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Top 9 Best Gaming Glasses On The Market 2023 Review

If you’re a dedicated gamer or spend hours in front of the computer, you probably experienced tired eyes at some point. Playing games like Overwatch and Apex legends at 4 am doesn’t help either, and you probably experienced eye strain from staring at your monitor.

So how can you fix this? Buy a new monitor? Give up on gaming? No!

Top 9 Best Gaming Glasses On The Market 2023 Review

The solution is much simpler: buy some quality gaming glasses, and wear them during those extended game marathons. So, we decided to find some of the best gaming glasses currently available to help you eliminate eye strain and protect your eyes from the computer’s damaging “blue light.”

Whichever pair you choose, you can be sure to enjoy longer gaming sessions without feeling fatigued.

So, let’s go through them and find the perfect pair of gaming glasses for you…

Top 9 Best Gaming Glasses In 2023 Review

  1. Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses – Best Vision Gaming Glasses
  2. Gamma Ray Optix Computer Gaming Glasses – Best General Purpose Computer Glasses
  3. Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Orange Glasses – Best Value for the Money Gaming Glasses
  4. ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  5. GAMEKING Ultra Blue Light Blocking Clip-on Computer Glasses – Best Clip On Gaming Glasses
  6. GUNNAR Gaming PPK Full Rim Advanced Gaming Glasses with Headset – Best Gaming Glasses for Eye Protection
  7. Gunnar Optiks RPG by Razer Onyx – Most Comfortable Gaming Glasses
  8. Gunnar Vertex Gaming Glasses – Best Magnified Gaming Glasses
  9. HyperX Spectre 1st Edition Gaming Eyewear – Best Premium Gaming Glasses

1 Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses – Best Vision Gaming Glasses

We’ll start our review with these glasses from Gunnar’s, which Doctors recommend for blocking high-energy blue-light and UV glare. These glasses are so good that you can also use them as sunglasses. And the frames have a high-quality design, ensuring that the glasses are tough and won’t slip off your face.

They fit comfortably around your head and don’t stretch with repeated use, and are perfect for people with wide face shapes. The wide-fit frame has a 59mm lens width, 17mm bridge, and 135mm temple length. The frames have a soft rubbery feeling, so there is no strain on your face, and they stay in their proper position.

Patented lenses for higher comfort and eye-protection…

What makes them better than many of the competitors is the lens design. The patented lenses limit air currents near the eyes, which prevents eye-watering and makes them feel very comfortable. The lenses also eliminate distortion, impurities, graininess, and haze found in gaming glasses that have lower quality lenses. The lens reflects natural light, which makes you forget that you are even wearing glasses.

They also have a slight magnification of 20%. The frames give a visual boost, making it easier to zoom in without changing settings for every game or application. However, the magnification can negatively impact your experience if you wear contacts or glasses, but if you don’t, you will see more detail, giving you a competitive edge.

A pair of Gunnars for everyone…

If you don’t like the magnification, Gunnars have a broad set of customization options. You can also buy special Gunnars with prescription lenses, or you can choose a variety of frame colors. The pair we reviewed is Intercept/Onyx, which defines the design and color of the frame.

Our verdict

The Gunnars are easily one of the best glasses for gamers currently on the market. The lenses block 65% of blue-light and 100% of UV-light. They are also anti-reflective so that you won’t be disturbed by other surrounding light sources. They also protect you from dry-eyes, headaches, and blurry vision. We highly recommend these gaming glasses to gamers and office workers.

Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Recommended by doctors.
  • Indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Magnification.


  • Not compatible with headsets.

2 Gamma Ray Optix Computer Gaming Glasses – Best General Purpose Computer Glasses

The Gamma Ray Optix are superb glasses for gamers that use dual screens simultaneously. The hardshell frames make it easy to bounce between screens or look at both at the same time. They are also one of the most popular gaming glasses currently available, and for good reason.

First of all, the lenses minimize eye-strain and headaches caused by blue-light. But more so, they also eliminate fatigue, watery-eyes, and discomfort of using your computer for long periods. And made of plastic, the frames are lightweight and durable.

Not 100% ideal for gamers…

The only downside is the thick tint on the lenses. The shade makes them not the best gaming option, especially if you are playing high-rendering games. You won’t get the same sharpness and precision as you would if not wearing glasses, but they do protect your eyes. However, they are superb for office work and surfing the web.

The frames made of flexible TR90 nylon are comfortable and suit most face shapes. They sit nicely, don’t slip off your face, and look exquisite. UV400 protection also makes them ideal for outdoor use.

Lifetime warranty…

The Gamma Ray gaming glasses come with a 90-day return policy, in case you have second thoughts or don’t get on with them. All you need to do is contact customer service and get a full refund. Lifetime lens breakage and frame warranty also set your mind at ease if anything happens to the glasses.

Our verdict

The Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses may not be the best choice for gamers, but they protect your eyes, eliminate fatigue, headaches, and are comfortable. They are cheap, considering the quality and offer a lot of value for money. Should they ever break, you receive a replacement pair. We recommend these more for office work and average daily usage than for gaming.

Gamma Ray Optix Computer Gaming Glasses

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Low price.
  • Elegant, durable design.
  • Comfortable.


  • Not the best choice for gamers.

3 Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Orange Glasses – Best Value for the Money Gaming Glasses

These Anti-glare glasses by Gamma Ray are one of the best protective gaming glasses in its class. The golden tint that they provide is soothing and comfortable for the eye. The nose grip is adjustable and more comfortable compared to other gaming glasses. The frame is black and made of plastic, and have spring hinges for a comfortable fit. The unisex design makes them look equally good on men and women.

The lenses prevent up to 97% of blue-light, making them 47% more effective than average gaming glasses. So design and comfort give you an incredible experience without any eye fatigue. They also help you sleep peacefully at night by preventing dizziness, insomnia, and dry eyes.

Peace of mind…

Like the Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses, these also come with a 90-day money return policy. You never have to worry about any issues affecting your usage, and you have enough time to test them thoroughly.

The only downside, if any, is the material, which may feel cheap to some users, but they are durable. They can feel a little uncomfortable when using headsets, but they do feel better than the Gunnar Optiks.

Our verdict

Other than the minor setbacks with the material and the comfort when using them with headsets, the glasses provide excellent protection and are very comfortable. The lifetime warranty adds to the value for money, and the quality is outstanding. It’s hard to believe that they aren’t more expensive. They are one of the best value gaming glasses we have tested, and we can highly recommend them to gamers and office workers alike.

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Orange Glasses

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Excellent protection.
  • Affordable.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The material can feel cheap.
  • Could be more compatible with headsets.

4 ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

ANRRI has been manufacturing glasses since 2014, so they are no stranger to gaming glasses. The ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses effectively blocks 90% of the harmful blue light from phones, tablets, and computers, making them one of the top choices for eye protection glasses. But they have some flaws.

The protective coating isn’t ideal…

Made from polycarbonate material, they are both durable and practical. The glasses look nice and are very affordable. The build quality is excellent, as long as we only talk about the frame. The lenses honestly feel a bit flimsy and are coated with a thin protective layer that blocks the light.

However, if you aren’t careful, you can easily peel off the coating removing the protection and blurring your vision since it leaves a smudgy trail on the lens. The lenses can also distort your vision, so make sure you test the glasses as soon as you get them.

Comfort and style…

Other than that, they are comfortable and stylish. The design is neutral and works well for both men and women. They fit nicely on the bridge of your nose and the ears. Since they are lightweight, you can wear them all day while at work or for long gaming sessions without feeling any discomfort.

They reduce eye-strain, prevent eye fatigue, and minimize dry eyes. If you are working close to bedtime, the blue-light tells your brain to stay awake. So, they help you sleep better at night.

The ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses come with a lifetime warranty.

Our verdict

Even though the glasses reduce blue-light by up to 90%, the glued on coating is a little worrying. Once it disappears, your vision will be blurred, and the glasses become nothing more than a useless frame. The fact that this can happen makes it hard to recommend them even though the price is low.

ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Nice design.
  • The frames are durable and high-quality.
  • Blocks 90% of blue-light.
  • Affordable.


  • The coating can be peeled off.
  • Can blur and distort your vision.

5 GAMEKING Ultra Blue Light Blocking Clip-on Computer Glasses – Best Clip On Gaming Glasses

The GAMEKING Ultra Clip-on are the perfect gaming glasses for clipping onto your existing eyeglasses. They provide high contrast and eliminate 85% of blue-light. More so, they offer 100% UV protection so that you can use them outdoors as well. The Anti-Reflective coating prevents any glare or halo.

The Ultra Clip-on is very soft and comfortable to wear since they fit onto your existing glasses. If you regularly wear eyeglasses, you know the struggle of getting newly prescribed glasses every time. The GAMEKING eliminates that hassle.

Flip them… 

Another positive is that you can flip them whenever you don’t want to use them. They are incredibly lightweight, weighing only 8g, which is lighter than any other gaming glasses in this review. However, you must take the weight of your existing glasses into account.

There are a few negatives, though, such as them limiting your peripheral vision; although it’s very minimal, it is something to be aware of. And there can be some compatibility issues attaching them to other lenses.

Quality coating…

The lenses are high-quality and protect your eyes from fatigue, watering eyes, and other unpleasant issues. Unlike most other lenses, they are scratch-resistant, and they repel fog, oil, and stains. It’s often hard enough to keep regular glasses clean, so having to clean two sets of lenses frequently, would be very annoying. Luckily, the coating prevents this.

Our verdict

Overall the GAMEKING Ultra Clip-on is an excellent option if you already use glasses. They come with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The lenses are high-quality, and you can flip them out of the way when not needed. They are great for gaming and improve screen detail and sharpness. The price is affordable and offers excellent value for money.

GAMEKING Ultra Blue Light Blocking Clip-on Computer Glasses

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Clip-on.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Good value for money.


  • Can experience compatibility problems with prescription glasses.

6 GUNNAR Gaming PPK Full Rim Advanced Gaming Glasses with Headset – Best Gaming Glasses for Eye Protection

Gunnar is known for making high-end gaming glasses, and the Gaming PPK is no exception. The lens helps increase contrast while also reducing the harmful blue-light at the same time. The lens also enables you to differentiate colors improving your gaming experience over endless fun hours.

The Gaming PPK blocks 65% of the dangerous blue-light and blocks 100% of UV light. The stainless steel frame wraps perfectly around your head and is ultra-lightweight. The nose pads are fully adjustable for maximum comfort, and the glasses are also headset compatible. They come in four different finishes, and you can choose between Mercury, Lime, Onyx, and snow.

Scratch-resistant, high-quality lenses…

The lens’s protective coating diminishes reflective light and glare, which reduces stress and visual difficulties. It also makes the lenses more durable and scratch-resistant. They also eliminate distortion and the haze found on inferior materials, ensuring that you get the clearest image possible.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, as goes for the Gaming PPK. This minor setback might not affect many people since they were designed for indoor use, but the metal frame looks a bit dated compared to plastic frames. If you care about appearances and enjoy keeping up with trends, you might want to reconsider before buying these.

Our verdict

They are expensive compared to other gaming glasses in the same class, but they protect your eyes better than most. They are comfortable and FDA approved. They will last longer than plastic frames even though they look a little dated. However, we can still highly recommend the Gunnar Gaming PPK to any gamer who spends countless hours in front of the computer.

GUNNAR Gaming PPK Full Rim Advanced Gaming Glasses with Headset

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Sturdy metal frame.
  • Optimal level of comfort.
  • Wide compatibility.


  • Costly.
  • May look outdated.

7 Gunnar Optiks RPG by Razer Onyx – Most Comfortable Gaming Glasses

It’s all about Gunnar. If you were ever skeptical about Gunnar glasses, the time to get over it is now. Gunnar recently teamed up with Razer and made a real statement in the gaming world. Gunnars brilliant designers quickly designed a line of special Razer branded glasses. The result? One of the best value gaming glasses that money can buy!

Reduces blue-light and incredibly flexible…

They reduce blue-light by 65%, and the amber tint provides an outstanding balance between eye protection and visual clarity. Gamers will appreciate the accurate color reproduction in in-game environments.

The lightweight frames use a mix of aluminum-magnesium and thermoplastic material. They are so light that you’ll almost forget that you are wearing them, and they are incredibly flexible. They have a slice in the eye guards’ sides and bendable ear guards to fit almost any head size without feeling uncomfortable. The adjustable silicone nose pads and rubber temple grips improve overall comfort.

Fewer reflections…

The lenses offer anti-glare and a small amount of magnification. The lens contour blocks most of the airflow, preventing dry eyes. The anti-reflection coating allows your eyes to focus better, reducing reflections from light sources.

However, the cost can be hard to justify since you can find gaming glasses for half the price. But the cheaper pairs are usually not as comfortable. They also look incredibly stylish, but more importantly, they work well with any headset. They are also available with prescription lenses, which you can order from the Gunnars website, but that will add to the cost.

Our verdict

The Gunnar Razer RPG are excellent glasses for both gaming and work. They are comfortable enough for all-day wear and work well with gaming headsets. The slight magnification makes text and targets easier to see, and the amber lenses sharpen color without overexposing the yellow. We, therefore, highly recommend these glasses to anyone who wants to protect their eyes.

Gunnar Optiks RPG by Razer Onyx

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Good protection.
  • Accurate color reproduction.
  • Flexible and lightweight.
  • Slight magnification.


  • Hard to clean.
  • Quite expensive.

8 Gunnar Vertex Gaming Glasses – Best Magnified Gaming Glasses

The final pair of Gunnar glasses in our review are the Gunnar Vertex gaming glasses. These are very good and do exactly what Gunnar says they will do. In fact, they are one of our favorites, with a design that looks like an average pair of reading glasses, but they offer so much more.

Comfortable with a slight magnification…

They feel comfortable, and you’ll notice the difference when playing for an extended period. The lenses have a slight magnification, which gives you a small edge while gaming. Texts became clearer, which means you won’t have to squish your eyes to read, which reduces the eyes’ strain. The lenses are wide format and create a panoramic, high-resolution field of view, which is extremely useful in online matches.

They also improve what you see on your monitor with clearer images and accurate color reproduction. The frame is incredibly comfortable, and has even weight distribution, and eliminates pressure points, making them enjoyable to wear even after many hours of intensive gaming.

Improved eye health…

They have been designed to look good on either men or women, and they reduce and protect against headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision, and the harmful effects of exposure to blue light.

The Vertex comes with a 30-day return policy and a one-year warranty.

Our verdict

Gunnar Vertex is one of our favorite gaming glasses, although they work equally well for office duties. The unisex design fits everyone, and they are incredibly comfortable. The price is reasonable considering the quality and protection. The lenses are patented and reduce blue-light while protecting against eye strain, dry eyes, and other problems long sessions in front of a computer can cause.

Gunnar Vertex Gaming Glasses

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Magnification.
  • Wide-format lenses.
  • Accurate color reproduction.
  • Comfortable.


  • Fairly expensive.

9 HyperX Spectre 1st Edition Gaming Eyewear – Best Premium Gaming Glasses

The HyperX Spectre is one of the best gaming glasses on the market because you can’t tell the difference between them and ordinary lenses. They both look the same, but HyperX provides blue-light and UV light protection.

The MR-8 lenses are high-quality and repellant to dust, oil, and water, making them easy to clean. They protect your eyes and reduce the blue-light by 70%. They offer minimal color distortion and are 100% UV light repellent. In addition, they also reduce eye strain, watering eyes, and headaches. They provide accurate, vivid colors that enhance your gaming experience.

Lightweight, high-quality frames…

The frames are lightweight, comfortable, and they feel good when worn with or without a headset. The high-quality materials make them extremely durable, and you wouldn’t expect less considering the high price tag. They are the most expensive gaming glasses in our review. However, you still get a lot of value for the money, even if the HyperX name adds to the cost.

They are available in three different colors, and the design fits both men and women.

The only downside, which is not a deal-breaker, is the quality of the carrying case. It feels cheap and flimsy and could easily break if you drop it.

Our verdict

If you want the best, you have to pay the price! The cost of these is almost ridiculous, considering you can buy very good gaming glasses for half the price, but you don’t get the same features or quality. These glasses are excellent and protect your eyes while improving the quality of everything you see on your monitor.

There really isn’t much else to say, except that they are worth every penny if you can justify the cost.

HyperX Spectre 1st Edition Gaming Eyewear

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Stylish and durable.
  • Lightweight and fits every headset.
  • Great protection against blue-light.


  • Expensive

Best Gaming Glasses Buyers Guide

Gunnar Optiks Rzr-03001 RPG by Razer Onyx

Finding the best glasses for gaming to meet all your needs can be a bit of a headache, especially if you don’t know much about them. Several factors are essential in what makes a good pair of gaming glasses. If you didn’t already know what they are, you will undoubtedly know after reading this guide.

  • Lenses

Lenses are one of the most important aspects of good gaming glasses. There are several different lens options available, and they all have various purposes. So it’s vital you know which type of lens you need.

When gaming, especially if you play FPS or RGPs, you want the best color accuracy and clearest images. The higher the contrast, the better. Also, keep in mind that cheap gaming glasses often have a yellow tint in the lenses, making the colors seem a bit off. Therefore, it’s usually better to buy a more expensive pair of glasses that perform well.

You also need to take into account how much protection the lenses offer. Gaming glasses have lenses with a protective coating, which prevents harmful light from passing through. Different models come with varying levels of protection. If you spend most of your time indoors, you want a high level of blue-light protection, while if your planning on using them outside, they should protect your eyes from UV light as well.

If you often feel that your eyes are tired and squish them to see better, you should buy lenses with a degree of magnification. This has many benefits and can assist you on the battlefield.

  • Frames

The second most important part of the gaming glasses is the frame. You want a frame that is comfortable and fits perfectly around your head. Therefore, you need to consider both the size of the frame as well as the weight. The material used is also important because you don’t want to buy a pair that breaks after two weeks.

Today plastic frames are trendy, and people seem to like them better, but they aren’t as durable as metal frames. If you plan on wearing them outside, you can buy fancy, branded glasses, and if you like to keep things simple, there are plenty of frames that are simple yet elegant. Choose the ones that meet your requirements!

  • Budget

Ultimately, your budget will determine which ones you can buy. There is a large number of different gaming glasses available, and all at different prices. Many manufacturers use high-quality materials, fill their products with features, and still keep their prices competitive.

Decide how much you are willing to spend on a pair of gaming glasses, but remember that your eyesight is not something you should compromise. Once you have decided how much you can afford, look for the lenses that suit your needs within your budget.

  • Warranty

Last but not least, you should compare what guarantee manufacturers are offering.

Gaming glasses are delicate and have to be kept and used carefully. Should they break or you feel that you bought the wrong ones, some models come with a lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. But not all, so compare and see which ones give you the most options.

  • Accessories

Now that you know what to look for, there is one additional factor – Accessories. Some glasses come with hard cases, cleaning cloths, and other accessories. These may not be significant but are still worth considering.

After all, a hard case can help keep your glasses safe when you are not using them or when transporting them. And the cleaning cloth enables you to keep them clean without damaging the lenses.

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So, What Are The Best Gaming Glasses?

After testing and reviewing the best glasses for gaming glasses, it wasn’t easy to pick a winner. All the models we tested have different advantages. Gunnar is known for their high-quality gaming glasses and offers a lot of customization options. GAMEKINGs clip-on frames are a cheap, good choice if you already wear prescription glasses.

All of the glasses we tested are good options, but we had to choose a winner. After careful deliberation, it was between the Gunnar Vertex and HyperX Spectre. Both offer adequate protection, are comfortable and flexible. But in the end, the price was the determinating factor, and the…

Gunnar Vertex

….is the ultimate winner. They are excellent all-around, and you can feel the difference when you wear them.

Happy gaming.

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