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Best Network Switches For Gaming In 2023 – Top 7 Rated Reviews

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of digital adventuring, exploring, and an occasional competitive game with your friends? If this is you, having a fast ethernet switch is crucial. But let’s be honest; choosing the best network switch for gaming can be challenging.

The last thing you want is for your game to have a lag spike. And no matter how fast your internet is, if you don’t have the right switch powering your play, your connection can stutter and sometimes even fall off the face of the earth.

Our seven Best Network Switches for Gaming prevent this. And no matter which of these switches you chose, you will never have to deal with these problems again, ever!

So let’s go through them and find the perfect network switch for your gaming needs…

Best Network Switches For Gaming In 2023 – Top 7 Rated Reviews

Top 7 Best Network Switches For Gaming In 2023 Review

  1. Ubiquiti UniFi Switch – Best 24 Port Managed Network Switch for Gaming
  2. TP-Link T1500G 8 Port Gigabit PoE Switch – Best 8 Port PoE Network Switch for Gaming
  3. TP-Link TL-SG105 – Best Budget Network Switch for Gaming
  4. TRENDnet TEG-S24DG 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit GREENnet Metal Switch – Best Powersaving Network Switch for Gaming
  5. Linksys SE2800 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch – Best Plug and Play Network Switch for Gaming
  6. TENDA 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch – Best Affordable Splitter for Gaming
  7. TP-Link 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch – Best Value for the Money Network Switch for Gaming

1 Ubiquiti UniFi Switch – Best 24 Port Managed Network Switch for Gaming

The Ubiquiti UniFi is one of our favorite managed network switches. The design, performance, features, and how well it works with other UniFi products takes it to another level.

Design-wise, it’s simple with a lovely white/silver design with the UniFi logo neatly placed on the left and all 24 ports on the right. On the back, you find the connection for the power supply, some info, and an ethernet port for connecting via console.

Great build quality…

The quality is outstanding all around, and it has a sturdy and robust build. The model we tested has 24 ports, but it’s also available with 8, 16, or 48 ports, depending on how many you need. Every port is a Gigabit port, and there are two additional 1G SFP ports, should you need more.

These dedicated ports allow you to connect two more ethernet cables, or you can connect fiber-optics directly to the switch. But this requires you to install a fiber-optic SPF module. All ports are capable of pushing PoE+, which helps get more power to other devices, like UniFi access points or cameras.

What makes it stand out from the competition?

Well, that has to be the UniFi controller software. It’s easy to set up, works immediately from the get-go, and manages the entire network. If you have other UniFi products, they perfectly sync and work incredibly well with each other. Using the network controller also allows you to set up full-time users, guest users, and hotspot support.

It also features advanced monitoring, upgrading firmware, and more. However, be advised that the switch does run quite hot, and can get a bit noisy, something to consider when choosing where to install it. You don’t want to put it in a place where you spend a lot of time.

Our verdict

The Ubiquiti UniFi can appear expensive compared to other network switches offering the same number of ports and performance. But, the build quality and the UniFi network controller make it worth every extra penny, especially if you use other UniFi products. We highly recommend this product.

Ubiquiti UniFi Switch

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Two SPF ports.
  • Passive PoE+.
  • Uses 802.3af network protocol.
  • Unifi controller software.


  • It can seem expensive.
  • Loud and gets hot.

2 TP-Link T1500G 8 Port Gigabit PoE Switch – Best 8 Port PoE Network Switch for Gaming

Choosing a full-blown managed switch can sometimes seem overwhelming, but you don’t want to settle for an unmanaged switch, leaving you with zero control. Luckily, the Tp-link T1500G is a smart switch that sits somewhere in between.

It strikes up the perfect balance between managed and unmanaged switches. It still has all the useful features you are looking for, but without the higher price tag found on managed switches.

Eight Ethernet ports with PoE+…

The T1500G has eight Ethernet ports, all of which are Gigabit. Like the Ubiquiti UniFi, the ports are also PoE+ compliant, which gives you more flexibility when structuring your home network. If you want to connect wireless access points, security cameras, or other devices, the PoE+ lets you do so without having to dedicate a power supply to each one. All you need is a single ethernet cable.

Should you need more ports, the T1500G is also available with 16, 24, and 48 ports.

A lot, but is it enough?

The only real limitation with this switch is the 110W power supply. Most people won’t use even close to this, but it’s good to know.

The bundled features on the T1500G are numerous, and thanks to its smart capabilities put this switch in many people’s top choices. Port mirroring, loopback detection, and cable diagnostics are just a few. These features may not seem very useful if you want to hook up a switch to your gaming PC, but they help your network’s overall management.

Design and interface…

If we look at the design, it looks just like any other network switch. The quality feels nice and well made. The front panel looks nice, and the LED indicators are easy to read.

The web interface used to configure the switch is fundamental and doesn’t offer a vast amount of functionality. However, this can be seen as a positive because configuring the switch becomes a lot easier, but it also results in missing features usually found on other smart switches.

The T1500G is quite loud, particularly under heavy load. We ended up moving it quite a long way from our gaming desk because the noise was getting annoying while playing games.

Our verdict

The T1500G may lack many features that other smart features have, but it does have a lower price. The fact that every port is PoE+ enabled is a nice touch that can prove to be very useful. For these reasons, we can recommend the Tp-link T1500G as one of the best low cost network switches for gaming.

TP-Link T1500G 8 Port Gigabit PoE Switch

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Affordable.
  • All ports are PoE+ enabled.
  • Features that give you control over the network.
  • Easy and fast configuration.


  • Loud under heavy load.

3 TP-Link TL-SG105 – Best Budget Network Switch for Gaming

If you are on a bit of a budget but want the advantages of using Ethernet over an intermittent Wi-Fi connection, we can recommend the TP-link TL-SG105.

TP-Link took out all excitement from this switch, but this results in the TL-SG105 being inexpensive while still useful.

High-speed Gigabit ports…

It’s a five-port, unmanaged switch that simply adds to the number of Ethernet ports that your router can supply. All five ports are full-duplex, Gigabit ports, ensuring that the data is processed at speeds up to 2,000Mbps. This makes it useful not only for gaming but also for expanding your high-performance network.

Although it’s small, the metal casing is sturdy, shielding the RJ45 ports. The fanless design also makes it quiet while at work. If you don’t want it to take up space on your desk, you can easily wall-mount it.

Basic but well featured…

Even though it’s an unmanaged switch, it still supports QoS, and IGMP snooping optimizes multimedia traffic transfer. It tends to drop speed when multiple devices are connected. With only two devices connected, we reached the promised rate of 1000Mbps, but as soon as we hooked up a third device, the speed quickly dropped to 100Mbps.

This was very surprising since it has five ethernet ports. Another issue is being disconnected for about one minute every time we connected a new device. Not really ideal if a family member connects a device while you are in the middle of an intense gaming session.

Our verdict

The TL-SG105 is very basic and does what it says but not more than that. It is very affordable, which makes it our recommendation for the best budget gaming switch. But don’t expect any miracles.

TP-Link TL-SG105

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Cheap.
  • Quiet.
  • Small and compact.


  • Drops to 100Mbps when more than two devices are connected.
  • It temporarily disconnects when you connect a new device.

4 TRENDnet TEG-S24DG 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit GREENnet Metal Switch – Best Powersaving Network Switch for Gaming

Next in our reviews of the Best Network Switches for Gaming, if you need a good number of Ethernet ports to connect your gaming PC and other devices, we can recommend the TRENDnet TEG-S24DG. Twenty-four high-speed Gigabit ports decorate this switch. They operate at 24Gbps, preventing bottlenecks and letting traffic flow almost seamlessly. It has a fanless design, which reduces energy consumption and lowers noise.

GREENnet technology for power saving…

Equipped with GREENnet technology, it further improves cost saving and power consumption by up to 70%. This is achieved by limiting port power consumption and using only the active ports. It automatically goes into standby mode if connected devices are off, and it detects the length of the Ethernet cables that are connected. The shorter cable you use, the less power is required.

Since it’s an unmanaged switch, it’s easily set up by powering it on and connecting your devices. The design is nothing special, and it looks like you would expect — a light-weight metal housing with LED indicators that show power, links, and activity.

High transfer rate…

The TEG-S24DG is full-duplex, which means that the maximum transfer rate is 2000Mbps. One minor flaw is the lack of rack ears, so you can’t install it in a network rack. But considering the outstanding quality and the price, it’s not a big deal.

Our verdict

The TEG-S24DG is a high-speed 24-port network switch with incredible capabilities. It’s affordable and well constructed. Power-saving features help lower costs and increase the life span of the switch. A good network switch that we can recommend if you need to connect a lot of devices.

TRENDnet TEG-S24DG 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit GREENnet Metal Switch

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • 24 high-speed ports.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Plug and Play.
  • Quiet.
  • Lifetime warranty from TRENDnet.


  • Hard to wall mount.

5 Linksys SE2800 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch – Best Plug and Play Network Switch for Gaming

The Linksys SE2800 is a reliable switch and a great way of expanding your home network. The eight ports allow you to connect just about any device, including printers, computers, consoles, and hard drives.

It’s excellent for gaming and file transfers since it can utilize speeds of up to 1000Mbps. The auto-sensing Gigabit ports 10, 100, and 1000 automatically detect what rate your devices can use.

No configuration or updates needed…

The SE2800 is a plug and play device, so all you need to do is connect your clients and start using them. It never needs to be configured; neither does it have any software that regularly needs updating. The performance lies in the QoS, which uses traffic prioritization technology, ensuring that the traffic flows smoothly.

The build quality is ok. It feels a bit flimsy since it’s made of plastic, but that shouldn’t deter you from buying it.

Our Verdict

The SE2800 is ideal for gaming and file sharing. The auto-sensing ports optimize the speed for each connected device. There are many power-saving features, including power-down on unused ports and sleep mode for inactive ports. The price is reasonable, and it’s the right network switch for anyone who doesn’t want to pay enormous amounts for managed switches.

Linksys SE2800 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Faster than standard Ethernet.
  • Plug and Play.
  • Auto-sensing ports.
  • Power-saving features.
  • Low noise during operation.


  • More expensive than many competitors.

6 TENDA 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch – Best Affordable Splitter for Gaming

The Tenda five-port Ethernet is an unmanaged switch, which is also available with 8 or 16 ports. But in this review, we focus on the 5-port version. Like the Linksys SE2800, it doesn’t require any software or configuration.

The design is minimal, and it measures 4 x 2.5”, making it easy to mount and store.

We would call this a splitter and not a switch…

This is more of an Ethernet splitter than a switch and will provide easy connectivity to your router and modem. You can connect gaming consoles, laptops, printers, and more using wired connections. The MDI/MDIX feature eliminates the need for crossover cables, and the RJ45 Gigabit ports seamlessly expand your network. TENDA offers lifetime tech support online, as well as a lifetime warranty.

The five ports feature 10, 100, 1000Mbps, and auto-negotiating. This allows the splitter to allocate speed and bandwidth for each connected device. It is capable of speeds ten times faster than standard Ethernet and eliminates bandwidth restriction bottlenecks.

Quality construction…

The housing is made from metal. It’s also fireproof and provides a better heat diffusion, making it safer to use. The design is compact, and the stylish color makes it fit in with almost any internal décor.

Our verdict

The Tenda 5 port is a splitter capable of high-speeds and best suited for extending your network. It has nice features, and the design feels solid. It works well for gaming even though it’s not the fastest switch/splitter available. The price is low, which makes the Tenda 5 port more attractive.

TENDA 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Compact design.
  • Stable connectivity.
  • Heat and fireproof.


  • Works better as a splitter.

7 TP-Link 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch – Best Value for the Money Network Switch for Gaming

Next up in our Best Network Switches for Gaming reviews, we have this flexible yet straightforward 5-port switch offers excellent value for money. Since it’s an unmanaged switch, it’s easy to set up, and no configuration is needed. The same goes for any software.

Equipped with an Ethernet splitter, it connects to your router and modem without any problems and gives you additional wired connections for laptops, gaming devices, printers, etc. If you want to expand your network, the ports offer 5, 10, 100, and 1000Mbps options with auto-negotiation. It also features MDI/MDIX.

Cost-effective and minimum noise…

It has a cost-effective desktop design without a fan, which keeps noise levels to a minimum. This makes it ideal to use in sensitive environments. The 802.3x flow control guarantees a reliable data transfer.

If you adjust the power consumption according to the cable length, it can automatically save up to 80% power.

Rapid response time…

Another added feature is the non-blocking switching architecture, which provides a faster response time. The network traffic is sped up between the sub-networks as it forwards and filters packets at the maximum wire and throughout speed.

Added is also a 2-year warranty and unlimited free 24/7 technical support.

Our verdict

If you want to save power and money, the TP-link 5-port switch is definitely worth considering. It isn’t as advanced as other switches, but it provides speeds up to 1000Mbps. If you consider the price, there is nothing to complain about. It will get the job done and is reliable. It is one of three quality budget-friendly options that we’ve featured in this review and is, in our opinion, the best.

TP-Link 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Plug and play.
  • Noiseless design.
  • Reliable data transfer.
  • Power saving up to 80%.
  • Saves both space and storage.


  • Made of plastic instead of metal.

Best Network Switches for Gaming Buyer’s Guide

TRENDnet 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit GREENnet Desktop Metal Switch, TEG-S24DG, Ethernet/Network Switch, 24 x 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 Ports

The following guide will go through the essential factors you need to consider before buying the best gaming switch. Starting with the…

Number Of Ports

This is probably the most crucial factor since it’s important you know how many devices you will connect to the switch.

The chances are you only have one or two gaming PCs that you want to connect, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have other devices you can also connect. Every device you connect to Ethernet will perform better because you can squeeze that ounce of extra power out of them.

The number of ports available on each switch varies from 4 to 48. We wouldn’t recommend buying a switch with only four ports because it most likely won’t be enough, but 8 to 24 usually does the trick. The last thing you want to do is have to order a new one because you didn’t have enough ports.

Managed vs. Unmanaged

The two most common network switches are managed and unmanaged. Unfortunately, most people don’t know the difference between the two. This can lead to uncertainties when deciding which switch to buy.

Unmanaged Switches

In general, unmanaged switches are already pre-configured by the manufacturers, and you can’t make any changes. They are often easier to use as they don’t need any setup and are considered plug and play. Unmanaged switches allow two connected devices to communicate with one another, and that’s it. Fortunately, that’s all you need when connecting your gaming PC.

Managed Switches

These, on the other hand, offer a lot more. They give you greater control over your home network and the devices connected to them. Monitoring your network is a lot easier with a managed switch as well. You will need to configure the managed switch to get the most of it, and they often have a higher price tag.

Somewhere in between these two types, you find the smart switches. They are often less expensive than the managed switches but still give you more control than the unmanaged switch. We prefer smart switches and highly recommend them since they provide a nice balance between cost and features that suit most people.

But if you are thinking of expanding your network even more in the future and you have the budget, you should buy a managed switch.


Speed is also an important factor to consider. Since you will connect your gaming PC to your router, the switch needs to handle large amounts of data at a fast rate. Buying a switch that isn’t up for the task is annoying and can result in lag during online gaming.

Not only are you more likely to lose the game, but it takes the joy out of your gaming experience. Make sure that the switch you buy has Gigabit ports. All seven switches we reviewed feature Gigabit ports. They offer the best performance and should be dedicated to your gaming PC and other devices in need of high speeds.

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So, What Are The Best Network Switches For Gaming?

The seven network switches for gaming that we’ve covered in our review are the best currently available. They all provide the connectivity and performance needed to make the most out of your gaming experience.

In conclusion, you should consider how many ports you need, how much control you want over your network, the data transfer rate from each port, and if you need additional features like PoE.

In our opinion, the best network switch for gaming is, without a doubt, the…

Ubiquiti UniFi

It has 24 ports, is managed, and every port has PoE+. It doesn’t only look nice but was designed for gamers. The price may be too much for some, but if you can afford it, go for it.

However, if you don’t want to spend that kind of money, we recommend the…

TP-link T1500G

It’s a smart switch giving you control over your network and filled with useful features.

There you have it; the top two best gaming network switches you can buy.

Happy gaming!

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