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Netgear CM1150V Nighthawk Cable Modem Review

We’ve never relied on our internet connections as much in the past as we do today. With TV streaming, online gaming, and of course, working from home. It’s not until the power goes out, or even worse, your connection drops that we realize how much we really do rely on staying connected.

We can’t control our service from our ISP or when the power is going to cut-out. However, what we can do is purchase a modem we can trust to supply strong, fast, stable, reliable data.

This can also save you some money too. Most companies charge you a rental fee for your modem. On top of that, the standard equipment is usually not the latest and greatest.

Netgear CM1150V Nighthawk Cable Modem Review

The Ultimate Cable Modem

In this in-depth Netgear CM1150V Nighthawk Cable Modem Review, we’ll be featuring one of the best cable modems currently on the market. Plus, we will go through the important specifications and features to help decide if this modem is right for you.

It’s important to note that this modem has been specifically designed for the Xfinity network. Therefore, if you are an AT&T, Verizon, or customer of any other provider, you will need to find a different modem. The advantage, of course, is that this will work flawlessly for Xfinity customers.

This modem is easy to set up and use, perfect for those with low confidence in using technology. It will also appeal to more advanced users with a range of customization options. Whatever your level, you’ll be sure to receive lightning-fast internet speeds and clear call clarity.

Impressive Specifications

Thanks to DOCSIS 3.1, it’s possible to deliver 10gb/s download and 1gb/s upload speeds. This more than covers current ISP capabilities. Also, backwards compatible with DOCSIS 3.0, you won’t have any compatibility issues.

Standing upright, the unit is nice and compact, measuring just 6.1 x 10.3 x 3.4 inches (15.5 x 26.1 x 8.6 cm), it will still leave you with plenty of desk space.

Good RAM and Flash memory are important for keeping those settings stored and providing internal software updates. Luckily, the Nighthawk is packed with 128mb RAM and 256mb Flash Memory.

Feeling connected…

NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem 1

Chances are you have an Internet and Voice package. Some modems lack voice connectivity; however, the Nighthawk provides two phone lines. Handy for those with a home office.

There are four 1gb Ethernet ports in the rear. You can connect directly to PCs, consoles, TVs, etc., or connect to a compatible router.

Now For Our Feature Presentation…

We mentioned there are two phone lines available. Each line can provide call features such as Caller ID, call forwarding, 3-way conference, and more.

Sending lightning-quick speeds to your router is made possible via the Ethernet ports. By aggregating them into two ports, speeds of up to 2gb/s are achievable. The Nighthawk utilizes the maximum bonded channels – with 32 downstream as well as 8 upstream channels with 2×2 OFDM. This really helps during peak times to supply smooth internet without lagging.

Sleek and functional design…

Having the Nighthawk stand on its side isn’t just about saving desk space. It also increases airflow and prevents overheating. We found the triangular holes on the larger surface areas rather eye-catching. But they also serve a function by creating additional ventilation and airflow.

Feeling Safe and Secure…

NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem 2

With more and more personal details being shared online, security is important. Netgear having taken this seriously by providing automatic updates to the firmware. We loved not having the responsibility of having to do this manually.

This modem isn’t selfish, either. It graciously extends its security features to any devices that the modem is connected to. We’ve all ignored or forgotten about those software updates from time to time.

We were also able to set up online profiles as an added layer of security. It’s possible to set up who has permission to do what over the network. A handy feature for those with families.

Ready, Set, Go…

We found set-up a breeze with the Netgear Nighthawk. We simply plugged in our coaxial cable, then called Xfinity to activate the service. All we then had to do was plug in the Ethernet cable and phone line, and we were good to go. You can’t get any simpler than that.

Pros And Cons Of Netgear CM1150V Nighthawk


  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • Lighting fast speed capabilities.
  • Compatible with call features.
  • Sleek and functional design.
  • Simple yet effective security features.


  • Only compatible with cable internet DSL/Satellite not supported.
  • For use with Xfinity only.

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Netgear CM1150V Nighthawk Cable Modem Review Conclusion

This modem definitely has some restrictions. The major one being that it is only of use to those with a Xfinity Cable internet connection. However, the benefit is that it has been specifically designed for use on this network. That means it works flawlessly with zero compatibility issues.

Capable of lightning-fast speeds and amazing voice clarity over the two phone lines. If you are an Xfinity customer, it just makes sense. Add to that great security features and the attractive, functional design, and this modem is a real winner.

Happy networking.

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