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Top 5 Best Wi-Fi Endoscope In 2023 Review & Buying Guide

It wasn’t long ago that an endoscope would only have been used in the medical field. It is essentially a small camera on a long cable that can be used to view small areas on a big screen.

If you need visual access inside a tight space, then one of these will definitely come in handy. And the best thing is that you don’t need to spend too much money on one. In fact, there are many very affordable endoscopes currently on the market.

So, let’s see what’s available and find the best Wi-Fi endoscope for your money…

Top 5 Best Wi-Fi Endoscope In 2023 Review & Buying Guide

Top 5 Best Wi-Fi Endoscope In 2023 Review

  1. Depstech 5 MP Wireless Endoscope – Most Stable Wi-Fi Endoscope
  2. Jecoo Wireless Endoscope – Best High Res Long Feed Wi-Fi Endoscope
  3. Muson Wireless Endoscope Camera – Best Entry Level Wi-Fi Endoscope
  4. Depstech 2 MP Wireless Endoscope – Best Video Quality Wi-Fi Endoscope
  5. Turn Raise WiFi Wireless Phone Endoscope – Longest Feed Wi-Fi Endoscope

1 Depstech 5 MP Wireless Endoscope – Most Stable Wi-Fi Endoscope

For our first product, we have this neat package from Depstech. Not only is seeing hard to reach areas now possible, but there are also three useful attachments included too. The mirror, magnet, and hook assist with both identifying and retrieving objects.

Utilizing the latest technology, you can wirelessly connect to your smart device as a screen. The camera itself will provide a clear, high-resolution picture that is far beyond what would be expected for this price range.

Clear in any environment…

Thanks to the IP67 rated waterproofing, there is no issue with feeding the camera into wet environments. Bluart 2.0 Technology produces an improved optical view by reducing overexposure.

Featuring a 5 MP camera lens provides a picture resolution of 2592 x 1944, ensuring sharp, clear images. By using CAMTELE 2.0, the focus range is expanded, meaning both stills and video will have a broader and sharper view.

Live a long life…

Power is supplied by a built-in 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Up to four hours of battery life is possible off a single charge. Once charged, you can connect to your smart device via Bluetooth, featuring dual antennas for a stronger and more stable connection.

Because the cable is semi-rigid, this greatly assists in aiming the device towards the area attempting to be inspected. By bending the cable into your desired shape, this makes it perfect for drains, pipes, and awkwardly shaped areas.

Depstech 5 MP Wireless Endoscope

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Bluart 2.0 reduces overexposure.
  • Three useful attachments are included.
  • Semi-rigid cable.


  • Limited lighting capabilities.
  • Difficulty focusing on close areas.

2 Jecoo Wireless Endoscope – Best High Res Long Feed Wi-Fi Endoscope

For our next product, we have this endoscope from Jecoo with an impressive 16.5ft (five meter) cable. You also get those handy attachment tools of the mirror, magnet, and hook, which are all great for retrieving lost items.

Connecting to your smart device is easy. First, charge the camera, and then download the App, which is available on both iOS and Android. Once the App is installed, search via Wi-Fi for the SSID WiFiLook and connect. There is no password required.

It will go where you can’t…

Charging the endoscope is done using the included USB cable. A built-in 2600 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery can provide up to five hours of use off a single charge and always ready to go when you are.

Wet, dusty, and muddy areas are no problem for the Jecoo, thanks to the IP67 rated waterproofing. Because the cable is semi-rigid, this not only helps with feeding the camera, but you can also shape it for entering pipes and tubes easily.

Clear and sharp images…

The camera itself is 5 MP with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1920, offering clear and sharp images. There are eight built-in LED lights that are fully adjustable for reducing overexposure on both pictures and videos.

A focal distance of 1.5 to 16-inches (3.8 to 40 centimeters) allows for a wide range without the need for adjustment. Moreover, having a zoom function means that you can enlarge the picture for closer inspection and further detail.

Jecoo Wireless Endoscope

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • 16.5ft (five meter) cable.
  • Eight adjustable LED lights.
  • Semi-rigid cable.


  • Poor performance in more open dark areas.
  • Wi-Fi box is not waterproof.

3 Muson Wireless Endoscope Camera – Best Entry Level Wi-Fi Endoscope

While the former two products have featured 5 MP cameras, this endoscope from Muson has a 2 MP camera. Don’t let that dissuade you, though, as it still provides a clear picture, including in wet environments, thanks to the IP67 rating.

Connection between the endoscope and your smart device can be achieved using Wi-Fi. First, download the inskam App, available on both iOS and Android. Then look for the Wi-Fi SSID inskam, then enter the password 12345678. Now you’re ready to go.

Adjustable camera settings…

You can adjust the resolution from between 240p up to 1200p. This can then be matched to your screen resolution in order to provide a clearer, more detailed picture. Video will then be sent from the endoscope to your smart device at 300 Mbps.

Seeing in dark areas is possible courtesy of the six in-built LED lights around the camera lens. The brightness is fully adjustable through the App, making it easier to achieve a clear picture that isn’t overexposed.

Power accessories…

A built-in lithium-ion 2600 mAh rechargeable battery gives up to three hours of operation off a single charge. Not the longest battery life, but still enough to get you by. Recharging is done using the included USB cable.

Together with the endoscope is the attachment accessory pack. Like the other products, this includes a hook, mirror, and magnet. Perfect for getting hold of a ring down the sink or some keys down a small crevice.

Muson Wireless Endoscope Camera

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Adjustable resolution.
  • Built-in adjustable LED lights.
  • Attachment accessories included.


  • Lower resolution.
  • Shorter battery life.

4 Depstech 2 MP Wireless Endoscope – Best Video Quality Wi-Fi Endoscope

Now we have our second product from Depstech. Featuring an 11.5ft (3.5-meter) semi-rigid cable, this device is excellent for air-conditioner inspections, auto maintenance, wall inspections, appliance repairs, pipe inspections, and more.

Connecting the endoscope to your smart device follows basically the same process as the other products. You are best off downloading the Depstech-Wi-Fi App for Android or the DEPSTECH App for iOS before connecting via Wi-Fi.

Clear images…

Even though the camera is only 2 MP, a resolution of up to 1080p is possible. Greatly assisting in providing superior picture quality is the camera chip. Video arrives on your device at 30 fps offering smooth motion without jittering.

Instead of using white light LEDs, the Depstech uses six blue LEDs, improving picture quality. Plus, instead of the light brightness being controlled via the App, there is a control wheel on the Wi-Fi box, which we found much more accurate.

And that’s not all…

Using fixed focus instead of a zoom focus allows for a broader range of depth without the need for adjustment. The camera can focus on objects between 2.76 and 15.7-inches (7 and 40 centimeters) away at all times.

Of course, the three attachments are included being the hook, magnet, and mirror. These really do come in handy, especially when you drop things in those small crevices in your car.

Retrieval is a much less frustrating experience.

Depstech 2 MP Wireless Endoscope

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Built-in blue LED lights.
  • 30fps smooth video.
  • Up to 1080p resolution.


  • Not great for focusing on close objects.
  • Shorter cable than other products.

5 Turn Raise WiFi Wireless Phone Endoscope – Longest Feed Wi-Fi Endoscope

The Turn Raise Endoscope is available in two different lengths. You have a choice of 16.4-feet (5-meters) or 33-feet (10-meters). Having the incredibly long cable available makes this product great for plumbers and air-conditioning technicians.

Just like all the other devices, connection between the endoscope and your smart device is made using Wi-Fi. Video and picture playback can be completed using the App, with both pictures and videos automatically saving to your smart device’s gallery.

See in the dark…

We have seen both white and blue LEDs on the other products for seeing in dark areas. The Turn Raise uses six yellow LEDs. You can notice a slight yellow color when you look on your screen; however, it does an excellent job of lowering overexposure.

The lights’ brightness can be adjusted using the dial on the side of the Wi-Fi box. Thanks to the IP67 waterproof rating, not only can you see in the dark, you can see underwater too.

Picture quality…

There are three adjustable resolutions to choose from. These include 480p SD, 720p HD, and 1200p (almost) FHD. The pictures received on our Samsung Tablet were of decent quality, and there were minimal focusing issues.

Being one of the more affordable endoscopes on our list makes up for the slightly lower picture quality. While the resolution is sufficient, the video playback isn’t as smooth as some of the other products.

Turn Raise WiFi Wireless Phone Endoscope

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Available with 33-feet (ten meter) cable.
  • Easy to use App.
  • LED lights work well at reducing over-exposure.


  • Video playback isn’t as smooth.
  • Cable can be a little too rigid.

Best Wi-Fi Endoscope Buying Guide

Wireless Endoscope,DEPSTECH Upgrade 5.0MP HD WiFi Borescope, 16 inch Focal Distance

Now that we’ve shown you these great value products, it’s now time to decide which one fits your needs best. Each has slightly different levels of features and uses different quality components and materials.

That is why we always put together a helpful buying guide for you. We will start by identifying the key differences between these products. Hopefully, this will then help you make that final decision.

For home or professional

Perhaps you are looking for something to keep around the home that can be pulled out occasionally. If this is you, then we would recommend either the Muson or the TurnRasie. Both are affordable and offer great features like LEDs and IP67 ratings.

For the professional, you may require a more detailed picture or video for use with inspection reports. That requires a more powerful camera. Either the Depsteach 5 MP or the Jecoo offer superior picture quality compared to the other products.

Cable length

Depending on your application, you might need something with a bit more length, especially if you need to inspect long runs of pipes. This could include extensive plumbing or even air conditioning vents.

There are two options available here if you need that longer cable. The Jecoo offers a 16.5-feet (five meter) cable, while the TurnRaise is available with a 33-feet (ten meter) cable. The Jecoo is more expensive but does offer a much better camera.

If this buying guide still hasn’t helped with your decision, then maybe our last section will. Join us as we decide which is the best WiFi endoscope on our list and why, but before that…

Are You A Fan Of Wireless Technology?

Wireless Endoscope 5.0MP HD WiFi Borescope Semi-Rigid Cable IP67 Waterproof Snake Inspection Camera with 2600mAh Battery for iOS and Android Smartphone &

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Back to the best WiFi endoscopes for your money…

So, What Is The Best Wi-Fi Endoscope?

To help us decide which of these products is the best, we have taken the following aspects into consideration. The product must be of high quality, offer great features, and at the same time, represent excellent value. The one we feel achieves all of these qualities is the…

Jecoo Wireless Endoscope

Thanks to its 5 MP camera, generous cable length, and crisp, clear picture, this makes it our favorite product overall. We feel the slightly higher price is well justified by the Jecoo’s quality.

Whichever you choose, enjoy your new WiFi endoscope!

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