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Razer BlackWidow X Ultimate Review

If you’re into gaming, then there’s a very good chance that you’re familiar with Razer peripherals. They are well known for creating extremely high-quality products, which unfortunately are often too expensive for your average gamer.

Most would rather put that cash towards a GPU or RAM upgrade. Well, the good news is that Razer has released the BlackWidow X Series as a more affordable option.

So, can Razer still maintain that high quality that they’re renowned for in a value product?

Let’s go through our in-depth Razer BlackWidow X Ultimate Review to find out if they can…

Razer BlackWidow X Ultimate Review


While you could describe this keyboard as understated, once you look closer, you will notice that it’s not your average set of keys. Being a deep black color does a good job of camouflaging those little touches that make Razer products special.

To start with, the base is constructed from solid aluminum instead of plastic like so many competitors offer. Not a bad start for a value ranged product.

Military grade…

Choosing to go without a top cover allows users to be exposed to the military-grade Razer switches. So far, it appears like no corner has been cut when creating this product.

While this keyboard is built to last by being solid and ready for battle, this does come at a cost. Portability becomes more difficult as it is heavy as far as keyboards go at 3lbs (1.36kgs).

The key to being functional…

You do get a full set of 12 function keys along the top row, eight of them double up as multimedia keys. While this is handy, it does require two hands to perform any of the shortcuts and is much less convenient than stand-alone media keys.

The remaining four function keys also offer useful shortcuts. The F9 key allowing you to record macros, and the F10 switches on game mode (disables the Windows key). Additionally, the F11 and F12 keys adjust screen brightness up and down.

Nice touches…

Even though we did discover a sacrifice with the function keys, there are still more nice touches and attention to detail. For example, the rubber feet do a great job of preventing the keyboard from sliding around too much.

Another nice touch is the braided USB cable that can be routed in multiple directions thanks to in-built channels. However, the cable is not detachable, and the keyboard is missing a wrist rest. Despite having a few cost-cutting items, the overall quality, feel, and design is fantastic.

Gaming Performance

Razer BlackWidow X Ultimate: Esports

While this keyboard might not have all of the bells and whistles some other competitors offer, Razer’s focus is squarely placed in the most important area. The performance and feel of this keyboard easily make it one of the best razer gaming keyboards.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing the latest sandbox title, an MMORPG, or a single-player RPG. The mechanical clicky keys are extremely satisfying every time they are pressed. No matter what action is being performed, you will love the tactile and responsive feel.

A force to be reckoned with…

That responsiveness is thanks to Razer’s proprietary green switches, which offer an incredible 50g of actuation force. While each keypress requires a deliberate push, the force required is minimal, making it feel perfectly balanced.

The BlackWidow uses a tiered layout for their keys, which might take some getting used to when typing. It is a short learning curve and will feel natural very quickly. When it comes to gaming, the tiered keys are a great advantage by helping to prevent accidental key presses.

Comfortable experience…

Even without a wrist rest, we still found this keyboard pleasant without feeling massive fatigue. It remains comfortable for your hands and wrists, even after finishing a project and then settling in for a massive session afterward.

After such an extended time in front of your PC, it’s easy for accidents to happen. If you happen to knock over that can of Red Bull, there’s no need to worry. The BlackWidow is liquid-resistant, so after a quick cleanup, you can get straight back to gaming.


Razer uses software by the name of Synapse that allows for taking full control of your keyboard’s customization. Downloading the software is easy, as it will automatically prompt you when you first plug in the USB cable.

You can use the software to create and assign macros, rebind controls, and customize the key backlighting. Even though this keyboard misses out on RGB lighting, there are some pretty awesome features available with the vivid green, even if it is only one color.

Setting records…

We did mention earlier that the F9 key allows you to record macros. By pressing both the function and F9 key together, you can then press the sequence you wish to record. When finished, simply press the function and F9 key again.

You can then use the Synapse software to make adjustments to your recording or reassign the macro key. Of course, all of this can still be completed completely through the software itself if that’s what you prefer.

Putting on a show…

While you may think that having only one color to create a light show on your keyboard will be limited, you might be in for a surprise. If you would like to spend the time creating something special, there are more options than you would expect in the Synapse software.

Choose from six different lighting effects, or create your own using the Effect Configurator. Options include ripple patterns, waves that sweep across the keys, or even a reactive function that lights keys amongst others when pressed. A nice option for custom Razer keyboard lighting.

Standout Features

This keyboard is truly built to last, with every key having a lifespan of 80 million keystrokes. Not only can those keystrokes be performed on a PC, but this keyboard is compatible with Xbox gaming consoles too. Truly one of the best gaming keyboards around.

We particularly liked the official IP54 water and dust resistance rating, which will go a long way in prolonging the life of the keyboard. As well as preventing your keyboard from dying.

Furthermore, there is an anti-ghosting feature to ensure every keystroke is registered in order. Indeed this is one rugged keyboard and in the running for the best Razer keyboard in terms of durability.

Pros And Cons Of Razer BlackWidow X Ultimate


  • Durable aluminum base.
  • Military-grade key switches.
  • Recordable macros.
  • Customizable LED patterns.
  • Easy to navigate software.


  • Still portable, but heavier than competitors.
  • No dedicated media keys.
  • The USB cable cannot be detached.
  • Media decals aren’t backlit.

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Razer BlackWidow X Ultimate Review – Final Thoughts

While you might miss out on a few bits and pieces like dedicated media keys and RGB lighting, the BlackWidow performs where it counts. Once you use a Razer keyboard, you immediately understand why they are so popular and respected.

The use of quality materials, along with a high standard of build quality, puts it above the rest. Even though this is considered a value product, the compromises are minimal and have been made thoughtfully.

If you value performance over having novelty features, then the Razer BlackWidow X Ultimate should be at the top of your list.

Until next time, happy gaming!

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