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Top 7 Best Wireless Numeric Keypads To Buy In 2023 Review

Have you suddenly found yourself needing to enter numerical information into your computer? If you only have the number keys along the top row of your keyboard, it can become very cumbersome very quickly.

Did you know that you can buy a wireless numeric keypad? They’re not very expensive and can save you a lot of time and frustration. Even if you only need to pull it out at tax time, it’s worth keeping one in the drawer.

Top 7 Best Wireless Numeric Keypads To Buy In 2023 Review

To make numerical data entry easier for you, we’re taking a look at the best wireless numeric keypads out there. So, let’s go through them and find the perfect one for you…

Top 7 Best Wireless Numeric Keypads In 2023 Review

  1. Lekvey 28 Key Wireless Keypad – Best Budget Bluetooth Numeric Keypad
  2. Jelly Comb N030 – Best Budget Data Entry Wireless Numeric Keypad
  3. HoRiMe L326 S – Best Aluminum Bluetooth Numeric Keypad
  4. Foloda Numeric Keypad – Best Cheap PC Wireless USB Numeric Keypad
  5. Lekvey 34 Key Aluminum Keypad – Best Bluetooth Numeric Pad for Chromebook
  6. Acedada AC0009 – Best Budget Wireless USB Numeric Pad
  7. Macally BTNUMKEY – Best Budget Bluetooth Numeric Pad for Mac

1 Lekvey 28 Key Wireless Keypad – Best Budget Bluetooth Numeric Keypad

First up is this entry-level budget model. Being budget means reasonably basic; however, it does feature Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. Bluetooth is more stable and has less interference or lag than USB wireless 2.4GHz.

The keypad runs off two AAA batteries. It is small and lightweight with 28 functional keys. When pressing the keys, they are responsive and not too noisy.

Relatively well-connected…

This keypad is compatible with almost any operating system and device. Supported by all Windows versions from 98 to current. Surface Pro 3 and 4 are also supported. What about an Android device? Sure, why not!

Unfortunately, Chromebook is not supported. There are also restrictions on Mac OS and iOS. The keypad will work, but only the number keys. The calculator and function keys will not work with Apple products.

Functioning on a budget…

However, we were impressed by the amount of functionality for a budget device. In order to save power, after 15 minutes, the keypad will automatically power off. Simply touch any key, and it will power on again in under three seconds.

Additionally, being small and lightweight allows for easy portability and storage. Overall the range of connection options along with utilizing Bluetooth makes this a great budget buy.

Lekvey 28 Key Wireless Keypad

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Good value.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 enabled.
  • Wide compatibility options.


  • Not Chromebook compatible.
  • Needs batteries.

2 Jelly Comb N030 – Best Budget Data Entry Wireless Numeric Keypad

Next, we have another budget model. Instead of using Bluetooth, this device connects using a 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle. It is plug and play, meaning your computer will recognize it as soon as the dongle is connected to a USB port.

The small, compact, 22 key design is all black ABS plastic. And an ergonomic tilt ensures comfort for prolonged use. Just make sure you have a spare AAA battery as the keypad unit requires one for power, and it’s not included.

Working alongside each other…

Jelly Comb will work with both Windows and Mac computers. Although Apple supports the numeric keys, function keys are not supported. However, if you’re a Windows user, you can take full advantage of the shortcut and function keys.

Connection via the dongle can work from up to 33-feet away (10 meters). So if you need that sort of movement flexibility, this is the best wireless numeric keypad for you. Plus, once you’re finished with it, there is a storage compartment in the keypad unit—no more lost dongles.

What else can we expect?

Soft-touch keys make it a pleasure to crunch numbers. Key presses are short yet responsive. There is also minimum noise with each press making the Jelly Comb suitable for both the classroom and office.

A perfect addition for students doing their maths homework or even a small business owner. A handy little keypad that can easily be transported.

Jelly Comb N030

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Handy dongle storage.
  • Small and lightweight.
  • Affordable.


  • Battery powered.
  • No Bluetooth.

3 HoRiMe L326 S – Best Aluminum Bluetooth Numeric Keypad

Construction from aluminum gives a premium feel and look to the HoRiMe keypad. In addition to the numeric pad, there are also cursor keys and function keys. This makes the keypad a little larger than the others so far.

With 34 keys in total, even though larger, it is still light and portable. Connection is via Bluetooth 3.0, ensuring stability and reliability utilizing anti-interference technology.

Beauty and brains…

Bluetooth means more compatibility with more devices. The keypad can be used with Windows and Android devices with no problems. Apple users, however, will not receive full functions due to OS restrictions.

iPhones, iMacs, iPads, and Macbooks will connect, but only the numeric pad and cursors will work.

More handy features…

The device also uses a sleep function to conserve power usage.

There are two lithium-ion batteries built into the keypad. They are fully rechargeable using a USB cable. And discovered that the battery could last up to two weeks on just a 2-hour charge, which is excellent.

We found the keypad very comfortable to use. It is ergonomically designed and uses scissor-switch keys. That makes each keystroke soft, deliberate, and responsive.

HoRiMe L326 S

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • Bluetooth.


  • Higher in price.
  • Limited Apple compatibility.

4 Foloda Numeric Keypad – Best Cheap PC Wireless USB Numeric Keypad

This 22 key numeric pad from Foloda uses a USB dongle and 2.4GHz wireless technology. Constructed from ABS plastic and finished in all black. The keypad is lightweight and feels solid.

It’s ergonomically designed for comfort and to reduce fatigue. Power is supplied using two AAA batteries that aren’t supplied in the package. We guess Foloda wanted to keep costs down.

Will it work with my device?

The Foloda will only work with Windows laptops and desktops. The particular versions of Windows supported are 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10. Unfortunately, Apple devices are not supported on this keypad.

For those who do use a PC, the keypad is plug and play. No need for downloading or installing drivers. We had no problems, and the device worked straight away.

Inexpensive yet capable…

We found the keystrokes to be precise and responsive. The Foloda has a good feel and remains comfortable after extended use.

There is a sleep function that assists with conserving power usage. That’s a good thing for a device that uses batteries. Any key can be pressed to wake up the keypad.

Foloda Numeric Keypad

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Sleep function saves batteries.
  • Calculator shortcut key.
  • Plug and play.


  • Apple products are not supported.
  • No Bluetooth.

5 Lekvey 34 Key Aluminum Keypad – Best Bluetooth Numeric Pad for Chromebook

Next on our reviews of the Best Wireless Numeric Keypads, we have a keypad that would look right at home next to a Mac. Yet, even though it seems like an Apple product, not all the keys are supported with Mac OS. The numeric and cursor buttons do, however, work well.

The attractive aluminum construction means it is both strong and lightweight. There are cursor buttons in addition to the numeric pad, along with some function and shortcut buttons making 34 keys in total.

No batteries required…

There is no need to find and replace batteries as a rechargeable lithium-ion cell is included. After only a two hour charge using the included USB cable, the keypad can work for up to two weeks.

The battery can last this long thanks to the power saving feature. If unused, the device just goes into sleep mode and can be woken back up within three seconds by pressing any key.

Use almost any device…

Due to using Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, this keypad can be used with almost any device. Besides Windows and Mac computers, you can also connect smartphones, tablets, and even Chromebooks.

Plug and play doesn’t really fit due to there being no plugs. So let’s call it connect and play. There are no driver installations or downloads needed. We love it when things are simple and work correctly.

Lekvey 34 Key Aluminum Keypad

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Long rechargeable battery life.
  • Bluetooth 3.0.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • Chromebook compatible.


  • Larger size makes it less portable.
  • Limited Apple functions.

6 Acedada AC0009 – Best Budget Wireless USB Numeric Pad

Acedada has created a small, lightweight, sturdy, and functional 22 key numeric pad. Manufactured from strong ABS plastic, the unit feels strong and durable. Best of all, it is great value.

Powered by two AAA batteries, it saves you having to replace them too often by utilizing a sleep function. Especially now that everything is automated, it would be easy to forget switching off the power.

Small price, big features…

The keypad connects to your computer using a wireless USB dongle. There are no drivers to install, and it will be recognized straight away, ready to use. It can be used with desktop PCs, laptops, Mac, and Macbooks.

Mac compatibility is limited, and no shortcut or function keys will work as Apple does not support this. PC users can enjoy the use of a calculator shortcut key along with Backspace, NumLock, ESC, and Tab.

It feels good too…

We liked the feel of the key presses on the Acedada. Often budget devices feel clunky and unresponsive. Each press of the key was responded to quickly on our device and felt soft yet purposeful.

There is also a lifetime refund or replacement warranty. We didn’t experience any issues using the keypad, but it is comforting to know you’re supported if there are any problems.

Acedada AC0009

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Plug and play.
  • Affordable option.
  • Responsive keys.


  • No rechargeable battery.
  • No Bluetooth.

7 Macally BTNUMKEY – Best Budget Bluetooth Numeric Pad for Mac

Finally, we have this sleek white keypad with 18 full-sized keys from Macally. The compact and attractive design has comfort in mind with an ergonomic slope ensuring comfort and reduced wrist strain.

We were pleased to discover that Bluetooth 3.0 is used for connecting to devices. Something not usually found in budget products. There are more advantages to Bluetooth that we will mention later.

Budget price, premium features…

The other useful feature usually reserved for more expensive options is the built-in rechargeable battery. It can be charged using the included micro USB cable. A single charge results in over 400 hours of non-stop use.

As mentioned before, having Bluetooth means that nearly any device can be used with this keypad. Apple Mac, Macbook, iPads, iPhones are all supported. As with PC desktops, laptops, and Android smartphones and tablets.

Wait, there’s more…

The small and light design, along with its long battery life, makes this keypad great for transporting to school or the office. As long as you charge it at home, there is no need to bring the USB cable.

Out of all the keypads so far, this is the only one with full Apple compatibility. Something definitely to consider if you are part of the Apple Ecosystem. We enjoyed using this keypad; hopefully, they will make one with cursor keys next.


Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Full Apple compatibility.


  • Only available in white.
  • USB port in an odd location.

Best Wireless Numeric Keypads Buying Guide

Macally Wireless Bluetooth Numeric Keypad for Laptop, Apple

After comparing these numeric keypads, you’re probably now wondering why you went so long without one? They are an affordable addition to any laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Perfect for students or home offices.

Now you’ve decided you would like to purchase one of these keypads, and you’ve looked at our list. How to decide which one is best for you? Don’t worry; we are still here to help.

What Type Of Device Do You Own?

Are you a PC or a Mac user? Do you use an iPad/Android tablet? Or even a smartphone? If you are a tablet or smartphone only user, then you will need a keypad that supports Bluetooth. If you are a computer user, you can have either Bluetooth or wireless USB.

Another thing you need to be aware of if you are an Apple user: Due to Apple’s closed software, the majority of these devices are not fully compatible. They work just fine, just not all the keys. Generally, only the numeric keys will work.

What Will You Use The Keypad For Mostly?

[Upgraded] Wireless Number Pad, Numeric Keypad - Acedada 22 Keys Portable 2.4GHz Financial Accounting Number Keyboard Extensions 10 Key for Laptop, PC

Are you a student that needs to perform quick calculations? Have you set up a home office? Or would you like this device to accompany your laptop that doesn’t have a numeric keypad?

If you need to bring the keypad with you, then size will definitely be a factor. The smaller and lighter, the better. But also consider if you will also need any extra cables, batteries, or dongles to bring along for the ride.

Next, we will let you know which we think is the best keypad overall and why. Keep reading if you would like to find out.

Number Cruncher?

 Bluetooth Number Pad, Lekvey Portable Wireless Bluetooth 28-Key Numeric Keypad

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Back to the best numeric keypads…

So, What Are The Best Wireless Numeric Keypads?

All the keypads we have shown you are fantastic. There can be only one that is the best, though. To help us decide which is best, we have narrowed down the criteria into the following:

The keypad must be functional, well designed, compatible with many devices, and also great value. The device we believe performs in all these areas is the…


Macally has managed to include fantastic features like Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries at an affordable price. It is also the only device fully compatible with Apple products.

Happy number crunching!

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