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Top 5 Best Luggage Trackers To Buy In 2023 Review

Have you ever stood next to the baggage carousel waiting for your bag as everyone else is collecting theirs? You start getting that sinking feeling as the number of people and bags becomes less and less?

Or maybe you just have that gut feeling that somebody has been through your belongings? Well, there is an affordable solution for these issues you may not have even known existed.

Top 5 Best Luggage Trackers To Buy In 2023 Review

So, let’s go through the best luggage trackers currently available and find the perfect one for you…

Top 5 Best Luggage Trackers In 2023 Review

  1. Spytec GL300 – Most Advanced Real Time GPS Tracker for Luggage
  2. TKStar TK901 – Smallest Real Time GPS Luggage Tracker
  3. Rinex Smart Tracker – Best Bluetooth Audible Tracker for Luggage
  4. LugLoc Luggage Tracker – Best GSM Luggage Tracker
  5. Tarriss TSA Search Alert – Best Luggage Tampering Tracker

1 Spytec GL300 – Most Advanced Real Time GPS Tracker for Luggage

We will start with this real-time tracking device by Spytec. Small enough to be discreetly attached to just about anything, like a set of keys, belt, or backpack. This device isn’t restricted only for luggage; there’s a range of other uses.

You can know that your child has arrived safely at school by attaching it to their backpack. Or maybe your teenager wants to borrow your car? Now you’ll know exactly where they are at all times.

High tech features…

A built-in accelerometer turns on the device when it’s moving and turns it off when still to conserve power. The fully charged battery will last you up to two and a half weeks, and you will automatically receive an alert when it’s running low.

It’s possible to set up alerts for when the device enters or leaves certain areas on a map. For example, you can have an alert when your child arrives at school and another when they leave.

Is it easy to use?

Once you download the app, which is available for both Android and iOS, you’re ready to go. We found the Spytec app intuitive and easy to use. However, it does require a monthly subscription service, which is an added cost to consider.

You can choose whether you prefer to receive alerts via email or SMS. It can even be set based on movement or speed. You’ll know if your teenager is going over the speed limit. This is much more than just a basic luggage tracker.

Spytec GL300

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Easy to use app.
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Long battery life.


  • More expensive option.
  • Monthly subscription fee for the app.

2 TKStar TK901 – Smallest Real Time GPS Luggage Tracker

Unlike the previous tracker, no subscription service is required. Well, with the tracker anyway. You do, however, need a SIM card for this device. These can be purchased very cheaply these days, and even a prepaid service will be fine.

This thing is tiny, measuring only 1.85 x 0.94 x 0.7 inches (47 x 23 x 17mm). We liked that there is a built-in magnet, making it easy to discreetly attach the device inside rather than outside.

Does it have great features too?

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery can provide up to 200hrs of use from a single charge. Included is free lifetime use of the app for both iOS and Android devices. Real-time tracking uses Google Maps.

The app is lacking the advanced options available with the Spytec. It is purely a tracking app, and you cannot set up alerts for speeds or boundaries. There is no email alert available; however, if you call the SIM number, you will receive an SMS with a link to the device location.

Can I use it for anything other than luggage tracking?

Due to its tiny size, this device can easily be hidden, making it difficult to be detected. It would be useful for placing on a bicycle if you need to leave it locked up in a public location for any length of time.

Another possibility is for sending important packages or documents. Weighing only 0.05 lbs (26 g), it can be easily added inside a parcel without a significant increase to postage costs.

TKStar TK901

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • No subscription fee for the app.
  • Real-time GPS tracking.
  • Tiny size and weight.


  • App lacks features.
  • SIM card is required.

3 Rinex Smart Tracker – Best Bluetooth Audible Tracker for Luggage

Keeping with the small trackers, this device is a little different. The advantage is there are no subscriptions at all necessary. This does, however, limit the functionality and tracking ability, as we will explain later.

Available in three different colors, green, red, or white. The small, lightweight design could be compared to a key tag. Powered by a single CR2032 lithium battery, it can provide up to three days of use.

How does it work?

First, download the app for either iOS or Android, then pair the device. Instead of using GPS, the device uses Bluetooth, which limits the range to around 33 feet (10 meters). An audible beep can be heard to help locate the device.

It can work both ways. Either the tracker beeps, or you can press the button on the front of the tracker, and your phone will beep. If using the app, it will let you know if you are either close or far from the device, but not give an exact location.

Are there any handy features?

GPS can be used to show the last location both devices were together. This can be useful if you have the device attached to your keys and you left them behind somewhere. Honestly, this is more suitable for misplaced items rather than tracking.

We did like the selfie function in the app. The device can be used as a remote to take a selfie from your smartphone or tablet. It will open the camera function; then, with a press of the button on the tracker, it will take a picture.

Rinex Smart Tracker

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • No subscriptions required.
  • Well-designed app.
  • Small and lightweight design.


  • Limited tracking functions.
  • No real-time GPS function.

4 LugLoc Luggage Tracker – Best GSM Luggage Tracker

We’ve shown you GPS trackers, Bluetooth trackers, and now we have a GSM tracker. This sits somewhere in between. It does not have the accuracy of GPS but can be real-time tracked using cell phone towers to provide an approximate location.

LugLoc does require a SIM, but it is included with the device. A subscription service is also required for full functionality. You can choose either a single month subscription or a discounted annual subscription.

Multiple tracking functions…

In addition to the GSM tracking function, LugLoc also supports Bluetooth. This gives the ability to set a proximity alert once your luggage is within 33-feet (10 meters). Great for knowing your luggage is about to arrive at the carousel or preventing you from leaving it behind at the bar.

The built-in lithium-ion battery is rechargeable using the included USB cable. A full charge can provide up to 15 days of use, ensuring both GSM and Bluetooth tracking is always available to you.

Well designed app…

One of the better apps we have used. The menus are easy to navigate with useful functions and alerts, such as when the battery needs to be charged. There is support for multiple Lugloc devices, so your whole family’s luggage can be tracked via the one app.

Even though the device uses GSM-GPRS technology, it has been approved for use with all airline authorities. The device is guaranteed not to interfere with critical avionic transmissions.

LugLoc Luggage Tracker

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Flexible subscription options.
  • Easy to navigate app.
  • Real-time and Bluetooth tracking combined.


  • Subscription service required.
  • Lacks the accuracy of GPS.

5 Tarriss TSA Search Alert – Best Luggage Tampering Tracker

Tracking luggage doesn’t always require fancy technology. Maybe you just want to know if your bag has been accessed or tampered with? With the TSA now legally allowed to invade everyone’s privacy in the name of security, this little device may interest you.

This product from Tarriss is essentially just a combination luggage padlock. It does, however, have one additional feature you won’t find on any ordinary luggage padlock. There is an indicator that will alert you if the lock has been accessed without the use of the combination.

Locked in features…

Numbers are on a large dial that is both easy to access and read. Using a three-dial number combination, it can be set and reset as many times as you like.

A flexible steel cable is used in place of the traditional solid steel U-shape. This makes it easier to thread the lock through whatever object it is you would like to secure.

Secure from security…

Being TSA approved means that agents can unlock and relock the device without having to break the lock itself. Since usually, you would have no way to tell if an agent has accessed your item, with this Tarriss lock, you will know straight away.

Constructed from high strength zinc-alloy, this lock is also incredibly durable. An affordable, secure option for those who just want that added peace of mind.

Tarriss TSA Search Alert

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Affordable option.
  • Durable construction.
  • TSA approved.


  • No location tracking.
  • Can still be opened easily.

Best Luggage Trackers Buying Guide

Mini GPS Tracker TKSTAR Anti-Theft Real Time Tracking on App Anti-Lost GPS Locator Tracking Device for Bags Kids Satchels Important Documents Luggage TK901

If you do a substantial amount of traveling for work or are lucky enough to travel often for leisure, you will most likely find any of these products useful. As covered, there are also many other uses besides luggage tracking specifically.

You can keep track of children, keys, wallets, deliveries, and even vehicles. But to know which of these products will suit your needs best? We will now help you decide with our in-depth buying guide.

Tracking only luggage?

If you are worried about lost luggage, then you will most likely need a device that offers real-time tracking. That means either GPS or GSM, and either of those will require some form of subscription service.

If you travel regularly, either the…

LugLoc Luggage Tracker or Spytec GL300

…are both fantastic. The Spytec can also easily be used for many other applications as well. The LugLoc being more specifically designed for luggage.

Misplaced items?

 Bluetooth Key Finder – Key Locator Device with App, Siri Compatibility, Extra Battery – Anti-Lost GPS Keychain Tracker Device for Phone, Luggage...

If you’re like us and always looking for your keys or wallet, then there’s a solution for you too. The…

Rinex Smart Tracker

…is a clever device that is affordable and small enough to be easily attached to your personal items.

At a more advanced level, the

TKStar TK901

…offers real-time tracking using an affordable local SIM plan. Being so tiny and having that built-in magnet makes it great for keeping track of things like bicycles or electronic devices.

Coming up next, we will reveal what we think is the best overall tracker and why.

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Back to the best trackers for luggage…

So, What Are The Best Luggage Trackers?

There is a significant variance between the budgets and capabilities of all these trackers. For us to decide which we think is the best overall, we have created some categories to measure against.

The tracker must be fit for purpose, have great functions, and represent value for money. The device we believe performs in all of these areas the best is the…

LugLoc Luggage Tracker

Perfect for tracking luggage via a user-friendly app, along with having affordable, flexible subscription options, make it our top pick.

Safe travels!

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