions (some measure thickness of note, others the length/width)
MP MicroPrint
Serial Serial Number (US Treasury issues list of ‘blacklisted’ numbers found to be used by fraudsters).
RIR Reflected InfraRed
PIR Penetrated InfraRed
IPT A proprietary and patented Image Processing Technology used by B$PURE (one of the portable products we review).


Most businesses want counterfeit detection as close as possible to the point of taking cash, and in some businesses (restaurants, delivery businesses, etc.), this will require a handheld portable device. In others, fraud detection simply needs to be near to the cash-till (bars, restaurants, clubs, shops, etc.).

In our reviews, we have separated out the totally portable solutions to make it easier for you.

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So, What Are The Best Counterfeit Money Detectors?

The winners of our review of Counterfeit Money Detectors, are as follows…

Best Multi-Purpose Counterfeit Money Detector

Well, this simply has to be the…

Carnation CR1500

Carnation CR1500

Feature-rich, this high-end multi-purpose machine offers multi-currency, multi-denomination, and counts both value and volume. Not only that, but it does it quickly with high accuracy. All this backed by a two-year full warranty with dedicated support has to put it in its rightful place as our winner.

It has also received excellent customer feedback, with an average rating of 4.7 (84% gave it 5 Star Rating, and 10% gave 4 Stars).

Best Counterfeit Money Detector

Next up, we have a smaller, more affordable option for those who don’t need money management capabilities. And the winner here is the…

AccuBANKER Cash & Card Detector - LED420

AccuBANKER Cash & Card Detector - LED420

This provides three forms of Counterfeit Detection (UV, WM & Size), plus if you wish, you can upgrade to the LED430 for a small amount and add MG (Thread and Ink) detection. And it’s not only for banknotes, but it also provides fraud detection for Credit Cards, ID cards, and Passports.

Built to last, it comes with a three-year warranty.

Again it has received very good customer feedback, with an Average Rating 4.1 Stars (73% gave it 5 Star Rating), and particular strengths from this feedback are reliability, speed, and accuracy.

And finally, we come to our…

Best Portable Money Detector

For this, we choose a truly innovative product, the…

B$SURE Portable Counterfeit Detector

B$SURE Portable Counterfeit Detector

The unit’s counterfeit detection is based on the companies patented ‘Image Processing Technology’ (IPT). This has achieved faultless scores (zero False Positives and zero False Negatives) in Field Testing with Police and Banking organizations.

Also, the product is designed from the outset as a handheld portable, unlike others in the market, which are simply battery powered versions of a countertop product. So, it is small (3 ½” x 1”), light (3oz including batteries), and very straightforward to use. It also comes in a range of colors.

Again, it has received very good customer feedback, with an Average Rating of 4.1 Stars (67% awarding 5 Star Rating, and 11% providing 4 Stars). Particular strengths are ease of use, speed, and accuracy.

Best Counterfeit Money Detectors Conclusion

So, there you have the very best of the best. We hope you’ve enjoyed our review and have found it informative in assisting you on your search for the Best Money Detectors for Counterfeit notes.

Happy detecting!

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