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Top 6 Best Office Chair With Massage To Buy In 2023 Review

There are certain things we all sometimes take for granted. Our health is often one of them. In the last 40 years, the working practices for some have changed. Moreover, forty years ago, if you were an office worker, you went to an office.

Therefore, forty years ago, the idea of finding the best office chair with massage wasn’t something you would ever consider.

Nowadays, many office workers do at least part of their job at home. And those that run their own businesses now often work exclusively from home. Even the ‘one-man-band’ businesses are largely based at home.

More time seated…

If we are to spend more and more time on a computer screen, we must ensure that our backs and other parts of our body are protected. This is where a good chair becomes vital. But a good chair with a massage? Even better.

There is a wide variety of chairs that include a massage function, so let’s take a look at the best currently on the market and find the perfect one for you…

Top  6 Best Office Chair With Massage To Buy In 2023 Review

Top 6 Best Office Chair With Massage In 2023 Review

  1. Blue Whale Big Tall Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support – Best Vibrating Office Chair for Heavy People
  2. Flash Furniture Massaging Heat Controlled Adjustable Recliner – Best Office Recliner With Ottoman and Massage
  3. HOMCOM High Back Faux Leather Adjustable Heated Massage Office Chair – Best Rocking Office Recliner with Massage
  4. Home Office Computer Desk Massage Chair – Best Massaging Office Chair for Long Hours
  5. LKJH Massage Office Chair with Armrests and Footrest – Best Office Chair including Massage Pillow and Footrest
  6. Comfier Shiatsu Back Massager – Best Office Chair Massage Accessory Add On

1 Blue Whale Big Tall Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support – Best Vibrating Office Chair for Heavy People

This chair is advertised as a gaming chair. But don’t let that fool you. It is just as suitable for most office seating requirements.

What appears to be the main difference with gaming chairs is that they often sit a little lower. Not the case with this one. Working at a standard 30-inch high desk will not be a problem.

The build…

Chairs have to be secure and well-made to support the user. This particular chair has a metal frame and is fitted with aluminum armrests. The five-legged base is made from heavy-duty metal and is fitted with a gas spring that is explosion-proof. It has dual casters on each of the legs.

It is made from a faux leather material that looks quite attractive, scratch-proof, and is easy to keep clean. Plus, it is filled with a high-density memory foam sponge. This is designed to be extra thick, as is the lumbar support and neck rest.

The sitting size…

The cushion for sitting is about twenty inches square. The cushioned backrest a total of twenty-three inches by thirty-three and a half inches. Plenty of room for even larger sized people. In fact, this chair will accommodate people weighing up to about 400 pounds.

Even the armrests have been designed to be spacious and restful. Measuring just under ten inches in length and three and a half inches wide, again, there is plenty of room. The armrests are adjustable, too.

Please note, though, that this chair weighs just over 52 pounds. That does give it some extra stability. But if you are moving it to areas where you cannot use the castors, then you might need some help.

Some great adjustment options…

It has a backrest adjustment from between 90 and 150 degrees and a rocking function of 20 degrees. It will, of course, rotate through a full 360 degrees.

The seat’s height can be adjusted by 2.75 inches. This gives an overall seat height of between 19.80 inches and 22.65 inches.

Lumbar massage…

The important point here, though, is the lumbar support massage. This is via a USB connection through the lumbar pillow. It is actually more of a gentle vibration than a full rotating massage. But it is enough to relieve pressure and stress on your back.

It’s certainly a great option to use during your working day and especially at the end of it. However, it must be understood that there will be some assembly to complete with this chair. Also that there are no adjustments possible to the base of the chair.

Blue Whale Big Tall Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Well-made with good materials.
  •  Able to support up to 400 pounds.
  • Massage operated through USB.


  • No adjustment of the base of the chair.

2 Flash Furniture Massaging Heat Controlled Adjustable Recliner – Best Office Recliner With Ottoman and Massage

Next up in our best office chair with massage reviews is an office recliner with a nice design and style. And to add to that, it is also comfortable and offers a massage feature. It is a chair that will provide a soothing massage wherever it is, in the home or in the office.

The design…

It has a reclining back that will make adjustments to your weight, an ottoman, and a swivel seat. As an alternative design feature, it has a circular base rather than legs with casters.

The armrests are wide and comfortable, and nicely padded, as are the seat and the back. All are filled with CAL 117 fire retardant foam. The seat measures 20 by 19.5 by 19.5 inches and the back 23 by 28 inches. The ottoman is 19 by 19 by 17 inches. It weighs a hefty 52 pounds.

Something extra…

A useful addition is the side pocket for storing magazines or newspapers. That helps to keep any excess clutter off your desk whilst still keeping them at hand. This is a nifty feature not often seen on most chairs.

All of the surfaces are an imitation ‘hybrid’ leather. That means it is about 20% leather and the rest made up of other materials. It is relatively thin, so care needs to be taken with it. It will wipe clean if there are any spillages.

Heat and massage…

It has five levels of massage intensity and nine modes that are operated at the press of a button on the remote control. They will massage not only your back and lumbar area but also your legs and thighs. The remote control will also control the heat level, and it has a built-in timer.

It is a comfortable recliner and exceptionally soft to the touch. The massage feature is operated by an electrical mains cord that needs to be plugged into a wall socket. It will need assembly, but all the tools are included.

Flash Furniture Massaging Heat Controlled Adjustable Recliner

Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


  • Attractive looking chair.
  • Ottoman included.
  • Heat and plenty of massage options.


  • Some may not like imitation leather.

3 HOMCOM High Back Faux Leather Adjustable Heated Massage Office Chair – Best Rocking Office Recliner with Massage

This impressive-looking chair from HomCom is set in what you might call an affordable price range.

The design…

It is designed to create proper weight distribution when you are seated, developing a favorable seated position. This is helped by the curved back design. That in itself will help to improve your circulation and relieve stress on the lumbar area.

It has high-quality padding in the seat, back, and armrests and has a PU imitation leather upholstery. This can be easily wiped clean of water or oil-based products with a damp cloth. The backrest can recline back to 135 degrees, and it also has a rocking movement feature.

A strong base…

The base is strong and sturdy and has a five-pronged design. It is fitted with non-scratch casters. Plus, it is certified by BIFMA. The seat can support weights up to 265 pounds.

There are plenty of seat adjustments, which makes it suitable for people with a range of heights.

Heating and massage…

The chair is designed to massage and relax not only your lower back but also your upper back and legs. It has a timing function that you can set for 15, 30, or 60-minute sessions. There are five separate massage modes and different massage techniques to choose from. These allow you to prioritize certain massage areas. There are also vibration options.

The heat option is available but is not considered to be the best around. It’s relatively weak in its intensity.

So, simple to use…

It is easy to operate using the remote control, which covers all the electrical functions. Other adjustments can be made by hand.

A very nice looking chair at an affordable price. However, being a cream-white color, it is going to take a little care to keep clean.

HOMCOM High Back Faux Leather Adjustable Heated Massage Office Chair

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Well-designed.
  • Great adjustment options.
  • Naturally good posture position.
  • Plenty of massage options.


  • The heating element is rather weak.

4 Home Office Computer Desk Massage Chair – Best Massaging Office Chair for Long Hours

This is another chair from HomCom, but this option has a more traditional design and look. It does, however, have heat and massage features again.

Six settings…

There are a variety of six massage options. These options range from providing back support to increasing the blood circulation in the legs. The choice for back massage includes both upper and lower back.

All heating and massage options can be controlled by remote control. Please note that the massage and heating options, as they do on many other chairs, work together. That is, you cannot turn the heat off while the massage is functioning.

The build…

It is a well-made chair that is nicely padded and upholstered with a soft PVC leather look-a-like. Unlike many chairs that are black, this has a more conventional brown finish.

Its dimensions are 24.4 by 26.8 by 43.7 by 47.6 inches. Its seat height can be adjusted between 17.3 inches and 21.3 inches, and it has a width of 21.3 inches. The chair’s back has lumbar support.

The armrests are well-padded, and the seat has a pneumatic gas-lift adjustment. This allows for the adjustment of the seat height as well as its position. The base is a five-legged design with casters.

Long hours seated…

This is a chair that will be comfortable to sit in for those long hours at a desk. Its design means that you may be able to avoid those niggling back problems that arise from long periods of sitting.

You will have to position this chair quite close to a wall mains socket, though, because of the length of the mains lead.

Home Office Computer Desk Massage Chair

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Nicely upholstered in brown.
  • Good padding.
  • Six options for massage.


  • Will need to be placed near a mains wall socket.

5 LKJH Massage Office Chair with Armrests and Footrest – Best Office Chair including Massage Pillow and Footrest

This is really an impressive-looking chair. And with the features it has been given, it must be a contender for the top office chair with massage.

Fabric material…

It is upholstered in a fabric material that has a soft texture. This is stain-resistant and waterproof. Being fabric helps with air circulation, and it has good air permeability in general. The cushions are all filled with Latex.

Latex is known to be a very resilient substance. It is slightly stiffer than ordinary foam, which for back support, is ideal. And as it does not deform easily, it is likely to last longer in the correct shape. This is especially important for the hips when seated.

Its build…

It is built with a footrest that is retractable and a lumbar support and waist pillow. The footrest is ideal for resting your legs during a work break. When you do not require it, you can retract it under the seat.

The base is a standard five-legged design with silent rolling casters. It will support a weight of 265 pounds. Moreover, the wheels rotate through 360 degrees, which makes any movements required easy. The cushions are a good size at 18 inches square, and the backrest measures 18 inches by 24 inches.


The height of the seat can be adjusted from 17 inches to 21.5. And there is a seat tilt angle up to 145 degrees. To change the seat’s height, it uses a pneumatic gas system.

How is the massage feature?

The massage operation is quite basic in this chair. It operates via a USB port to connect the power. The pillow provides the massage, and it’s removable from the chair if necessary.

Although this chair’s massage function has not got a lot of options, it does provide a gentle, relaxing respite. The chair itself is well-built and creates a good posture. This, in itself, relieves any unwanted pressure on your back. Therefore, we think this is a good option at an attractive price.

LKJH Massage Office Chair with Armrests and Footrest

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Attractive chair.
  • Good quality finish.
  • Creates good posture when seated.


  • Some may want more massage options.
  • No heat feature.

6 Comfier Shiatsu Back Massager – Best Office Chair Massage Accessory Add On

So far, we have been looking at chairs that offer a massage and sometimes heat solution to being seated for lengthy periods. But how about a back massager that will sit on top of your existing chair?

This is an option that is going to suit those who want more than just a simple back massage. It has plenty of massage and kneading options. This means it could be one of the best office chair accessories for those wanting to enhance their favorite office chair.

How does it fit?

This massager has a system of straps that attach it to the chair. It will fit just about every size. In fact, you are not only limited to your office chair. This will work equally well on any chair or even a sofa or couch.

Who is it for?

It is designed for people who need what amounts to a nearly full massage to soothe tired muscles. For those with severe back muscle pain who have pain from compressed discs, it is particularly suitable.

How does it work?

It uses a very innovative function that applies the sensation of different massage techniques. This means you can use a variety of pressure from simulated fingers, rolling and vibratory massage combined with heat.

The importance of this is that some massage techniques are applied to specific injuries or strains. Therefore, the rolling action will help to relieve tension in the muscles creating relaxation. Then, finger pressure is used to smooth out muscle knots. Finally, circulation is improved with heat and vibration.

Lifelike movement…

There are also four rotating nodes that simulate a neck and shoulder massage, copying the movement that you might expect from a therapist.

The massage for the back has a rolling motion to combat muscle pain. There are two massage heads. The width between them can be adjusted to reflect the position of the pain. There is also a back kneading function that features four rotating nodes that move across your back.

Specific area of massage…

If you have a specific area of your upper body you want to massage, this is possible using the Spot function. There is also a Zonal massage feature that concentrates the massage on specific wider areas. This could be the upper or lower back or a full back.

The full-back massage includes two pads worked by air compression for the hips and heat treatment. There are three intensity levels.

Gentle therapy if you prefer…

Finally, it has a gentle vibration option. This provides an easing of stiffness and stress in the back and hips. Whilst the massage option has many options and excels in performance, the heat is gentle. More warming than heating, it is not like a heating pad.

Given all the functions, we think the price point is attractive. It makes an excellent option for those seeking more massage options.

Comfier Shiatsu Back Massager

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Plenty of massage, vibration, and kneading functions.
  • Effectively treats sore muscles.
  • Attractive price point.


  • Won’t suit those who actually require a chair.

Best Office Chair With Massage Buying Guide

There are plenty of options around for a chair that will help to ease pain or reduce stress. But it is essential to decide exactly what you want from your chair. To do that, you need to consider the various functions and features of each chair.

What Do You Need?

 Blue Whale Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Pillow, PC Computer Video Game Racing Chair Reclining Executive Ergonomic Of

Would you prefer heat treatments or maybe a full Shiatsu massage function with plenty of nodes and adjustments? Or, will you need a footrest, or perhaps you might want to consider a chair that targets specific points on your body?

Possibly even a vibrating chair. The chairs we have looked at come with a variety of features and functions. Some may have useful features for you. But some may have things you don’t need.

Other Things To Consider

It should have plenty of adjustments to allow you movement and to be able to get your body position correct.

The seating should be soft, but not too soft. Ideally, the upholstery needs to be able to be cleaned easily. And it is a good idea to try and find a color of chair that will fit the decor of where it is located. Though we have to say, this shouldn’t be the prime factor in your choice.

Looking For More Options?

Flash Furniture Massaging Heat Controlled Adjustable Recliner and Ottoman with Wrapped Base in Black LeatherSoft

We have more specialized reviews to cater to those with varying needs. If you’re still undecided, why not browse our Best Big and Tall Office Chairs with 500 lbs Capacity, our Best Office Chairs for Short People Review, the Most Comfortable Office Chair for your hard-earned money, or our in-depth reviews of the Best Reclining Office Chair with Footrests available in 2023!

Though, many swear that the best solution for achy backs due to long working days is simply not to sit so much! Read our Best Standing Desks Reviews, the Best Standing Desk Converters Review, and our Best Tall Office Chairs for Standing Desks Review for more information.

Then again, the simplest things sometimes provide the best fix? If you’re looking for a practical approach, don’t miss our latest Best Back Supports for Office Chair Reviews and our popular Best Kneeling Chairs Review!

Back to the best massaging office chairs…

Which Best Office Chair With Massage Would We Choose?

We would prefer a simple chair with some basic function rather than an overkill of options.

Also, we would prefer a good looking chair that will provide good posture at all times. It would be useful for it to have a footrest that is retractable. We have therefore chosen the…

LKJH Massage Office Chair with Armrests and Footrest

This is a good chair with all the basic features at an attractive price point. Therefore, our choice for the ideal office chair with massage.

Whichever you choose, enjoy your massage!

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