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Top 10 Best Dash Cam To Buy In 2023 Reviews

It is becoming increasingly common to see a video recorder attached to the dash of people’s vehicles. These Dash Cams as they have become known, are fun for catching those crazy things you see when driving and can’t easily stop to record. However, more importantly, dash cams can lower your insurance premiums.

They are also very useful in litigation. It’s something we all hope to never experience, but wise to be prepared for. But how do you choose the best dashcam for your needs?

Top 10 Best Dash Cam To Buy In 2023 Reviews

No need to worry, we have done the research for you. Below you will find reviews of the best dash cams available. Following that is a buying guide to help you to prioritize various features common to dash cams.

So, let’ go through them and find the perfect dash cam for your needs…


Best Dash Cam In 2023 – Top 10 Rated Reviews

1 Garmin Dash Cam 66W – Best Dash Cams for Nighttime Driving

The first item on our list of the best dash cams is from Garmin. It’s a brand well-known for making some of the premier dash cam GPS units. This unit is both compact and full of features.

Compact and discreet, yet offers a wide field of view…

The Garmin 66W provides an extra-wide 180-degree view. There is a 2 inch LCD screen, voice control, and automatic incident detection and recording. All of this in 1440p HD.

The crisp Garmin HDR clarity works great in low-light situations. This makes this one of the best nighttime driving dash cams available. The voice control is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Swedish. Just about everyone can get this unit set up and in use quickly and easily.

We really like being able to save a video or picture and start/stop the recording without having to touch the unit. Voice control is certainly the path to the future. And it’s especially important when driving.

Driver alerts help to keep you from getting in an accident in the first place…

Forward collision, lane departure, and red light and speed camera warnings help to keep you safe. Some of these may not be available in all areas, or even prohibited in some locations. However, when available, this feature makes you feel like you’re driving in the future.

We also like the auto-record/save feature. This unit will save the video automatically if an unfortunate incident takes place. All you’ll need is an 8GB micro SD card, and you’re good to go.

You can even sync with your smartphone using the Garmin Drive app…

Even better, you can control and play back footage from as many as four cameras at a time. For those looking for a quality dash cam, this small unit packs a surprisingly big set of features.

Garmin Dash Cam 66W

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Easy to mount and control.
  • Offers an extra-wide 180° field of view.
  • Small, discrete design.
  • 1440p HD video quality.
  • Auto-records when an incident is detected.
  • Built-in GPS.


  • The voice controls aren’t the most accurate.
  • Some lens distortion can occur.
  • The unit tends to run quite hot.

2 Anker Roav DashCam Duo – Best Dash Cams for under 150 Dollars

One of the most affordable dash cams on the market is made by Anker. Their Roav DashCam not only comes in at a very reasonable price, but it also has a special feature. For those looking to keep an eye on everything around, take a close look here.

Duo means two, and they are referring to the camera…

This unit has dual FHD 1080p cameras. There is one facing front as usual. The other faces the interior. Both offer wide-angle clear images in full HD.

For those with children regularly in the back, this can provide a great deal of fun. You often miss what the little ones are doing behind you. With a camera pointed at them, you won’t miss a moment. Plus, for many vehicles, they can provide a clear view of rear impacts.

This is possibly the best dash cam for Uber, Lyft, and taxi drivers…

The Roav also has enhanced IR night vision, GPS, motion detection, dual Sony sensors, and a super capacitor. The Dual 323 Sony sensors provide world-class F1.8 lenses that work along with the NightHawk Vision technology. This provides crystal clear images even at night.

The built-in GPS notes the route you drive, location, and speed. No matter where you go or how long you’re on the road, you’ll have a good record of the journey. Plus, the unit has a parking mode to keep an eye on your vehicle at all times.

How does this parking mode work?

It’s linked with the motion sensors. Any sudden movement will cause the built-in gravity sensor to activate the camera. Please note, this feature does require a hardware kit that may be sold separately.

Anker Roav DashCam Duo

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Front and rear-facing wide-angle cameras.
  • NightHawk Vision technology.
  • FHD 1080p HD video quality.
  • Motion sensor triggered auto-record.
  • Built-in GPS.
  • Priced competitively.


  • Doesn’t work with all memory cards.
  • No WiFi or App connectivity.

3 VanTrue OnDash X4 Dash Cam – Best Dash cam 4K

VanTrue makes the first true 4K 160° dash cam. We found the clarity that this dash cam provides to be top notch. It’s also a nice discreet unit that can easily be mounted behind your rearview mirror.

This might be the best 4K dash cam…

It is equipped with an 8MP Sony IMX317 Sensor and an Ambrella A12 chip. This means it is a record in full 4K 3840X2160p @30 frames per second. That is such high quality that you’ll be able to read license plates and see traffic signs.

You can also choose 2560X1440p @60fps for fast moving traffic. This allows for smoother video when traveling at high speeds. All of this is offered in a wide angle 160° view.

WDR helps to produce clear images that aren’t too dark or oversaturated…

This Wide Dynamic Range is accompanied by Super Night Vision to clear recording no matter the time of day. The cam combines images at varying levels of brightness to achieve one clear image. You also get minimal low light distortion thanks to the F1.8 plus 6 glass lenses.

The dash cam is equipped with loop recording. During this mode, the camera will record video on 1/3/5 minute clips. Once full, the SD card replaces the oldest file with the newest.

So many more features make this one of the best 4K dash cam…

We like the sensitivity G-sensor that detects collisions. The autosave of any important footage keeps important files from being overwritten. We also like the Parking Mode and the Time Lapse Mode for saving file space.

There is also an optional GPS tracking system. It is powered by a capacitor, which we like better than lithium-ion batteries for its longer lifespan.

VanTrue OnDash X4 Dash Cam

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • 3 in LCD screen.
  • Wide Dynamic Range and Super Night Vision.
  • Auto detection and recording of collisions and movement.
  • Loop recording.
  • Clear images with 4K 3840X2160p @30 frames per second.
  • Wide Angle 160°, 6 full glass lens.


  • Not the highest quality or longest lasting dashcam.

4 BlackVue DR900S-1CH 4K Dash Cam – Best Dash Cam WiFi System

The next entry on our list of the top-end dash cam to buy reviews is from BlackVue. The model DR900S-1Ch is a single channel dash cam. It has WiFi and cloud access among a list of other features.

This might be the best WiFi dash cam…

The camera can support live tracking, send push notifications, and back up video remotely when connected to the internet. You can also download the video via an IOS or Android app. There is also GPS for checking speed and locations traveled.

What about the video quality?

This dash cam has 4k UHD 30fps video quality. There is also Enhanced Night Vision. This uses an 8 Megapixel CMOS Sensor. All of this is a significant improvement over past models.

The built-in 2.4/5GHz WiFi is a nice feature that makes Remote Live View possible. However, we have found it to be unreliable when trying to connect. We do like that the unit is designed for hotter climates. It will cut off automatically before overheating.

BlackVue DR900S-1CH 4K Dash Cam

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Provides 4k UHD 30fps video quality.
  • Built-in 2.4/5GHz WiFi.
  • Enhanced Night Vision.
  • GPS Tracking.


  • Some users have had issues connecting through the WiFi.

5 Nextbase 112 Dash Cam – Best Dash Cams for under 100 Dollars

One of the smallest and least expensive dash cams on our list is made by Nextbase. Their Model-112 dash cam is the lightest and most compact in the Nextbase line. This means the screen is quite small but keeps the unit discreet.

This is one of the best budget dash cams…

The camera offers 720p HD recording. There is a 2 inch LED color screen, which is small but does the job just fine. The 120° view is provided by a 5-element glass lens. All of this and the unit weighs less than 360 grams.

It’s as easy-to-use as it is compact…

It has a super simple Magnetic Click & Go mount that you can install easily. And also features loop-recording to not miss out on video due to a full S card.

It has 12-24Vdc compatibility so it can be plugged into any vehicle. Even better, in our opinion, there is a built-in backup battery. This offers 30 minutes of video in the event of an accident.

Nextbase 112 Dash Cam

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • 720p HD recording.
  • Offers a 120° view.
  • Magnetic Click & Go mount.
  • Plugs into any vehicle.
  • Super compact design.


  • Great unit for the price, but hard to compare with nicer models.

6 Kenwood DRV – 630 WideQuad – HD Dash Cam – Best Dash Cam for the Money

Kenwood makes the DRV-630 Wide Quad dash cam. This is a Japanese version of their DRV-600 series. It’s a mid-range option with top quality video.

This might be the best value dash cam…

It’s not one of the cheapest options, but this dash cam provides 8.3-megapixel video recording. There is also WiFi connectivity for transferring files directly to your smartphone.

The dash cam has a wider 3 inch LCD display. This has touch screen control for easy operation. The unit also features Wide Dynamic Range for backlit issues. This helps to provide a better quality video.

Keep your vehicle safe even when it’s parked…

This series includes the G-Sensor, which is designed to detect collisions. There is also Parking Mode, which powers up the camera if an impact is felt while the car is switched off.

Kenwood DRV - 630 WideQuad - HD Dash Cam

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Clear 8.3-megapixel video recording.
  • 3 inch LCD display.
  • G-Sensor collision detection.
  • Parking Mode auto recording.
  • Wide Dynamic Range for clear videos.


  • This particular model is for the Japanese market and can be difficult to find in the US and Canada.

7 ThinkWare F800 Pro Dash Cam

Another mid-priced option on our list of the very best of dash cams is the F800 Pro from ThinkWare. This is another cigarette power cable style of dashcam. It also features a sleek, out of the way design.

We like dash cams with built-in WiFi…

This unit allows you to record in full HD 1080p @30 fps. Even in low-light situations, you get top quality video. The WiFi enables you to view the device settings, configurations, and video via your smartphone.

Equipped with Starvis Super Night Vision…

There is also Parking Mode, which helps with the energy savings while extending coverage when the vehicle is inactive. GPS is also built-in and helps with red light and speed cameras. You can easily track your speed, time, and location for each video.

One of our favorite features, though, is the ThinkWare Cloud…

This allows you to monitor your vehicles’ activity from your smartphone. There is no additional cost, making this a top consumer feature.

ThinkWare F800 Pro Dash Cam

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Starvis Super Night Vision.
  • Full HD 1080p @30 fps.
  • WiFi enabled.
  • Parking Mode and built-in GPS.
  • ThinkWare Cloud vehicle location tracking.


  • Some users have trouble with WiFi connectivity.

8 BlackVue BV-DR900S-2CH-16 Dash Cam

If you liked the look of the BlackVue dash cam, we reviewed above, but need a two channel option than the DR9002-2CH is what you need. This offers all of the same features as the one channel option reviewed above. However, it also has a second camera facing towards the rear of the vehicle.

Get a full video of everything around you with an 8 megapixels sensor front camera, and a 2.1 megapixels Sony STARVIS™ sensor rear camera. That front camera offers 3840×2160 @30 fps 4K Ultra High Definition video.

That’s some beautiful video quality…

You also still get live tracking, push notifications, and remote video back up when connected to the internet. It’s one of the more expensive options on our list of superb dash cams, but it’s worth it.

What about the quality at night?

This dash cam also has the Enhanced Night Vision. This uses an 8 Megapixel CMOS Sensor. You’ll be able to read license plates of the cars in front of you at night.

The built-in 2.4/5GHz WiFi is a nice feature that makes Remote Live View possible. However, we have found it to be unreliable when trying to connect. We do like that the unit is designed for hotter climates. It will cut off automatically before overheating.

BlackVue BV-DR900S-2CH-16 Dash Cam

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Forward and rear facing cameras.
  • Provides 4k UHD 30fps video quality.
  • Built-in 2.4/5GHz WiFi.
  • Enhanced Night Vision.
  • GPS Tracking.


  • Some users have had issues connecting through the WiFi.

9 YI Nightscape Dash Cam

YI makes the Nightscape dash cam, which is the cheapest dash cam we reviewed. We weren’t expecting too much when we started looking at this dash cam due to the super low price. However, it surprised us with more features than expected.

This might be the best cheap dash cam on the market…

You’ll get the 1080p clear video quality. And it runs across a wide-angle 140° field of view. There are six lenses for top quality optics that you wouldn’t expect at this price.

We all like tenth internal Sony STARVIS sensors, which work exceedingly well in low light conditions. There is built-in WiFi that is easy to set up and connect with. You also are supplied with a 2.4 inch LCD screen. Though most are likely to download the footage over the WiFi.

Great for those in warmer climates…

This dash cam has heat-resistant capacitors. The battery-free design allows you to use the dashcam in temps beyond what most dash cams can survive. In fact, it’s good from -22°F to 185°F

YI Nightscape Dash Cam

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Sony STARVIS sensors.
  • Wide-angle 140° at 1080p.
  • Built-in WiFi connection.
  • 2.4 inch LCD screen.
  • Works in extreme temperatures.
  • One of the least expensive dash cams we reviewed.


  • Not the best night video recording quality.
  • Does have some glare issues in brighter head-lighting.

10 Garmin Mini Dash Cam

The last item on our list of the high-quality dash cams is the Mini Dash Cam from Garmin. This is arguably the most compact and least noticeable dash cam we reviewed. In fact, you will likely forget it is even there.

This is a car key-sized dash cam!

It might be ridiculously compact, but it still punches some major features. For example, it captures 1080p HD video and offers a 140° wide-angle lens, as well as having a built-in WiFi connection for your smartphone.

Use your phone as the screen…

You can control playback video from up to four cameras with the Garmin Drive app on your smartphone. The dash cam also automatically saves a recording of incidents. So, yes, it is small, but it is also what most of us want in a dash cam.

Garmin Mini Dash Cam

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Very compact design.
  • Captures 1080p HD video.
  • Built-in WiFi connection.
  • Auto-detects and records incidents.


  • Not the best video quality.
  • Some users have reported connection issues.

Best Dash Cam Buying Guide

That completes our list of reviews, and you’ve now seen our favorite choices in a wide range of prices and features. Therefore, the only thing left to do is choose the perfect dash cam for your vehicle.

The first feature you’ll want to consider is the image quality.

We recognize that you’re not going to want to spend a great deal on images you’ll likely rarely look at. Just the same, their video quality will need to be good enough for the footage to be usable for insurance claims.

There’s no point having a dash cam that doesn’t let you read license plates…

Having said that, there are other features that affect this aspect. One such feature is night vision. It’s wise to invest in a dashcam that works well in low light.

Kenwood DRV - 630 WideQuad - HD Dash Cam

We also feel that it is smart to ensure that your dash cam is always recording when you need it to. This means loop-recording in most cases. It’s a smart feature to have because if it’s not recording it’s useless.

Single channel or two?

Do you want just one camera looking forward from the dash, or do you also need one facing inwards? If you drive paying clients around town in your personal vehicle, it’s smart to have them on camera. There are enough drunks out there, need we say more?

Even if you don’t drive an Uber, Grab, Lyft, etc.… it can be wise to have a camera facing the back for rear-end collisions.

Do you need a screen?

Some people like to have a screen displaying the video. It’s nice to ensure it’s operating and allows for playback without a separate device. At the same time, we all have smartphones these days for the most part.

It’s wise to get a dash cam with WiFi.

It makes everything easier for uploading videos when they become necessary. Hopefully, it will only ever be needed to show the video of some crazy meteorite or UFO flying across the windscreen.

Price is always an issue…

The last thing to consider is how much you want to spend. This can always be a tricky point due to the ‘prepare for the undesirable’ aspect. Night vision, incident detection, better video quality are all going to cost extra.

It can be difficult to spend extra on view footage you hope to never need to watch.

Just remember, the better the quality, the more likely you are to prove it wasn’t your fault in the case of an insurance claim.

So, What’s The Best Dash Cam?

Now that you have read through our list of reviews and the buying guide, you should know everything needed to make a perfect choice. However, if you want our recommendation, it’s the…

VanTrue OnDash X4 Dash Cam

The wide-angle lens and quality video really make it a great buy.

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