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Corsair K68 RGB Review

Keyboards are a vital tool in any gamer’s arsenal of equipment. Not only do they need to be fast and responsive, but they also need to have flair and be programmable. Corsair, a renowned computer peripherals manufacturer, has created the K-series of keyboards specifically aimed at gamers.

These mechanical keyboards have a variety of characteristics, and today, we will review the Corsair K68 RGB. We will speak about the ergonomics, the structure, and all of the special characteristics of the board.

So, let’s go through our in-depth Corsair K68 RGB Review and find out if it’s the best gaming keyboard for you.

Corsair K68 RGB Review


The Corsair K68 RGB gaming cabled keyboard is, in essence, very similar to many K-series keyboards. With just a couple of minor exceptions and one major one. It is a full 104-key keyboard that comes with RGB and mechanical switches.

The keys are quick and snappy to enhance your speed and gaming experience. The keyboard also works with the iCUE software for extensive customization with colors and assigning key functions for gameplay. It has earned its place among the best RGB gaming keyboards.

The Software

The K68 RGB keyboard operates using the Corsair iCUE software that works with both Windows and Mac iOS. Please check that it works with the version of the operating system that you are currently using.

The software is what brings the keyboard and any other Corsair peripheral to life. Here is where you can choose your colors from the full spectrum of the RGB range and match them throughout your gaming setup.

As for the keyboard, you can arrange color patterns, select brightness, and vary the display time. There are several preset options to choose from, or you can create your own, down to each individual key. Therefore, this is one of the most versatile mechanical keyboards out there.

Get personal…

The software also allows you to create gaming profiles for your favorite games. Within the profile, you can set the RGB to highlight game-specific keys and reassign keys from one side of the board to the other. This makes it one of the best left handed gaming keyboards you can buy.

You can also create macros to execute several operations at the touch of a single key. And then save it to a Function key of your choosing. There is much more available from the software, but we will leave that for you to explore.

Keyboard Mechanics

Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Backlit RGB LED, Dust and Spill Resistant - Linear & Quiet - Cherry MX Red

Corsair has set the keycaps atop Cherry MX Red mechanical switches. These feature gold contacts that have a medium pressure sensitivity of about 45-55g and a relatively short actuation distance. They are snappy and provide decent feedback, so you should feel confident typing or keying as fast as you possibly can.

To help in registering the keystrokes and preventing errors or ghost letters, Corsair made the K68 RGB a full key rollover board (NKRO). This means that the keystrokes are registered in the keyboard itself and not by the computer. This seriously improves the speed and accuracy of the keystrokes, even if you press multiple keys at the same time.

At the top left of the board, you will find dedicated media buttons. Yes, buttons. They are nicely separated from the keys so that there will be no mishaps while gaming. Speaking of mishaps, there is also a Windows lock key that will prevent you from accidentally opening Windows dialog boxes while playing.

Ergonomics And Protection

Gaming can go on for hours, if not days, which means that there will most likely be food and beverage around the desktop. Corsair has considered this when designing the K68 and added keys that are dust and water-resistant.

The keys have a rating of IP32 which means that if you spill a little onto your keyboard, it should be fine if cleaned quickly. However, this protection makes the keys feel smooth and slippery. On the other hand, this also makes it one of the best spill resistant gaming keyboards around.

Get comfy…

The body of the board is made of sturdy plastic and comes in at just over three pounds. Extendable legs give a slight rise to the back of a relatively thin and flat board but may not be enough for some people. On the front is a removable palm rest that has a non-slip texture and feels rather comfortable.

Beyond feeling slippery, the keys are set oddly. Not in the sense of spacing, though they may feel a little tight, but in terms of the tiers. There’s no height difference between the tiers of keys and makes the board feel flat. This isn’t a bad design element, but it does take some getting used to if you have been working with other mechanical keyboards.


  • Dimensions: 17.9 x 6.7 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 3.11 pounds

Pros And Cons Of Corsair K68 RGB


  • Low force actuation.
  • Excellent RGB options.


  • Key spacing is tight.
  • Keycaps are slick.
  • Key tier rows are too flat.

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Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Backlit RGB LED

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Corsair K68 RGB Review – Final Thoughts

Corsair has done very well developing the K-line of keyboards for gamers, and they range the gambit of features. The Corsair K68 seems to be a standard gaming keyboard with RGB and mechanical switches at first glance. But it differentiates itself from the pack by using dust and water-resistant keys that give a sense of security you don’t get with other boards. Feel free to have food and beverages while playing.

The software is another great factor that makes this keyboard one worth considering. Likewise, it offers great flexibility in design and game profile options.

So, until next time, game on.

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