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Top 8 Best Fine Point Stylus Pen To Buy In 2023 Review

Having a great stylus pen can really expand on the possibilities with your tablet. Not only is artistic expression made easier, but so is charting accurate graphs, selecting text, graphic design, or photo editing.

If your stylus pen has a fine point, this gives even more control over these types of tasks. Adding a stylus to a tablet is like adding a mouse to a computer. You will wonder how you ever previously got by without it.

Therefore, we decided to review the best fine point stylus pens currently on the market, so let’s go through them and find the perfect one for you…

Top 8 Best Fine Point Stylus Pen To Buy In 2023 Review

Top 8 Best Fine Point Stylus Pen In 2023 Review

  1. Adonit Dash 3 Capacitive Fine Point Stylus Pencil – Best Lightweight Fine Point Stylus Pen
  2. Lynktec Apex Fusion Active Stylus Pen – Best Premium Fine Point Stylus Pen
  3. Meko Universal Stylus Pen – Best Fine Point Stylus Pen with Interchangeable Tips
  4. Adonit Pro 4 Luxury Capacitive Stylus Pen – Best Disc Tip Fine Point Stylus Pen
  5. SOCLL Digital Pen – Best iPad Fine Point Stylus Pen
  6. Buteny Stylus Pen – Best Super Fine Point Stylus Pen
  7. Adrawpen Stylus Pen – Best Pressure Sensitive Fine Point Stylus Pen
  8. SyPen Touchscreen Stylus Pen – Best Budget Fine Point Stylus Pen

1 Adonit Dash 3 Capacitive Fine Point Stylus Pencil – Best Lightweight Fine Point Stylus Pen

This fine-point stylus from Adonit called the Dash 3 is excellent for drawing and handwriting. Compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones, and Android tablets, it can be used across an extensive range of devices.

It looks just like a high-quality pen with its sleek design and lightweight aluminum body. Only the small LED indicator and carrying clip interrupt the smooth flowing lines. Available in your choice of either black, bronze, or silver colors.

Power of the stylus…

To turn the device on, you click the end, just like you would on a normal pen. The small LED light near the middle of the barrel will then illuminate green, indicating it’s ready to use. If there is no charge, the stylus won’t work.

Luckily after only a 45-minute charge, you will receive up to 14-hours of battery life. Charging is done using the included USB dongle. It plugs into any USB port, and then the pen sticks into the dongle sitting up like an antenna.

Accurate writing…

Thanks to the 1.9mm width tip, it is possible to make incredibly accurate notes. This will depend more on the App you are using rather than the stylus itself, though. This is due to some standard stylus features missing from the Dash 3.

Due to the exclusion of palm rejection and pressure sensitivity, this results in a high level of caution being required. Some Apps can make up for this downfall; however, it is something to be aware of if considering this stylus.

Adonit Dash 3 Capacitive Fine Point Stylus Pencil

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Attractive color choices and design.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction.
  • Long battery life from a short charge.


  • No built-in palm rejection.
  • Missing pressure sensitivity.

2 Lynktec Apex Fusion Active Stylus Pen – Best Premium Fine Point Stylus Pen

Lynktec has managed to create this sophisticated and beautiful stylus for use with almost any touchscreen device. Fantastic for both writing and drawing using optimized Apps like INKredible, Notability, Procreate, ZoomNotes, and more.

The stylus’s body is constructed from high-quality aluminum, with a textured design near the tip for a comfortable grip. Choose from five attractive colors, including black, gold, rose gold, silver, or royal blue.

Rechargeable pen…

As with any decent fine tip stylus, this is an active device. That means it requires a battery to complete the circuitry that allows the pen to write on your screen. Luckily this stylus is easily charged using the included USB cable.

There is no need for a Bluetooth connection; simply turn on the stylus by pressing the button on the clip at the end. A small blue LED indicator will then light up near the tip, giving up to 14-hours of battery life off a single charge.

The tipping point…

Featuring a 2mm TruGlide fiber tip allows for fantastic accuracy. It can also easily be replaced if it becomes worn or damaged. There is not much resistance; in fact, it may even be a bit too slippery for some.

Once again, there are no stylus specific features like palm rejection or pressure sensitivity. You will have to rely on either your smartphone, tablet, or the App itself for taking advantage of these types of features.

Lynktec Apex Fusion Active Stylus Pen

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • App optimization.
  • Five attractive color choices.
  • High-quality aluminum body.


  • Tip might be too slippery for some.
  • No built-in palm rejection or pressure sensitivity.

3 Meko Universal Stylus Pen – Best Fine Point Stylus Pen with Interchangeable Tips

Meko offers excellent value with this stylus 2-pack, including six interchangeable tips. There are four plastic disc tips and two thicker fiber tips. The plastic tips perform exactly like a fine tip and allow you to see precisely what is on the screen under where you are writing.

All the packs come with one black pen and a choice of colors for the second pen. The color choices include black, silver, blue, gold, pink, purple, rose gold, or white. There is undoubtedly something for everyone in terms of style.

Well constructed…

The pen’s body is constructed from a combination of stainless steel and aluminum, giving a superior, lightweight feel. A rubber grip helps to improve accuracy and provide comfort when in use.

The disc tip is located at the end of the stylus with the grip, while the fiber tip is on the other end. There is a protective cap for covering the plastic disc, which comes in handy for reasons we will discuss later.

No charge this time…

The stylus does not require any power, so there is no need for charging before use. This also means that your stylus is always ready to go and will never run out of power. We already have too many items that require charging to add another to the list.

You will need to inspect the plastic disc for dirt or damage before use; otherwise, it may potentially scratch your screen. We highly recommend the use of a screen protector before using this stylus, just in case.

Meko Universal Stylus Pen

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Great value option.
  • Light and durable material.
  • No need for charging.


  • Plastic discs can potentially scratch your screen.
  • Not a true fine point stylus.

4 Adonit Pro 4 Luxury Capacitive Stylus Pen – Best Disc Tip Fine Point Stylus Pen

Our second product from Adonit is this beautifully designed disc tip stylus. Using similar technology to the Meko we just covered, this pen uses a small round plastic disc on the end of the tip.

The advantages of the disc tip are that the stylus does not require any power to operate. So the pen is lighter without a battery and will always be ready to go no matter what. The one negative is that you have to be careful not to scratch your screen.

Premium materials…

The stylus’ body is made from high-grade aluminum, providing strength and durability while remaining light. A copper twist cap protects the tip from dirt, dust, and damage, which also helps protect your device’s screen.

The plastic disc itself is made from PET material that is scratch resistant for screens. We would advise the use of either a plastic or tempered glass screen protector for that added level of protection.

Surprising accuracy…

Even though the disc is larger than that of a true fine point stylus, it is surprisingly accurate. You will undoubtedly be impressed with the results, no matter whether writing, drawing, highlighting, or even just browsing websites.

Compatible with any capacitive touch screen means that you can use this stylus with a range of devices. Anything from iPads to Android phones, to iPhones and Android tablets. The only problem will be retrieving it back from other family members.

Adonit Pro 4 Luxury Capacitive Stylus Pen

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Premium materials.
  • Compatible with multiple devices.
  • No power required for operation.


  • Disc tip is not a true fine point.
  • Possibility of a scratched screen.

5 SOCLL Digital Pen – Best iPad Fine Point Stylus Pen

This pencil-shaped stylus from SOCLL is explicitly designed for iPads. It is compatible with any 2018, 2019, or 2023 iPad. Unfortunately, it won’t work with earlier iPad models or Android devices.

Available only in white, the stylus looks incredibly stylish. Its hexagonal shape mimics that of a pencil and provides an excellent level of comfort and grip. Constructed from anodized aluminum alloy for combined strength and lightness.

Amazing battery life…

After only one and a half hours of charging, this stylus can offer up to 20-hours of battery life. Impressively, standby time can be up to 90-days without needing a charge either. This is in part thanks to the automatic shutoff if unused for five minutes or more.

Charging is completed using the included USB cable. A USB Type-C port is located near the cap. Turning the stylus on is simple. All you do is touch the cap of the pen using an innovative Smart Touch feature.

Compatible with palm rejection…

Something you’ll notice when using a stylus is that occasionally your palm will get in the way. This can result in either accidentally selecting items, moving the screen, or preventing the stylus from registering.

These are all just problems of the past with the SOCLL stylus, thanks to the use of palm rejection technology. Especially useful for budding artists who enjoy drawing. Now you can concentrate more clearly on your task without being distracted.

SOCLL Digital Pen

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Super long battery life.
  • Premium construction materials.
  • Palm rejection technology.


  • Only compatible with iPads between 2018 and 2023.
  • Plastic, not fiber tip.

6 Buteny Stylus Pen – Best Super Fine Point Stylus Pen

If you are after a superfine tip, the Buteny might just be for you. With a tip width of only 1.5mm, it makes the tiniest details possible. If you are after something thicker for shading or simple browsing, a thicker tip is located at the other end of the stylus.

There is only one color available, unfortunately, which is black. Luckily black goes with everything, and this stylus looks very tidy indeed. Being compatible with pretty much any touchscreen smartphone or tablet makes this device extremely versatile.

Charge and go…

To charge the stylus, you only need to plug the included Micro-USB cable into the end of the cap. Charging for one to two hours will result in up to ten hours of operation and up to six days of standby. The stylus will automatically shut down if inactive for 30 minutes or more.

Just below the cap is a rounded LED indicator that houses the power button within. When the stylus is in operation, the LED glows blue. When charging, it glows red, and once it is fully charged, it will glow green.

No power, no problem…

Remember we mentioned there is a thicker tip on the opposite end of the stylus? There is no power required for that tip to operate. So even if you’ve forgotten to charge the device or it runs out of power, you still have an option available.

There is a handy clip at the end of the pen so it can easily be carried in a shirt pocket. The pen feels well constructed and comfortable to use for extended periods. It would be well suited for those who enjoy drawing or sketching on large screen tablets.

Buteny Stylus Pen

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Superfine 1.5mm tip.
  • Second larger tip on the opposite end.
  • Can use either powered or unpowered.


  • Smaller battery life than competitors.
  • Plastic construction.

7 Adrawpen Stylus Pen – Best Pressure Sensitive Fine Point Stylus Pen

Now for a Stylus that is packed with features and looks great. Compatibility is unfortunately limited, though. It will work with most Microsoft Surface devices, Sony VAIO Duo 11/13, ASUS Transformer 3, and HP Spectre x360.

The package contains the pen itself, one AAAA battery, two replacement nibs, and a replacement tool. There is also a case to keep everything in, an excellent way of keeping track of your extra nibs and tool.

Just touching the surface…

If you own a Microsoft Surface device, this stylus will be perfect for you. There is a stack of great features, such as a right-click button and also an erase button. They are conveniently placed near the grip but are solid enough not to be accidentally pressed.

The pen connects automatically, and there is no need for Bluetooth. We are still trying to work out how the button presses are recognized? These features sound great; however, this is just the start.

Ultimate level of control…

The SOCLL stylus for iPads featured palm rejection technology. Well, the Adrawpen features the same technology, too, allowing for uninterrupted artistic creation. But it also has one more trick up its sleeve.

There are 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity possible. Now you can adjust between the faintest to darkest lines you desire by merely changing pressure like a real pen. Something none of the other competitors are able to offer.

Adrawpen Stylus Pen

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Right-click and erase buttons.
  • Palm rejection technology.
  • Pressure sensitivity.


  • Only compatible with Windows MPP protocol devices.

8 SyPen Touchscreen Stylus Pen – Best Budget Fine Point Stylus Pen

From one of the most advanced stylus pens to one of the most basic. If you are on a budget, then this 5-pack of 3-in-1 SyPen stylus may be what you’re looking for. While it won’t have the accuracy of the other devices, it can still perform well for the price.

Available in five different colors, or a pack with one of each of the colors if you can’t decide. The color options are black, blue, green, red, or silver. Now we bet you are wondering what the 3-in-1 functions are?

More than just a stylus…

You could be fooled into thinking this is just a stylus that is compatible with almost any touchscreen device. Well, if you remove the cap, you will be greeted with a ballpoint pen. And that’s not all; there is an LED flashlight built-in too.

While the design of this stylus is not as ergonomic as the other devices, it still sits in the hand well. You won’t be making any masterpieces with this stylus, but it will do fine for general browsing and highlighting purposes.

No batteries required…

There’s no need for batteries or charging, so this pen is always ready to go. These are even cheap enough to throw one into your bag, leave one at home, and another at the office, while still having some spares.

The rubberized tip actually does a great job of protecting the screen on your device. It will minimize scratches and fingerprints and still glide effortlessly over any screen. There is a slight resistance, which gives a more authentic feel.

SyPen Touchscreen Stylus Pen

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Available in a range of colors.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Ballpoint pen and LED flashlight built-in.


  • Not as accurate as other products.
  • Uncomfortable after prolonged use.

Best Fine Point Stylus Pen Buying Guide

All of these stylus pens can make life much easier for you. Even if you don’t draw, sketch, or write with your tablet or smartphone. Scrolling through webpages or even typing messages using the onscreen keyboard is much easier with a stylus.

But how to know which of these products is the best one for you? Well, that’s why we create a buying guide to help you decide which products are best suited to specific purposes. So, join us as we break it all down.

Which Device Do You Own?

Adonit Pro 4 (Black) Luxury Capacitive Stylus Pen, High Sensitivity Fine Point and Precision,Stylus for iPad, Air, Mini

If you own an iPad, then the best device for you is clearly going to be the SOCLL. It has been optimized for use on iPads, so will work great. It also has, along with all the regular features, the addition of palm rejection.

If you own a Windows MPP protocol device, then no questions, you should go for the Adrawpen. Not only does it have palm rejection, but it also has pressure sensitivity and those handy right-click and erase buttons.

What If I Own Multiple Devices?

If you’re looking for something that can be shared and used across multiple devices, there are still a few options. It will now come down to what purpose you intend to use the stylus for.

If you intend to draw or write, we would recommend the Dash 3, the Apex Fusion, or the Buteny. If you’re looking for a little more accuracy when selecting text or cutting images, the clear disc pens will suit you well.

For those that are still at a loss and just can’t make up their mind, stick around. Next, we’ll reveal our choice for the ideal fine-point stylus pen and why.

Creative License…

MEKO Universal Stylus,[2 in 1 Precision Series] Disc Stylus Touch Screen Pens for All Capacitive Touch Screens Cell Phones

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Back to the best fine-point stylus pens…

So, What Is The Best Fine Point Stylus Pen?

As you can see, there is a range of functions that can be performed by a stylus. Usually, we would go for the best all-around device. However, this time we are going with the best. And by best, we mean performance.

Although compatibility is an issue, at the end of the day, we are looking for the best stylus. And that is clearly the…

Adrawpen Stylus Pen

Not only is it well constructed, but it also has the most useful features and performs better than any of the other products.

Enjoy your new stylus pen!

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