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Top 8 Best Emergency Radio To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Getting an emergency radio is a great idea. It is one of those things that you hope is never needed, but if it is needed, you’ll be very glad that you have. It is a relatively inexpensive purchase for an added sense of security for when things don’t go as planned.

They are perfect for use during an extended power outage or taking on camping trips. It’s even great to just throw it in the car. These devices are very versatile, as you’ll find out, and can perform a range of different functions.

Top 8 Best Emergency Radio To Buy In 2022 Reviews

So let’s take a look at a selection of the very best emergency radios currently on the market and find the perfect one for you…

Top 8 Best Emergency Radio In 2022 Reviews

  1. Kaito KA500 – Best Bright Emergency Radio
  2. FosPower WB-2376 – Best Waterproof Emergency Radio
  3. Eton FRX3 – Best American Red Cross Emergency Radio
  4. Sangean MMR-88 – Best Digital Emergency Radio
  5. Kaito KA500IP – Best iPhone Compatible Emergency Radio
  6. Midland ER310 – Best Compact Emergency Radio
  7. Raynic CR1009 – Best Outdoor Emergency Radio
  8. Greadio 090PB – Best Budget Emergency Radio

1 Kaito KA500 – Best Bright Emergency Radio

Kaito has produced this model that manages to pack in some great features. It has everything you would want in an emergency. Options like FM/AM/SW NOAA radio, cell phone charger, and a solar panel.

It can be powered in a variety of different ways and has some effective LED lighting options. So, let’s take a closer look at these features and check out how it performs.

Operating the device…

Power can be supplied with either AA batteries, via its built-in solar panel, using a hand crank dynamo, or with a USB micro cable. So no matter what the situation, there is always a way to keep the unit operational.

The radio itself performs well on the AM and SW frequencies. The FM, however, struggles to pick up a signal when outside of the city. There are two options for lighting via LED. The first is a torch on the front; the other is found under the solar panel for area lighting.

Giving a charge…

You can charge your smartphone from this device. It is not designed to give a full charge like a power bank does, though. It will simply give a boost via the 600 mHa rechargeable battery. You cannot charge your cell phone using the solar panel; it will only operate the radio.

You need to remember that this is an emergency device and is designed to provide help in an emergency. If you are looking for something to give your electronic devices a full charge, there are other options available, such as a power bank or dedicated solar charger.

Kaito KA500

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Affordable emergency device.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Multiple power options.


  • FM reception range is not great.
  • Wall plug is sold separately.

2 FosPower WB-2376 – Best Waterproof Emergency Radio

Up next is this emergency radio from FosPower. Once again, this product has managed to pack all the emergency features you could possibly need into this small, light, and affordable device.

Just like the Kaito, there is a radio, LED lighting, multiple power options, and smartphone charging.

Packing some power…

Unlike the Kaito, the FosPower has an in-built power bank. Packing a 2,000 mHa power supply, you should be able to get a full charge on most smartphones. You could even get a decent charge into a small tablet.

You would then, of course, need to power the radio and lighting another way after depleting the built-in rechargeable battery. Luckily there are other options available. Using either AAA batteries, the crank lever, or the solar panel will have the device running again.

Won’t leave you in the dark…

There are two LED lighting options available. Including a four LED area light under the solar panel and a 1 W LED flashlight on the side. These can both easily be powered by the crank in an emergency situation.

The radio can receive FM/AM and NOAA emergency broadcasts. All three frequencies are able to receive a signal well. On top of all of this, everything is wrapped in an IPX3 waterproof shell, so you can be sure of operation in most weather conditions.

FosPower WB-2376

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • 2,000 mHa power bank built in.
  • IPX3 waterproofing.
  • Multiple power options.


  • Included cables are not great.
  • No headphone jack for the radio.

3 Eton FRX3 – Best American Red Cross Emergency Radio

Eton has created this device licensed by the American Red Cross alongside its other preparedness-ready products. Like all the other products so far, it has a range of features that will come in handy during an emergency besides the AM/FM/NOAA radio.

There are multiple power options like the other devices, along with the radio, charging, and lighting options. The device itself is rather compact and won’t take up too much room wherever you decide to bring it with you.


On the front is an LCD clock. A simple addition, so far, the other devices have lacked. A telescoping antenna is on the rear, along with some ports covered by a rubber flap. Under the flap, you will find both a headphone and aux jack and two mini USB ports.

One USB port is for recharging the included battery, and the other for recharging your cell phone. The included battery is 2600 mAh, which should be good for a full charge. There is also a built-in LED flashlight on the side.

Gaining power…

Just like any good emergency device, there’s a range of options for gaining power. On the top is a solar panel that can recharge the included Li-ion battery. There is no disposable battery option, though.

You can also use the crank. This will get you about five minutes of radio at low volume or 20 minutes of flashlight use after 90 seconds of cranking. The final option is to recharge the device using the included USB cable.

Eton FRX3

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Big 2600 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Efficient crank power.
  • Compact design.


  • Solar panel takes a long time to charge the large battery.
  • Does not take disposable batteries.

4 Sangean MMR-88 – Best Digital Emergency Radio

Sangean calls this ‘the radio that never dies,’ which sounds just like what you need in an emergency situation. The popularity of doomsday prepping is rising. With issues like worldwide pandemics, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Sangean has been manufacturing and producing radio and audio equipment for over 40 years. We say that puts them in a good place to create a trusted product that is going to come through for you in a time of need.

Built to last…

Not only can you trust the radio component, but the device itself is also built like a small tank. There is reinforced shock-resistant rubber on all four corners. The remaining construction is hard plastic, and the device has been rated with IPX3 water resistance.

Talking about lasting, as they said, this thing will never die. This is due to having power options including solar, dynamo crank, or the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged using USB.

Friend in need…

Just like the other products so far, there is a built-in radio that covers AM/FM and NOAA, all via the LED display. You can also recharge your smartphone from the device’s battery. And there is also a LED flashlight.

This device has one of the best crank efficiencies we’ve seen so far. After just a one minute crank, you can have up to five minutes of radio time. There is a headphone jack included too. You don’t even get one of those with an iPhone.

Sangean MMR-88

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Digital display.
  • Efficient crank power.
  • IPX3 water resistance.


  • No disposable battery option.
  • Small capacity included battery.

5 Kaito KA500IP – Best iPhone Compatible Emergency Radio

When the Kaito KA500 emergency radio was first produced, it wasn’t compatible with the iPhone for charging. This often happens with Apple products; as great as their products are, they don’t want you to actually own them. It’s more like renting them; they want full control.

So in order for the device to be compatible with iPhones, a new circuit had to be created. This is how the Kaito KA500IP was born. So now the KA500 can support everything, except the iPhone, and the KA500IP does support the iPhone, along with every other device.

So why are there still two versions?

The chip from the KA500IP has now been added to the new KA500 version to make it iPhone compatible. The KA500IP has recently been discontinued. But you can still pick one up as a piece of nostalgia.

It is only available in red, which isn’t really a problem because it’s a rather attractive color. Apart from that, it has the same great features that are available on the KA500 model.

Versatile and practical…

You still can enjoy the convenience of having multiple power options, such as the solar panel, dynamo crank, AA battery power, USB, or via the included rechargeable battery. The wall plug is identical and still sold separately.

Along with the power options, there are the same features. Including flashlight, room light, AM/FM/NOAA radio, and smartphone charging. This is all wrapped in the strong build quality, ready for any emergency situation.

Kaito KA500IP

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Compatible with iPhones.
  • Room light in addition to a flashlight.
  • Attractive red color.


  • Wall charger not included.
  • Product has been discontinued.

6 Midland ER310 – Best Compact Emergency Radio

Midland has created the most compact emergency radio on our list. That makes it one of the easiest to pack in with the rest of your gear for camping or hiking trips. But there is also one more feature that makes this product very useful for outdoor exploration.

There is an in-built ultrasonic dog whistle. This is designed to help search and rescue dogs locate you during an emergency. This isn’t just a one trick pony, though. There are many other features packed into this product.

Light the way…

On the face is an easy to read digital display that shows radio details. This is much easier than guessing via an analog dial. The radio can tune into AM/FM and NOAA frequencies and has a really good range.

The flashlight has three settings. An SOS strobe for attracting attention, high illumination, and low for conserving battery power. The included rechargeable battery is 2600 mAh, and can be used to charge a mobile device.

Will be there when you need it…

Of course, there are multiple power options other than the rechargeable battery. You can charge the device using the included USB cable. There is also a built-in solar panel on the top that can help charge it with direct sunlight.

A dynamo crank is also attached that can assist with providing power in an emergency. However, due to the compact size, it is much less efficient than the other products. It’s still useful if absolutely necessary but needs a lot of cranking for short-lived power.

Midland ER310

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Compact design.
  • 2600 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Ultrasonic dog whistle.


  • Inefficient hand crank.
  • No water resistant rating.

7 Raynic CR1009 – Best Outdoor Emergency Radio

This is a no-fuss, indoor, or outdoor emergency radio produced by Raynic. It is one of the most affordable options and still manages to contain all the features you would now come to expect from these devices.

If you live in an area that suffers from regular power outages, or a disaster-prone area, you really should have something like this handy. Even if you like doing some outdoor exploration, you shouldn’t leave without one of these devices.

Multiple features…

Just like all the other devices here, the radio is capable of AM/FM and NOAA. A rotating dial is used to select the frequency. There is another rotating feature on the strap too. A compass is also included for finding your way outdoors.

The LED lighting features a 3 W flashlight and also a 2.5 W reading light. Included is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh. It can be used to power the radio or lights and charge a mobile device using the built-in USB port.

Five ways to power…

Options for providing power besides the lithium-ion battery include the use of AAA disposable batteries. There is also a solar panel on the top, which hides the reading light underneath it.

A hand crank can be found on the rear of the device, which ensures power is always available. The final option is via USB. There are USB charging options available almost anywhere these days, including your car.

Raynic CR1009

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Affordable option.
  • Included compass.
  • Powerful LED lights.


  • Analog display for radio.
  • No wall charger.

8 Greadio 090PB – Best Budget Emergency Radio

Finally, we have the most affordable option reviewed. Available in either blue or yellow is this neat little emergency radio from Greadio. But, don’t let the budget price fool you; this is one capable device that can keep up with its competitors.

In fact, not only can this device keep up. It also excels past some of its competitors. We will take a look at each of the features and how they perform. We think you will be pleasantly surprised, as were we.

Leading the charge…

Featuring the largest capacity rechargeable battery at 4000 mAh offers the best mobile device charging here. That also allows for the longest playback of the AM/FM/NOAA radio out of all these devices.

That’s not all either. There is both an LED flashlight and reading light. The reading light has a built-in motion sensor to conserve battery life. And just for that added security, there is an extremely loud SOS alarm that can be heard from miles away.

Source of power…

Other than that super capacity lithium-ion battery, you can also power this device with a range of other options, such as the built-in solar panel on top of the unit.

But don’t worry if you’re in the dark; there is also a hand crank at the rear of the unit. Or, if there is still power available, you can plug in using the included USB cable. Unfortunately, there is no disposable battery option, but with all the other choices, it’s not a huge loss.

Greadio 090PB

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Very affordable.
  • 4000 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Motion sensor reading light.


  • No disposable battery option.

Best Emergency Radio Buying Guide

With how affordable these devices are and how effective they can be in an emergency situation, there is really no excuse not to own one. No matter where you live or what type of activities you enjoy, anybody will find an emergency radio useful.

These aren’t just for taking on outdoor adventures. They are a great all in one device that can be used for power outages or even in a natural disaster.

Next, let’s look at the important considerations as we narrow down which of these products will suit you the best…

Outdoor Exploring

FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio, NOAA Weather Radio for Household and Outdoor

If you like to explore the great outdoors, then there are certain features you should be looking for. It will be handy to have a level of water resistance. This is because you never know what type of conditions you could be facing in an emergency.

You also should look for a device that is light and compact. That way, it can easily be packed without causing too much inconvenience. After all, you are taking it along in the hope that it won’t be needed.

Indoor Use

If you just want something to keep at home in a cupboard or drawer, then the size and weight aren’t as important. What you do want to consider is the lighting function. Having a reading light can be beneficial in a home environment, as they can almost light up an entire room to some degree.

Having the option of using disposable batteries is another useful thing for home use. You are more likely to have some AA or AAA batteries lying around at home than in the outdoors. This will allow you to conserve the other power options.

Do You Own A Power Bank?

If you already own a power bank, then the rechargeable battery capacity in your device will be of less concern. Both the LED lights and the radio don’t use much power; however, if you want to recharge your mobile device, it’s going to drain it quickly.

If you have reached this point and still can’t decide which product is best for you, keep reading. Because up next, we will reveal our choice for the overall best emergency radio and why, but before that…

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So, What Is The Best Emergency Radio?

To be honest, any of these products are better than none in an emergency situation. However, we would still like to recommend what we think is the best.

Therefore, we have chosen a product that provides a combination of value, features, and performance. And the one we feel can provide all these factors is the…

Greadio 090PB

It is the most affordable, yet has some of the best performing features of any item we reviewed.

Stay safe.

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