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Top 8 Best Kids Desk Chair In 2023 – Review & Buyers Guide

The advent of the computer and the arrival of computer games created a change in behavior patterns. And that isn’t just for adults. Children of varying ages are spending a lot of time in front of computer screens. Those computers and their screens are usually placed on a desk. It is therefore important to find the Best Kids Desk Chair.

But of course, it isn’t just computer games that cause children to spend hours at a desk. They use computers for school work and projects. And for social activity, writing up their homework and studying. Kids these days spend as many hours at a desk as adults. And in some cases, more. Therefore, we need to make them as safe and comfortable as we can.

So let’s go through a selection of the very Best Desk Chairs for Kids and find the perfect option for their needs…

Top 8 Best Kids Desk Chair In 2023 – Review & Buyers Guide

Top 8 Best Kids Desk Chair Review

  1. TechOrbits Kids Desk Chair – Best Mid Range Kids Desk Chair
  2. GreenForest Kids Desk Chair – Best Budget Kids Desk Chair
  3. Estiones Kids Chair, Toddler Chair, Toddler Chairs for Boys and Girls – Best Desk Chair for Toddlers
  4. SIDIZ Ringo Kid Desk Chair – Best Premium Kids Desk Chair
  5. SitRite Ergonomic Kids Desk Chair – Best Value Kids Desk Chair for the Money
  6. NEO CHAIR Office Chair Computer Desk – Best Rated Kids Desk Chair
  7. Giantex Kids Desk Chair – Best Desk Chair for Kids
  8. DD-upstep Kids Desk Chairs | Kids Computer Chair – Best Ergonomic Kids Desk Chair

1 TechOrbits Kids Desk Chair – Best Mid Range Kids Desk Chair

If there is one thing that we know, it is how fast kids grow. No sooner have you got them something than you need to be thinking about a bigger size. This chair to sit at a desk seems to have overcome that problem by having a wide variety of height options. This is going to mean that this chair can grow with your child.

The adjustments

It has rotary knob controls that are neatly positioned and easy to use. The height of the seat can be raised from its lowest level of 14.2 inches. This up to a height of 20.1 inches from the floor.

Likewise, the backrest also has a height adjustment of between 31.1 inches to 37 inches. The adjustments are made by sliding the backrest or the seat on the support column. Each has its own individual control knob. When you have the desired height, they can both be locked into position.

The build

It has been made to be quite mobile in case it needs to be taken to another room. There is a handle on the top of the central support column, and it has casters on each of the five legs. The casters are lockable. The backrest has an interesting design. It is actually two backrests with a split down the middle. This allows it to move and flex with the child giving their back plenty of support. It also gives plenty of width to the back of the seat.

There are no armrests, but the seat and backrest are given a light blue upholstered finish. Some prefer that to imitation leather which can become sticky and hot. This is a well-made chair that weighs 30.2 pounds. This means it is stable and sturdy and not going to fall over accidentally. All in all, this is a well-designed and manufactured chair and must be considered as the Best Kids Desk Chair. Not a particularly cheap option but a very good one.

TechOrbits Kids Desk Chair

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Well-made with plenty of adjustments to suit growing kids.
  • Nice upholstery finish in an attractive blue.


  • Some might think it expensive.

2 GreenForest Kids Desk Chair – Best Budget Kids Desk Chair

This is a chair that has been designed with the teenager in mind. The bright pink color is certainly going to attract their attention.

The Build

We wouldn’t call this the sturdiest chair we have seen. But with careful use, it will be fine. The base is made of metal that is painted white and has five legs that have an arched design. On each leg is a caster to allow it to be moved around easily. The base is adequately strong and secure and will support a weight of up to 200 pounds.

The mesh upholstered seat is adequately padded, and there is a pneumatic height adjuster. It measures 15.2 by 15.7 inches, so it is a good size. The height adjuster is designed to be a one-touch operation for ease of use. It can be raised between heights of 29.5 to 34.2 inches and can be swiveled through 360 degrees.

The Seatback

The seatback is where we see a potential problem. It has quite a nice fishbone design. That makes it breathable and helps to prevent the user from getting too hot. However, it is made of a single piece of plastic that is only joined at the seat.

This is quite thin and flexible. Therefore when the user leans back, it is going to bend. With excessive force, we could see that snapping off, which could cause a bad injury. Of course, as we said, with care and proper use there won’t be a problem.

The Assembly

It is easy to put together on delivery and has only eight bolts to screw in. This is a chair that is suitable for children who might be a little older. It may even be suitable for smaller adults. It is set at a realistic price point.

GreenForest Kids Desk Chair

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • A brightly colored chair that is suitable for teenagers.
  • Strong base with casters at a cost-effective price.


  • The plastic back could be vulnerable with misuse.

3 Estiones Kids Chair, Toddler Chair, Toddler Chairs for Boys and Girls – Best Desk Chair for Toddlers

From a chair suitable for a teenager to one that is built for the little people. This is a chair designed for toddlers and slightly older, so it needs certain features built-in.

The Build

It measures only 10.35 by 10.12 by 17.01 inches high. The seat height is 9.65 inches. Surprisingly the factory-tested weight loading potential is 350 pounds. That makes it strong enough for even an adult to sit on. So that is the first requirement for child safety satisfied. It isn’t going to collapse when they sit on it.

It is made from non-toxic plastic that is very durable. The plastic itself is very stiff, and therefore there is no movement when it is being sat on. It is designed with a backrest that has a curve. We wouldn’t say that makes it ‘ergonomic,’ but it does encourage the child to learn to sit correctly.

An interesting design feature

A very clever idea with the design of this little chair is that it has been given triangular-shaped legs. They are also thicker than might be expected, given the overall size of the chair. This has a couple of effects.

Firstly it reduces the risk of the chair tipping over. Another safety requirement satisfied. But it also increases the stability of the chair.

It is easy to assemble.

It is easy to put together, and the legs can be easily installed and removed. And it appears that this might also have been a design feature. It certainly encourages children to “have a go” putting it together themselves. Though a quick check afterward wouldn’t go amiss.

A variety of uses

This chair can be used in a variety of ways and not just at a desk. It would be great at kindergartens or at early pre-school classes. In fact, anywhere where there might be children of about two years and up. It can even be used outdoors as well as indoors.

It comes with a bag where you can store it away or if you need to transport it to another location. A great little chair at a very attractive price makes this possibly the Best Kids Desk Chair for Toddlers.

Estiones Kids Chair

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Excellent design and build quality, suitable for a variety of uses.
  • Safe and secure with a very attractive price point.


  • None.

4 SIDIZ Ringo Kid Desk Chair – Best Premium Kids Desk Chair

There is no doubt that the designers of this chair had something in mind with this chair. They wanted the child to look at it and see what mom and dad sit on in their offices or at home. They seem to have achieved that goal with this design and look.

What age is best?

This is a chair suited to a range of ages. The best ages are maybe between six and thirteen. But it may be better to refer to size rather than age. In that case, we would be looking at children from three and a half feet tall to just over five feet.

The Build

It has a strong and stable plastic construction with some metal fittings. The seat and the backrest are padded and covered in imitation leather with a mint green color. The base has five legs, each with casters. They are what are known as “sit-brake” casters.

They are designed to cease movement when fifty-five pounds of weight is applied by sitting. Children need to be encouraged to sit in a way that is good for their back. There is a footrest which is removable, if you so choose, that encourages them to do that. It has a weight capacity of 180 pounds.

The adjustments

There is a gas lift that is easy to use and lets the child get a suitable working height. The height of the chair can be adjusted between 15.7 to 19.7 inches. Other adjustments can be made to the backrest. This can be changed to allow more seating space.

With rounded corners and no sharp edges, this chair has been designed to be safe as well as look good. It isn’t a cheap option, though.

SIDIZ Ringo Kid Desk Chair

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • A good-looking chair for a range of ages and sizes of children.
  • There are some good adjustment options.


  • Some could be put off by the price.

5 SitRite Ergonomic Kids Desk Chair – Best Value Kids Desk Chair for the Money

Having a poor seating position can cause a lot of problems for adults. But the same applies to children. If they have poor posture when they are young, then it will be hard to correct it later.

That is why it is a great benefit if they are spending hours at a desk to get a suitable chair. This chair from SitRite has made an attempt to correct some of those potential problems.

The Build

The design has included a fully cushioned back support. It has armrests that are nicely rounded for comfort, but that still offer support. The seat is well-padded and has a sliding mechanism that allows the child to get the seated position exactly right. It will move forward for large children and move back if the child is smaller. Once the correct setting is made, it can be locked into position. And there is a full range of adjustment capabilities.

It has a full 360-degree swivel function to offer freedom of movement. The gas lift cylinder is silent in operation. It raises the seat from 17.25 to 19.75 inches.

The Base

It has a strong five-legged base, with each leg fitted with a smooth running caster. There is a lockable function to stop the chair from sliding on hard floors. The casters are made from Urethane and have wheel covers, and there is a detachable footrest.

It is a well-made chair. However, the all-black finish might not be so appealing to some children who may prefer a splash of color. Nevertheless, it is designed to encourage good posture, which is a positive thing. Not what you might call a cheap option, though.

SitRite Ergonomic Kids Desk Chair

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • A good design with plenty of adjustment options.
  • Comfortable with plenty of padding in the seat and the back.


  • Quite expensive.

6 NEO CHAIR Office Chair Computer Desk – Best Rated Kids Desk Chair

This is a very basic seat design. It is what you might call a medium-priced item, but despite being basic, it still contains some nice features.

The Build

It has a nice design with fresh colors that are very attractive. Being white and a light blue on the seating and the back, it may take some taking care of, though. The seat is made from a stain-resistant mesh that is durable and long-lasting. It is breathable and therefore offers a certain amount of ventilation. The seatback is the same material. It is often important to allow some ventilation when you are seated.

It prevents the user from getting too hot, and the mesh material is better than simulated leather in that respect. The back of the seat has been given some extra lumbar support. This will encourage the user to develop a good seated posture. Something could be important in later life. The armrests have no padding, however, and are just plastic. They have no adjustments for comfort.

The Base

It has a five-legged base with dual-wheel casters on each leg. The base is made from metal and, therefore, quite sturdy and strong. It will support a weight of up to 250 pounds. There is a class-3 gas lift for raising the height of the seat. The height from the floor can be set at between 36.5 to 40.5 inches.

The Size

One thing you do need to consider is the size of this chair. It is a little smaller than most similar chairs. It has a seat size of 18.5 by19.76 inches, and the seatback is 16.37 by 16.81 inches.

A decent chair at an attractive price point.

NEO CHAIR Office Chair Computer Desk

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Nice looking chair with an attractive design.
  • Has a strong and sturdy base able to support up to 250 pounds.


  • Limited features for adjustment and body support, and it is rather small.

7 Giantex Kids Desk Chair – Best Desk Chair for Kids

This is another cost-effective chair that has gone with a bright color design. Most kids would prefer that, so it is a sensible feature.

The Build

The turquoise-colored seat is made from breathable soft mesh and filled with one and a half inches of foam. This has the effect of it being quite firm but also comfortable enough for extended sitting. Being a breathable material, it will also prevent the user from getting too hot. The seatback is just plastic with a fishbone-like design.

It offers little real support other than a very slight curvature for getting a child’s posture correct. And as we have seen with other similar products, there must be a slight safety concern. If the user were to lean back too far, it could crack as it is only plastic. That could cause an injury. However, with correct usage, it will probably be fine. This chair has no armrests. Some will see that as positive; others will not.

The Base

The base, on the other hand, is made of iron and very strong and capable of supporting up to 250 pounds. The base is a five-legged design, and each leg has multi-directional casters. This gives smooth movement in all directions.

There is a 360-degree swivel and a pneumatic height adjuster. It is extremely lightweight at only ten pounds. It comes with some easy-to-use assembly instructions. A basic chair at a very cost-effective price. It will suit a young person who doesn’t spend too much time at a desk.

Giantex Kids Desk Chair

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • A nice color design makes it an attractive option.
  • Some very basic adjustment options but a very solid base.


  • The plastic seat back could prove vulnerable.

8 DD-upstep Kids Desk Chairs | Kids Computer Chair – Best Ergonomic Kids Desk Chair

We end our look for the Best Desk Chair for Kids with this offering. Cost-effective it may be. But it offers some good features.

The Base

Let’s start at the base, where there is an interesting metal six-legged design rather than a standard five. They are arranged slightly in pairs, and each leg has its own free-running caster. These are anti-skid and self-locking. Added to the base arrangement is a well-made and sturdy food plate. This allows the smaller children to rest their feet if they cannot touch the floor.

But it will also allow older children just to change body position and also rest their feet and legs. This, of course, will reduce leg pressure that is often caused by sitting for a long time.

The Seat

This is very well padded, as is the seatback. The Seatback has a significant curvature which encourages good posture. It also has some added padding that can be adjusted to give extra lumbar support. There are also some armrests and a lift control positioned under the seat itself.

This is a chair that could be suitable for a wide age range. It is well-made with some good features and with an attractive design. At this price point, it could be considered the Best Value Kids Desk Chair on the market.

DD-upstep Kids Desk Chairs

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • A great-looking chair that is well-made with good padding.
  • Some good adjustments with a strong base at a cost-effective price.


  • None.

Best Kids Desk Chair Buyer Guide – Buying The Right Chair

Best Kids Desk Chair Guide

There are plenty of things to consider when you are buying a chair for a young person.

The Seated Position

To get a good seated posture, the same rules apply for kids as they do for adults. Ideally, a child should be able to have their feet flat on the floor with their legs bent at a 90-degree angle. If they are typing, then their wrists should be about the same height as the keyboard.

With the best will in the world, that will not be easy, but you will be able to get close. You, therefore, need to look at the number and what kind of adjustment options each chair offers.

How much time will they use it every day?

This is an important question. If they are going to be seated for lengthy periods, what we have just mentioned will be relevant. Also important is the comfort level.

However, if they are only going to be in the chair for 30 minutes a day, those issues become less important.

What will they use the chair for?

Best Kids Desk Chair Love

Is it studying, computer work, or possibly gaming? If it is to study, then the chair needs to be adjustable to a proper height. This will also apply to computer work. Gaming, however, will need a stronger build, especially in the seat back area. You don’t want them getting excited and breaking the chair by jumping back on it.

At the end of the day, there is one other consideration that is important. The child themselves must like it.

Which chairs are the best gaming chairs for kids?

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So, what is the Best Kids Desk Chair?

Comfort with a little bit of style is what we would look for. Adjustments are important so as the child grows; the seat can accommodate them. But other fittings like armrests are not important.

We would therefore pick the…

TechOrbits Kids Desk Chair

A nice chair with plenty of features and our choice as the Best Chair for a Kids Desk you can buy.

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