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Best Wireless Wii Sensor Bar In 2023- Top 5 Rated Reviews

Do you need a replacement sensor bar for your Wii or Wii U console? Have you installed the Dolphin Emulator on your PC and would like an authentic Wii experience? Actually, most wireless Wii sensor bars are suited more towards a PC setup.

Best Wireless Wii Sensor Bar In 2023- Top 5 Rated Reviews

For those of you who don’t know, an emulator is either software or hardware that allows one device to behave like another. A popular Wii and Gamecube emulator for PC is called Dolphin Emulator. We recommend a quick Google search to discover more.

Now let’s find out which is the best wireless Wii sensor bar in our review of the coolest models out there…

Top 5 Best Wireless Wii Sensor Bar In 2023 Reviews

  1. Power A Wireless Ultra – Best Licensed Wireless Wii Sensor Bar
  2. Mayflash W010 – Best Dolphin Wireless Wii Sensor Bar
  3. YZGame USB – Best USB Wii Sensor Bar
  4. PowerA Wireless – Best Upgrade Wireless Wii Sensor Bar
  5. ReNext Replacement Bar – Best Replacement Wii Sensor Bar

1 Power A Wireless Ultra – Best Licensed Wireless Wii Sensor Bar

Being a licensed Nintendo product, expectations on both build quality and performance were high. Available in black, red, or white, this truly wireless sensor bar will pair with both your Wii or Wii U effortlessly.

It is powered through four AAA batteries. Battery life is stated by Power A to be up to 12 hours; we managed about nine hours. That’s not very long if you play your console regularly, but being wireless isn’t the only advantage here.

A worthy upgrade…

Power A uses what they call ‘Ultra Sensors’ in the bar that give both a wider range and more accurate reception. Playing from further away, from more angles, and without cursor stutter is a significant advantage for those with large screens, rooms, or projectors.

In an attempt to conserve battery life, there is an in-built timer that will turn the unit off after either one or two hours. A switch on the bar itself can activate this. Additionally, an indicator light reads, ‘LOW’ for when the batteries need replacing.

What else can it do?

If, like us, you get tired of the number of batteries you are using, there is another option. A cable is included so the bar can be powered using your console. This is not an AC or USB cable, and it is designed specifically for the console.

Dolphin users can use this bar with their PC; however, you will only have the battery option. We would recommend purchasing some rechargeable AAA batteries if you choose this product.

Power A Wireless Ultra

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Official Nintendo Licensing.
  • Detects controllers from a wider range.
  • Truly wireless.


  • Goes through batteries quickly.
  • Slightly bulky design.

2 Mayflash W010 – Best Dolphin Wireless Wii Sensor Bar

This is the original sensor bar recommended by Dolphin for use with a PC. USB is used for connecting the bar to your PC supplying both power and data. The bar’s built-in Bluetooth connects Wii remotes directly to the bar itself.

This device will still be compatible with Wii and Wii U consoles, not only PC. You will, however, need to supply power via USB. This can be achieved through most TV USB ports or even using a phone charging adapter.

Many tricks up its sleeve…

There are three other functions possible with the Mayflash bar besides recognizing Wii remotes. The first is useful for any infrared keyboard and mouse. Next are a game-specific keyboard and mouse mode. There’s also a game controller mode that even supports GameCube controllers.

You can also use the bar as a light gun receiver. It is, of course, compatible with Wii light guns but also supports most PC peripherals. Great for playing those classic shooting games on your PC.

Fully supports Wii functions…

If you enjoy racing games on your Wii console, you’re in luck here. The G-sensor function is fully supported. Want to race some friends? No worries either because up to four remotes can be connected simultaneously.

Wii remotes’ vibration function is fully supported too. In short, this bar from Mayflash not only replicated the full Wii experience, but it also adds even more possibilities.

Mayflash W010

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Full Wii functions are supported.
  • Built-in Bluetooth.
  • Additional PC functions.


  • USB power is required for console use.
  • More expensive than other bars.

3 YZGame USB – Best USB Wii Sensor Bar

YZGame has basically made a budget version of the previous bar. The main difference is that it does not have built-in Bluetooth. That means you will need a way to connect your Wii remote directly to your PC.

Power is supplied via USB, and there is no battery option. The good news is that the cable length is 8-feet (around 2.5 meters), so there shouldn’t be much difficulty running it to your console, PC, or TV.

Setting the bar…

YZGame has fitted three LED infrared sensors on each side, making six in total. These are responsive and accurate, both when used with the console or PC. Unfortunately, there is no increase in range capabilities, though.

This works great as a replacement bar for your console, albeit potentially losing a USB port. If you want to use this as a sensor bar for your PC, it will also do the job. We would like to inform you about connecting the remotes, though.

Remote access…

The way a Wii sensor bar works means it doesn’t require any data at all. It is simply a reference point for the remote itself. All the information sent to either your PC or console is sent via Bluetooth from the remote.

It is, of course, possible to connect your Wii remote to a PC with Bluetooth. You will need to download some software and set it up, though. There are many suitable software solutions available, along with instructions that can easily be found with a quick Google search.

Mayflash W010YZGame USB

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Affordable option.
  • Long USB cable.
  • Compatible with both consoles and PCs.


  • No increase in range capabilities.
  • Only six infrared LEDs compared to ten on others.

4 PowerA Wireless – Best Upgrade Wireless Wii Sensor Bar

This is the same as the other Power A bar, just an older model. Only being available in black brings down your choice of colors significantly. But it also brings down the price, making this an affordable option.

The other crucial piece missing from the newer model is the cable, so you can power the bar with your console. That results in needing many AAA batteries. You could buy rechargeable batteries and a recharger, but then you’re probably better off just buying the newer model.

Is it still worth buying?

If you already own some rechargeable batteries, then this would be worth buying, especially if you own a projector and screen. Having truly wireless capability makes it much easier to place in a convenient location without the cables.

It’s the same story if you use a laptop. The idea of a portable PC is freedom. The last thing you want is to be tied down by wires and cables. Compatible with Dolphin Emulation, this just might be what you’ve been looking for to go along with your laptop.

Supporting the Wii…

Being officially licensed by Nintendo means that all the regular Wii remote functions are supported. This includes G-sensor and vibration compatibility. No need to miss out on playing games the way Nintendo intended.

Still included is the battery saving timer feature. You also have the benefit of the range extension. A switch allows the selection of both regular and wide. Giving you the option to place the bar further away without losing signal.

PowerA Wireless

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Wireless solution.
  • Great for use with projectors.
  • Increased range.


  • No external power option.
  • No choice in colors.

5 ReNext Replacement Bar – Best Replacement Wii Sensor Bar

Here we have a Chinese manufactured clone of the OEM sensor bar. A perfect inexpensive replacement for lost, broken, or damaged bars. After all, your Wii or Wii U is kind of useless without one.

ReNext keeps things as simple as possible. Color choices include black or black. There is only a wired option with the same proprietary connection as the original Wii sensor bar. And the range is, you guessed it—exactly the same.

So, it’s exactly the same?

Well, there is one addition to the standard Wii sensor bar. A small stand is included. By raising the bar from a flat surface, it does assist slightly with range and accuracy. It can also be clipped to the top of your TV or monitor.

There really isn’t much else to say about this sensor bar. We feel that it works just as well as the OEM bar packed in with the original console. If you need an inexpensive replacement, then you can’t really go wrong here.

ReNext Replacement Bar

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Inexpensive replacement.
  • Works the same as the original.
  • Useful stand included.


  • No upgrade features.
  • No color choices.

Best Wireless Wii Sensor Bar Buying Guide

If you’re reading this, then you most likely were already looking for a new sensor bar. However, you may not have known just how many options are available. If you were just looking for a replacement, you might now be undecided.

We will do our best to help make that decision a little easier for you. So, let’s ask a few questions with regards to exactly what you are after.

Replacement or upgrade?

USB Wired Wii Sensor Bar, Replacement Infrared Ray Motion Sensor Bar for Nintendo Wii/ Wii U/ PC -Black & Silver

Are you just looking to replace your sensor bar, or are you looking to also upgrade it? If it’s just a simple replacement to keep the kids off your back, then you can’t go wrong with the…

ReNext Replacement Bar

After reading this, you may, of course, now be considering an upgrade. If this is the case, then you should consider the…

Power A Wireless Ultra

With its truly wireless and increased range capabilities, you will be sure to notice a difference.

Console or PC?

All of these sensor bars will work with the consoles, but not all will work with a PC. To be compatible with a PC, there must be a USB or Bluetooth connection. This rules out the ReNext for PC users.

If you’re looking for an affordable, practical solution for playing Wii titles on your PC, then we recommend the…


It’s not too challenging to find software to connect the remotes, and the bar itself works quite well.

Coming up next, we will reveal our pick for the top wireless Wii sensor bar of the lot, but before that…

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Back to the best Wii Sensor bars…

So, What Is The Best Wireless Wii Sensor Bar?

There’s a reasonably wide range of differences between these bars for a product that essentially performs the same function. In order for us to comfortably call one of these products the best, we assigned some criteria.

The bar must provide combined performance, useful features, compatibility, and value. And the bar we feel performed the best overall in all these areas is the…

Mayflash W010

With the accurate response, built-in Wii compatible Bluetooth, and compatibility for both Wii and PC, we feel that even though it’s not the cheapest option, it represents the best value.

Happy gaming!

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