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Top 11 Best Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest To Buy In 2023 Reviews

So, do we need support for our feet under a desk while at work? Or is it just another marketing ploy to convince you to spend another load of money? Well, actually, the answer is yes, you do need a footrest. A good one.

People often focus on the back and shoulders when looking at buying desks. Understandable, they are important. But bad posture generated by poor leg position can cause circulation and other problems.

Footrests are not only good for shorter people who cannot reach the floor when seated. They are a good addition for everyone. Getting the posture right sitting at a desk all day is important.

Top 11 Best Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest To Buy In 2023 Reviews

So, let’s take a look at the Best Ergonomic Under Desk Footrests currently available and find the perfect one for you…

Top 11 Best Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest In 2023 Reviews

  1. Kensington Comfort Memory Foam Adjustable Footrest – Best Memory Foam Under Desk Footrest
  2. ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest Under Desk – Best Value for the Money Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest
  3. Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest – Best Desk Foot Rest for Circulation
  4. VIVO Black Ergonomic Height Adjustable Standing Footrest – Best Ergonomic Foot Rest for Standing Desks
  5. AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest – Best Budget Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest
  6. StrongTek Under Desk Footrest – Best Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest for Posture Support
  7. Sleepy Ride – Airplane Footrest Made with Premium Memory Foam – Best Airplane Footrest
  8. Embody Care Under Desk Foot Rest – Best Mid-Range Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest
  9. Butterfly Ergonomic Foot Stool – Best Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Stool
  10. Hotokii Foot Rest Under Desk – Best Desk Foot Rest for Swollen Feet
  11. 3M FR330 Adjustable Height/Tilt Footrest – Best Premium Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest

1 Kensington Comfort Memory Foam Adjustable Footrest – Best Memory Foam Under Desk Footrest

Let’s start with our look at footrests with a product that is sure to be included as a contender for the Best Under Desk Footrest. This is a top footrest for placing under your desk. This is a footrest that is filled with high-quality memory foam. It is slightly larger than many of its competitors. And therefore gives more foot movement and better height options.

It will adjust both height and the angle and position of the rest. It will extend from between 3.5 to 5 inches. And it has a tilt angle of 30 degrees. You will, therefore, be able to set up the perfect position for comfort. The adjustments are made by a well-designed foot pedal. You can, therefore, make any adjustments during your working day for comfort without leaving your seat.

But is it right for you?

This is ideal for people who are shorter and cannot comfortably touch the floor while seated. But it is also great for taller people, providing a restful position to work from. Besides the adjustment pedal, the soft foam is restful and very comfortable for the feet.

If it is placed on a carpeted floor, then obviously it is very secure. If you use it on a hard floor, there are grippers on the feet to ensure it doesn’t move around. It measures 4.25 by 22 inches wide by 14.12 inches.

If you want to improve…

The idea of a footrest is to be able for you to create better posture while seated at your desk. This footrest certainly does that. It is easy to set up, and the pedal adjuster is well positioned for ease of use.

A good footrest though it is a little bit more expensive than some. It is made of very durable plastic.

Kensington Comfort Memory Foam Adjustable Footrest

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Well made with a soft foam padding for comfort.
  • Adjustable height and tilt angle.


  • It is quite expensive.

2 ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest Under Desk – Best Value for the Money Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest

This is an adjustable footrest that has won a number of awards for its comfort. Who are we to argue? It should be included as a contender for the Best Ergonomic Foot Rest.

Many footrests you will see have fixed height settings. This does not allow you to get your seated position exactly right. This foam footrest has all the height adjustments you will need. It can be adjusted from between 3.9 inches to 5.9 inches. It has an added piece of velcro that, when attached, will raise it to its full height.

But what we really liked…

It will also give the footrest a rocking motion. That is always going to be a very comfortable position to be in, giving your feet and legs some movement.

The inside of the footrest is made from a very high density and strong memory foam. On first touch, you can feel it has a more pronounced strength. Besides adding to the durability of the footrest, it also adds some strength allowing it to keep its shape when in use.

Velvety soft…

This footrest has no plastic parts and is made from a soft imitation velvet material. It measures 17.3 by 11.5 by 5.9 inches. The cover of the footrest can be removed easily using the zip for washing if necessary. To prevent any sliding on hard or wooden floors, it has some rubber nubs.

It is suitable for those with shorter legs as a support or for taller people as foot and leg rest. And is ideal for people who spend a lot of time at their desks without being able to move. It is clearly an exceptional footrest. It is set in the middle of the price range level, which makes it a good value for the money.

ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest Under Desk

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Soft and comfortable with good foam interior.
  • Has an extra added height adjuster that attaches with Velcro.


  • Some will prefer a foot platform rather than a foam block.

3 Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest – Best Desk Foot Rest for Circulation

Another very good footrest. There seems to be quite a selection of excellent products. This is made by Eureka, who are one of the leaders in office wares.

This is designed with plenty of adjustments to ensure not only comfort but offering great support to feet and legs. One of the problems with sitting all day is that your posture can take up unbalanced positions. This is quite natural as you are trying to change positions to find comfort. In many ways, this footrest will do it for you. It will tilt and change position as you do. You won’t have to think about making the changes yourself.

What did we love?

The surface of the mat of the footrest where your feet are placed is rubber and has some soft elevated dots. This provides a simple massage to your feet when not wearing shoes. It goes a long way to help relieve any pressure in your feet and lower leg when seated for a long time. The internal construction of the footrest is metal to ensure stability and durability.

There are also rubber mounts on the bottom of the unit. This is to make sure it won’t scratch any surfaces where it is placed. The floating adjustment angle of the tilt is up to 20 degrees. Thus giving you quite a varied position for feet and angles. That is also another help to keep the circulation moving when seated for a few hours. It measures 15.35 by 11.81 by 3.35 inches and weighs just under five pounds.

The bottom line…

For those that prefer to be able to get a foot position and then lock the footrest in place, this might not suffice. There is no locking mechanism, and the footrest continues to move or float when your feet are placed on it. There is also not a height adjuster. A well-made footrest with a nice design if you want a floating unit. It is set at a reasonable price point.

Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Very well made with a steel frame and rubber mat and floor.
  • Nice floating tilt mechanism.


  • There is no locking facility or height adjuster.

4 VIVO Black Ergonomic Height Adjustable Standing Footrest – Best Ergonomic Foot Rest for Standing Desks

This footrest from Vivo is a different type of rest for a different requirement. We don’t all work sitting down these days. Some prefer to use standing desks. There are some health benefits for some people when using them. But the run of the mill footrest for a seated desk may not suffice. This could be the answer. A footrest for a standing desk.

It has multiple adjustment levels so you can find the exact height that is comfortable for you. The adjustment height ranges from five inches to ten and a quarter inches. The platform where you rest your foot has a textured surface. That will prevent your foot from slipping off accidentally.

No need to worry…

On the bottom of the footrest is a further level of padding that doesn’t allow it to slide around a wooden floor or other smooth surfaces. The anti-slip designs have been carefully thought out as the angles of the floor and leg will be different standing from seated. Also, the pressure on the footrest is going to be heavier.

It measures 9.8 by 15.7 inches, so there is adequate room form for use and changing positions as necessary. It has a sturdy steel internal design for durability and stability. This is a footrest that can be placed in a position under the desk and used when necessary. Just placing one foot on it to change your posture for a while. Then change to the other foot to reduce stress.

Is it the best?

It works well and should be considered as a contender for the Best Under Desk Footrest, especially for standing desks. There are no tilt adjustments available with this footrest. It could be used with a seated desk, but there with no tilt adjustment, it isn’t really designed for that.

It will take a minimum of assembly, but all necessary instructions and the hardware are included. Set at a reasonable price point, this is a footrest to consider if you use a standing desk.

VIVO Black Ergonomic Height Adjustable Standing Footrest

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Well made with some height adjustment.
  • A standing desk solution at a competitive price point.


  • Not really suitable for a seated desk.

5 AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest – Best Budget Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest

If you are looking for a cost-effective footrest that will still do a very good job, then this should be on the list for a closer look. It certainly is one to consider.

It is a simple design that lifts up your feet and your legs to a slightly higher position when seated at your desk. We talk about giving rest with these products, but those that are designed well can go a stage further. They can also have some significant overall health benefits. This is one of those designs.

1, 2, 3… stretch!

The platform where you place your feet is flooring will rock back and forward. This allows you to perform some very basic and simple leg stretches while working. It also aids joint movements about the ankles, foot, and lower leg. Something that is missing without the correct movements in a long day seated.

The tilt will raise the angle of the footrest from 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches. To go even further, there is a dual design textured surface. That will give you the slightest massage just by using slight movements of the foot. The underside of the footrest is layered so that it will sit firmly on a carpeted surface.

But that’s not all…

The inner workings and construction are made from metal, which makes it quite robust. All outer surfaces are rubber. If there is a downside, it is that it is not so good on hard floors. There are some very small rubber feet-like protrusions that are supposed to keep it still. But they do have a habit of coming off.

It weighs 4 pounds and measures 15.3 by 11.8 by 3.4 inches. Whilst there is a tilt, we have mentioned there is no other height adjuster. Even so, at this price point, it has got to be considered a good buy.

AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Well made at a reasonable price.
  • Tilt adjustment with a textured foot surface.


  • No height adjuster.

6 StrongTek Under Desk Footrest – Best Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest for Posture Support

Sometimes with products, you can see all sorts of complicated designs in an effort to make the perfect solution. Some of them, of course, do quite well. But sometimes it is just the plain and simple designs that work the best. This is a good example and another contender for being the Best Ergonomic Footrest.

This is quite simply what might be described as a foot rocker. It is not only a very functional rest for feet and legs, but it also looks the part. And if you’re looking for a product that does the job that is aesthetically very pleasing, then here it is.

Made tough…

Made from Lauan hardwood, it has natural strength and durability only wood gives you. The support legs are curved so that you can rock or place your feet and legs in the most comfortable position. And as you need a posture change during the day, there are no controls to worry about.

There are no height adjusters that might need manual changes. Just move your legs and feet a little. Job done. Both surfaces making contact with the floor have anti-slip rubber edging. That maintains its position and avoids unwanted movement. On the platform, there is more rubber covering inside a great looking wooden border.


At its lowest level, it stands 3⅞ inches high. When allowing for the rocking motion that rises to about 6½ inches. It is 17.7 wide and 10.5 in depth. There is no assembly required because it comes already built.

There is no height adjuster to the footrest as we said, but it doesn’t really need one. Your own seated position will determine the height level required with its rocking motions. This could also be used as a footrest for a standing desk. A great product at a very attractive price.

StrongTek Under Desk Footrest

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Wood built with a nice design at an attractive price point.
  • It naturally finds a comfortable position and rocks when needed.


  • None

7 Sleepy Ride – Airplane Footrest Made with Premium Memory Foam – Best Airplane Footrest

And as some funny men once said, “And now for something completely different.“ For those who travel on airplanes quite a bit, then this might be a solution. A solution that is to at least one of the comfort issues.

This has a similar design idea to a hammock, except it is just your feet that are in it. It suspends from the tray table on the back of the seat in front of you. The tray table can be up or down. It has hanging straps that are adjustable to get the exact length correct.

Is it right for you?

These are clearly not going to work well with tall people. Unless you want your knees up around your ears, that is. But for people below about 5 feet nine inches, this could provide a relaxing experience. We are, of course, referring to economy seats.

The actual rest is made from comfy memory foam. When your feet are in the hammocks, they will rock gently with any motion from the plane. It is going to help rest your legs and feet, but it may also help to alleviate lower back pain. For long flights, this could be an advantage to your overall comfort.

Great for travel…

It will fit easily into your carry-on baggage allowance and has its own bag with drawstrings. We can see a few potential problems with this. For instance, we are not sure whether the person on the seat in front might feel you using it.

Not strictly an under-seat footrest, but nevertheless an interesting product at a reasonable price.

Sleepy Ride - Airplane Footrest Made with Premium Memory Foam

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Should provide you with extra comfort on a long flight.
  • Could help to reduce overall leg and back stiffness.


  • Not for tall people.

8 Embody Care Under Desk Foot Rest – Best Mid-Range Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest

A well-designed footrest will do three main things. It will take the pressure off your lower limbs and raise your knees slightly to improve posture. It will encourage foot movement, therefore, helping blood flow. And finally, the repositioning of your legs and feet can help to relieve lower back pain. All of them are equally important. If It is a well-designed footrest, it encourages regular movement, and this helps all of the above.

This footrest will adjust and swivel to create a comfortable experience for those seated all day. But it will go a bit further than that. It measures a reasonably compact 17.5 by 6 by 14 inches. This means its uses can extend to the car or even to those in a wheelchair. For the latter, this is a great advantage as it encourages good posture.

The best part?

It relieves pressure points from periods of time seated, which is important for overall comfort. The design of the stool itself is designed to give a massage feeling to the feet. It is, therefore, best used without shoes.

It is well-built for durability, and its structural design is made to be long-lasting. And it has a height adjustment from 4.5 inches to 7.5 inches when it is used flat. When you apply forward tilt, the height at the back of the footrest rises to 9.5 inches.

Feeling tired or stiff?

It has three basic height adjustments, all about one and a half inches apart. On hard or shiny floors, it has been given rubber feet coverings to prevent it from sliding. The swivel action means that you are able to rock your feet back and forth whenever you feel a bit tired or stiff.

Quite a nice footrest that doesn’t have some of the features that other products Have. But it is at a cost-effective price and works quite well.

Embody Care Under Desk Foot Rest

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Set at a reasonable price.
  • Has height and tilt adjustments.


  • Not quite as strong as some others.

9 Butterfly Ergonomic Foot Stool – Best Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Stool

This is quite a basic foot stand that is built for comfort and ease of use. It is a simple one-shape design that doesn’t have height or tilt options. But it does still offer the opportunity to be able to move your feet into a correct position. It is also soft enough to be considered quite restful for tired feet and legs.

It is made with an inner filling of medical-grade resilient foam that is both supportive and hard-wearing. This means that unlike some similar designs, this footrest will not lose its shape or firmness. The firmness of the foam inside is one of its very strong points. It is not too soft to allow your feet to sink right into it. But just still flexible enough to be comfortable and allow some stretching and movement.

Stay fresh, longer…

Having a footrest, as we have already explained, can make a significant difference to you in many ways. Apart from having a better posture that relieves any pain or problems, it also keeps you fresh longer. Three-quarters through a busy day, you are still at your best and not suffering from being seated too long.

It is a fairly compact size measuring 17.7 by11.8 by 3.9 inches. So it will fit under a desk or other confined spaces comfortably. Weighing less than one pound, it is easy to carry around with you.

Super, super soft…

It is made from the high-resilient foam we mentioned. That is covered with a velvet-like material that is very soft. This is machine washable. The outer material can be taken off the footstool using the zipper. Underneath, there is an anti-slip surface for use on wood or shiny floors.

A basic footrest that is nicely designed and very comfortable. It doesn’t have any tilt or height adjusters, but some people won’t need that. Set at a very attractive price point,

Butterfly Ergonomic Foot Stool

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Nice design with an attractive look.
  • Soft and practical at a good price point.


  • Some will want height and tilt features.

10 Hotokii Foot Rest Under Desk – Best Desk Foot Rest for Swollen Feet

For a second time, we are able to say..”And now for something completely different”. However, it isn’t that different when you really look at it. But at first glance, you wonder what is going on.

What you have here is two footrests instead of one. Based on the idea that you may not always want your feet side by side on a footrest. There may be some sense in that. These footrests give you the option. Have your feet side by side or separate. We can see how that would help a relaxed position.

Something unexpected…

There is a little design twist to this as well. If you were suffering from some back pain, you can take one and place it behind your back, as you would a lumbar support. One footrest on its own could accommodate two feet for a short time.

They come with a carry bag with a drawstring, which means they are easy to take with you. This extends their uses even further to the plane or train. Side by side, they measure 16.5 by 12.2 by 4.6 inches but, of course, separated the 16.5 inches becomes a little more than eight.

The best part?

The outer covering is made from cotton and is washable. You can also use a vacuum cleaner if you wish. It can be removed using the convenient zipper. Inside there is a firm foam inner that adds good support for feet and legs. There is a non-slip underside that prevents it from sliding on hard surfaces.

We can see some real advantages with this footrest. It is sensibly priced and, given its design idea, should be considered as the Best Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest. It does not have tilt or height options. But as with all of these styled footrests, it is debatable if you need them. An excellent well thought out footrest.

Hotokii Foot Rest Under Desk

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Well-designed with good materials at a cost-effective price.
  • Two-piece footrest allowing extra movement and posture positions.


  • Some will prefer a one-piece unit.

11 3M FR330 Adjustable Height/Tilt Footrest – Best Premium Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest

This is a fairly standard footrest from 3M that attempts to reduce discomfort and tiredness on your feet and legs. It has a very strong build with a steel base. The weight alone ensures that it will be stable and not move around while being used.

The platform has a gentle contour that extends the comfort level. In the foot platform, there are soft bumps built-in to offer some massage to tired feet. It has height and tilt adjustments.

Just how adjustable is it?

The height adjustment though, is quite small at only from 4 to 5 inches and has to be adjusted manually. You can adjust the front and the back to be at different levels of height if you wish. The tilt adjustment, however, is controlled by your feet, which is a much more satisfactory and practical option.

It is quite a compact size measuring just 4.3 by 7 by 13.8 inches at its base. The foot platform is a comfortable eighteen inches wide. It is a decent footrest but lacks some of the adjustable options that others have. And is quite well-made, but there is an abundance of plastic to go with the steel base. It is set at a rather high price point for what it is.

3M FR330 Adjustable Height/Tilt Footrest

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Two levels of height adjustment with options for the back and the front.
  • It has a tilt option.


  • Lacks some features and is quite expensive.

Best Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest Buying Guide

Let’s take a closer look at the different features of under desk footrests to help you find the right one for your desk.

Staying Comfortable At Work

Kensington Comfort Memory Foam Adjustable Footrest (K56144USF),White/Black,Smartfit

Those who have to sit at work all day will know that after a while, fatigue can set in. This can happen after just a few hours with some people. If you happen to have a problematic back or other ailment sitting all day is not helping. You can alleviate some of that with a decent footrest.

Most parts of our body might be active if only very slightly during a desk job. But the feet are usually stationary. This has an effect on the legs and, after a while, on the lower back. Once that discomfort sets in, you are just not as productive as you can be. A good footrest is an answer.

What Features Should You Look For?

Footrests do need to be able to move with you. Some have fixed heights, which may not always be quite right for you. Some have to be changed manually, and also are not so good. Most have some form of tilt function. This can be important as some form of rocking motion will keep the circulation flowing because of the movement. It will also help ankles and legs and spread up to your back.

The material can play its part. Some are designed just to be foam filled pillows, really. These are ok, but you don’t want the foam inside to be too soft. It will lose shape quickly, and it won’t actually help your posture much either. It should have some form of non-slip material on the bottom. Not all floors are the same, and if it hasn’t, it will be slipping all over the place. Very irritating.

What else?

StrongTek Foot Rest Under Desk, Desk Footrest, Rocking Foot Nursing Stool, Rocker Balance Board, Natural Wood, Non-Slip

Finally, the material it is made of can have a bearing. It is better to get something solid and quite sturdy. There are options where the inside construction is steel. Quite secure. Just have a look at how much plastic there is around, though. Plastic can break, we know that. A stronger material for the build will be a good idea.

Consider also the height adjustment. Footrests are made for the ‘average’ person. Very few of us are average, really. People that are taller will need one type of footrest. People who are shorter will need another. That will depend on the adjustments of the footrest itself and/or the overall design.

For Ultimate Comfort…

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Which Is The Best Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest?

For us, this is a simple choice. We just like things to be plain and simple in their design but still do a good job. And we want it to be hard-wearing but, of course, comfortable as well. We also want plenty of tilt movement. But it has to alleviate the potential problems of sitting all day.

We would, therefore, choose the…

StrongTek Under Desk Footrest

…has all the features we need, and with that wooden construction, it just looks great.

Our choice as the Best Ergonomic Foot Rest.

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