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Top 7 Best Serta Office Chairs To Buy In 2023 Review

It wasn’t long ago that the majority of people sat on some very uncomfortable chairs in their office. The idea of looking for the Best Serta Office Chairs was unthinkable. Sure, the boss often had a comfy chair, but comfort in the cubicle was not on the radar.

It wasn’t until the 20th Century that changes began to occur. Chairs were now viewed as being important to a happy workforce. Some didn’t buy into it. But over time, it became clear that comfortable employees are usually productive employees.

But what are the important features?

Comfort comes high on the list but so do the practical elements. Not everyone is the same. So, you need to have adjustable chairs, varying sizes, and, let’s not forgot, something for the poor souls with bad backs. All of these things can be alleviated with a good chair.

Some companies have embraced the idea, and we are going to look at a range from one of them. But before we do, who are Serta?

About Serta

Founded in 1931, they’re probably better known for their mattresses than their chairs. They have been through some troubled times but have emerged from them all.

And they have had some major success. The “Sertapedic” mattress took that product to another level in the 50s, while in the 70s, their “Pillow Soft” mattress did the same.

But we are here to talk about chairs. If you look through the Serta catalog, you won’t find any.

So what is going on?

They partnered with True Innovations to produce their range of chairs. Their products are manufactured by True Innovations but marketed under the Serta name. Additionally, they have rolled out just over twenty different types of chairs.

With True Innovations being new to office equipment manufacture, and Serta being in the mattress business, new ideas started to flow. None of their design ideas are constrained by what an office chair “should be.”

So, let’s have a look at what they offer as we find the Best Serta Office Chairs for you…

Top 7 Best Serta Office Chairs To Buy In 2023 Review

Top 7 Best Serta Office Chairs In 2023 Review

  1. Motherboards For i9-9900K Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair – Best Serta Office Chair for Back Support
  2. Serta Executive Office Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Chair – Best Ergonomic Serta Office Chair
  3. Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair – Most Durable Serta Office Chair
  4. Serta Office Motion Technology Chair with Lumbar Support – Most Comfortable Serta Office Chair This is another excellent chair from Serta, but this one
  5. Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair – Best Value for the Money Serta Office Chair
  6. Serta Ashland Home or Office Chair – Best Budget Serta Office Chair
  7. Serta Production Office Chair – Best Lightweight Serta Office Chair

1 Motherboards For i9-9900K Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair – Best Serta Office Chair for Back Support

This chair from Serta was designed with the help of chiropractors. Its primary design aim was to provide specific support for your spine and back while you are working. If you have any back problems, then this chair is going to be worth a look.

The Design…

It incorporates what Serta calls “Air Lumbar” technology. The idea behind this is that the backrest of the chair will flex and bend slightly with your movement. This, in turn, offers some added protection to your spine.

It also has well-cushioned armrests, an elevated headrest, and a seat with a ‘waterfall edge.’ All of these combine to produce a comfortable and safe seating position that also helps circulation and reduces leg pressure.

Other features…

It has a nice look and is covered with bonded leather that has attractive stitching on the edges. This, of course, is not real leather but a reconstituted version. Apart from having a very attractive style, it also has a pneumatic lift that has a locking option. Likewise, the tension on the lift is adjustable.

It has a good quality build with a firm metal five-legged base with good quality casters. There is plenty of pillow padding on the seat, headrest, and back. The padding is a high-density foam that will keep its shape even with heavy use. And the backrest is perforated, which allows for more breathability.

An office throne…

It has a range of adjustments that make it suitable for both small and tall people. These include both height and tilt angle. It measures 25.75 inches wide by 29.75 inches deep. It will adjust in height from 42.75 to 46.5 inches. The total weight is just under 39 pounds.

A well-designed chair that is built for comfort. It is set at a very reasonable price point. As we said at the beginning, if you have a back problem, it is worth a look. After all, it’s probably the best office chair for back pain on the market.

Motherboards For i9-9900K Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Attractive design with plenty of cushioning and adjustments.
  • Air lumbar support technology to protect your back.


  • Bonded leather is not the hardest-wearing material, even though it looks nice.

2 Serta Executive Office Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Chair – Best Ergonomic Serta Office Chair

For those that spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen, this might be for you. It has certainly been designed to provide plenty of comfort, and it is probably the best computer chair for long hours in our review.

The Design…

This chair features a design that gives plenty of support for your back. This is courtesy of the lumbar area of the backrest having a contoured design. Add to that some very comfortable layered seating and backrest pillows, and you have one of the best office chairs with lumbar support on the market.

The armrests get the same soft padding treatment, which adds to the relaxed feel when seated. Furthermore, the seat has a waterfall edge. This is an important feature that helps to promote good circulation and reduces pressure on the back of the legs. It also helps to ward off fatigue during long working sessions.

Plenty of adjustments…

We are not all the same size and shape, thankfully. Therefore, a good chair needs to accommodate different seating requirements for individuals. This chair offers both height adjustments and reclining options, with a tilt-tension adjuster as well. Using these controls, you can find the perfect seated position.

The five-pronged base is sturdy, and each leg is fitted with a dual caster for smooth movement. The legs each have a footpad at the end to prevent any scuffing.

Bonded leather upholstery…

You may find that some descriptions call the upholstery leather. However, it is, in fact, bonded leather. This is a combination of materials in which leather has a small constituent part. Nevertheless, it is quite attractive and has nice contrasting stitching along the edges.

It measures 30 by 26 by 41.25 inches high and weighs 40 pounds. Additionally, it has a standard weight capacity of 250 pounds.

A nicely made chair with some good features at a very attractive price.

Serta Executive Office Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Chai

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Well-designed with plenty of lumbar support.
  • Plenty of adjustments to get a good seated position.


  • Only handles a load up to 250 pounds.

3 Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair – Most Durable Serta Office Chair

Moving away from what we have seen so far in upholstery, this chair offers something different. This chair is upholstered in microfibre material.

Microfiber is a very fine synthetic fabric that is known to be soft yet highly durable. The light beige color certainly adds a very attractive velvety-look to the chair. With its distinctive styling and useful features, this is easily one of the Best Serta Office Chairs.

The Design…

This is a swivel chair with layered body pillows and a soft headrest. The backrest features a contoured shape, which offers support for the lumbar region of your back. Even the armrests have soft padding over the sculpted arms. This means increased comfort on your arms and elbows.

Additionally, the seat includes a waterfall design that encourages good circulation and relieves added stress on the legs.

Excellent adjustment options…

The height of the seat is controlled by a pneumatic gas lever. This same lever will also engage the reclining mechanism, allowing you to lean back in comfort when you wish. The resistance of the recline can also be adjusted by turning the tensioning control.

A strong base…

The five-pronged base is well-built. Each leg has smooth dual-wheel rolling casters that will work on all surfaces and can rotate 360 degrees. In our view, chair wheels like these are a real bonus. That is because they are typically quite strong and offer convenient mobility while seated.

It measures 24.75 inches wide by 28.75 deep and has a height of 40.25, rising to 44 inches. Furthermore, the chair can hold up to 250 pounds in weight.

Looking for something different?

A great looking chair that is comfortable with plenty of adjustments. It is set at a great price point. If you are a bit bored with the same old office chair designs, this is worth a look.

Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Great styling and design.
  • Plenty of comfort and adjustment features built-in.


  • Will only hold up to 250 pounds weight.

4 Serta Office Motion Technology Chair with Lumbar Support – Most Comfortable Serta Office Chair

This is another excellent chair from Serta, but this one is just a little bit different. This chair is slightly smaller than most of the other options we are looking at. It measures 26.25 inches wide by 27.75 inches deep. It has a height range from 38.25 inches up to 40.25 inches. Although at over fifty-one pounds, it is still quite heavy.

So while it is a nice chair in every respect, it is not going to suit tall people. If you are six foot or under, keep reading. If not probably time to move on.

Technology for back support…

One of the great assets this chair offers is something Serta calls “Back ‘n’ Motion” technology. It is designed to provide constant lumbar support no matter what position you are sitting in.

How does it work?

The center cushion and the rest of the seat will tilt as you begin to exert backward pressure and lean into it. So leaning forward, backward, or to the side, your back receives constant support. That said, it is not only well-designed for back support but is also extremely comfortable in many other ways.

The backrest and seat are heavily padded with high-density foam. This ensures that the insides stay firm. The upholstery is black bonded leather.

The Design…

We have commented on bonded leather when talking about other chairs on this list, so no need to repeat ourselves. However, if you are looking for ‘real’ leather, then be prepared for a financial shock. Bonded leather does fill a gap in the market for a cheaper alternative.

The seat has waterfall edges, again a good design feature for the legs and for reducing fatigue. The armrests are well-padded and adjustable. Finding a perfect seated position should be easy. The base is a five-pronged design that also has foot pads to prevent the legs from being scratched.

Good value for the features…

A very well-designed chair with plenty of good design points, especially the Back ‘n’ Motion technology. Considering the features included, it comes in at a very attractive price point.

Serta Office Motion Technology Chair with Lumbar Support

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • The Back ‘n’ Motion technology is a big asset.
  • Good build with plenty of adjustments.
  • Attractive price point.


  • Not built for taller people.

5 Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair – Best Value for the Money Serta Office Chair

Next, in our Best Serta Office Chairs review, one of the most important factors in chair manufacturing is how much weight it will hold safely. We aren’t all the same size. In the previous review, we looked at a chair that was not suitable for taller people. This, on the other hand, is a great big and tall office chair since it can handle up to 350 pounds.

Comfort as a standard…

Being able to carry weight is one thing; being comfortable with it is another. This chair pulls no punches when it comes to comfort. It has a larger seating area and wings on the sides that offer further comfort and support.

There is a larger than usual headrest as well as a larger area that supports the shoulders. There is adjustable lumbar support controlled by a knob positioned conveniently on the right side of the chair.

Comfort and protection…

Sitting at work for lengthly periods requires a chair that will reduce fatigue. To ensure that this chair offers protection to your body, it features a waterfall edge seat along with padded armrests.

In our view, the armrests and their styling are one of the main design highlights of this chair. They bring to mind the Victorian designs of days past that were once all the rage in the Uk and elsewhere. The sculptured design and the look means this is a superb Serta executive desk chair.

A quality build…

It is by design a large chair, measuring 27.25 inches wide and 30.5 inches deep. It has a height range of 43.50 to 47 inches. The chair itself weighs 56 pounds.

Everything about this chair has been made to be luxurious; even the controller for the height has a bonded leather covering. And let’s not forget, it uses high-quality, long-lasting foam for all the padded areas.

A truly sophisticated chair at a great price.

Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • A great design able to hold weight up to 350 pounds.
  • Well-fitted and made with quality materials at a very attractive price point.


  • Some may prefer black upholstery.

6 Serta Ashland Home or Office Chair – Best Budget Serta Office Chair

This chair from Serta moves away from the standard office chair design. It sits somewhere between a chair you might find at home and one you would use in the office.

The Design…

This chair is quite minimalistic in its approach. Being basic and simple, it’s easy to argue that it has little to offer in terms of easing fatigue after a long day. There is no extra padding or lumbar supports and no waterfall edges to the seat. Like we said, a basic chair.

The dimensions are quite modest compared with some. It measures 25.5 inches wide by 18.75 inches deep. The height ranges from 34.8 inches to 36.75 inches, so it only has a two-inch adjustment. Some good news is that it will hold up to 250 pounds in weight.

The base is chrome finished, and there are five legs, each with a rolling caster. It is finished in textile material with a studded back. The backrest and seat are filled with generous helpings of comfy memory foam. Memory foam is a step up in comfort level from ordinary foam. It offers a much softer spot to sit.

Who is it for?

This design is one that is not well suited for tall people. The backrest is not high and will not allow you to lean back. Likewise, the depth of the seat would be restrictive. For a tall person, this will be a problem.

This is probably not a chair you would want to spend more than three or four hours in. But if you are looking for a chair that would suffice for a few hours a day, this is perfect. However, it could well be the best affordable office chair for short people.

In our opinion, you would certainly have to go a long way to find a better-looking chair. Set at an attractive price point, this represents a different kind of office chair option.

Serta Ashland Home or Office Chair

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Impressive design features and styling.
  • Soft and comfortable at an attractive price.


  • Not suitable for all-day sitting.

7 Serta Production Office Chair – Best Lightweight Serta Office Chair

Finally, we complete our look at what Serta has to offer with this simple chair. In many ways, it is far more basic than any of the chairs we have looked at so far. But it still carries a few good features.

The Design…

It has a well-padded cushioned seat but no waterfall edge. The seat has a nylon covering, along with a mesh backrest and pretty good lumbar support. Some people prefer a mesh backrest. It allows the chair to breathe and lets airflow around and through. Therefore, it is often not hot. The arms are not padded, but they are adjustable. The seat has a swivel action that will move with you. At the base is a five-legged system with rolling casts.

It is quite modest in size and only weighs twelve pounds. The dimensions are 21.5 by 26 by 38.5 inches. It has a locking height control that will lift the seat height about three and a half inches.

What is it used for?

This chair has a minimalist design and is probably not designed for lengthy use. Its lack of soft padding in certain areas indicates it may be for short term use only.

A nicely designed chair and the mesh backrest is a plus. But if you are looking for all-day comfort, this probably isn’t the chair for you. However, if you need a chair for occasional office use in a designated area, this could fit the bill.

Serta Production Office Chair

Our rating:3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)


  • Mesh back with lumbar support.
  • Minimalist in design and very lightweight.


  • Not suitable for all-day use.

Looking For Something Else?

Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair with Wood Accents Adjustable High Back Ergonomic Lumbar Support, Bonded Leather, Chestnut Brown

Staying comfortable while you work is essential these days. With that in mind, check our in-depth Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Back Pain Reviews, our Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Reviews, our Best Big and Tall Office Chairs Review, our Best Back Supports for Office Chair Reviews, and our review of the Best Reclining Office Chair with Footrest you can buy in 2023.

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What Are The Best Serta Office Chairs?

Indeed, Serta is not the first name you think of when it comes to office furniture. There are other more well-known brands with a wider range. However, if you are looking for an office chair that won’t wreck your back, Serta is a good place to start.

Most of the chairs we have looked at here are conscious about health. And we can tell you from experience that a bad back is the last thing you need. You wouldn’t believe how restrictive it is if you suffer from it. So any chair that offers some form of support is always a very good thing.

We looked at quite a variety of chairs and are impressed with just about all of them. If we were to choose one, we would pick the…

Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

This is a chair that has it all as far as we are concerned. And just like all the Serta chairs, it is set at a very attractive price point.

If you are looking for chairs for the office, check out Serta. You won’t be disappointed.

Until next, see you around the water cooler.

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