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Top 10 Best autel x star premium drone Reviews

Top 10 Best autel x star premium drone in 2022 Comparison Table

SaleBestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 2
Autel MaxiAP AP200 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner, Same Functions as Autel MK808/MX808 Diagnostic Scan Tool with Full System, 28 Service Functions, Auto Car Check Engine Light Code Reader for iOS & Android
  • 🔥【2022 Newest! Same Functions with Autel MK808/MX808】Autel AP200 obd2 scanner bluetooth adapter has EXACTLY the same diagnostics and service functions as Autel MK808/MX808. The price is much lower than MK808/MX808, along with the 12-month nationwide warranty, it is ideal for any family DIYers looking for quality yet effective diagnostic device.
  • 🔥【One Second Bluetooth Pairing】You can use AP200 turn your iOS/Android device (not support tablet) into a car diagnostic scanner without relying on the mechanic. As easy to use AP200 as a code reader with all the functions of an expensive handheld scan tool. The Bluetooth pairing process needs to be done in App rather than in Android Bluetooth setting. (On the iOS device, go to Settings > Bluetooth.)
  • 🔥【28+ Most Popular Maintenance Services】 Autel Bluetooth Scanner AP200 , one of the most Economical OBDII diagnostic scan tool in the market. With its advanced 28+ hot service functions including Oil Reset, SAS Calibration, Odometer, IMMO Keys (disable lost keys, add new keys), ABS Bleeding, Injector Coding, Battery Registration, DPF Regeneration, etc., and still growing, Autel AP200 ranks top in professional automotive scanners.
  • 🔥【Full System Diagnosis】Autel AP200 is a professional car diagnostic tool that can access all available car electronic systems like ABS, SRS(Airbag), Engine, Transmission, Brake Systems and etc. This scan tool can read and clear fault codes(DTCs) on all systems and show live data steam of multiple sensors in graph and text.
  • 🔥【AutoVIN & Intuitive Data】 With AutoVIN retrieval, the obd2 scanner bluetooth can automatically identify the vehicle and perform a quick scan. This will allow you to easily read and retrieve diagnostic trouble codes. The Vehicle History keeps records of vehicles tested previously so you don’t need to restart a diagnostic session. Exclusive app of Autel and lifetime free upgrade, offer you the best using experience.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Potensic T25 GPS Drone with Camera for Adults 2K FPV, RC Quadcopter with WiFi Live Video, Auto Return Home, Altitude Hold for Beginners, Follow Me, Way-points Flying Toy, 2 Batteries Long Flight, Carrying Case, White
  • 2K, 120 FOV, 75 ADJUSTABLE WIDE ANGLE: Wider vision and fluent transmission help to capture clear photos and stable videos. WiFi connection provides fast and vivid FPV image.
  • GPS ASSIST FLY: Follow Me Mode and dual GPS free your hands while GPS drone automatically follow you, simultaneously capturing all the videos & photos. Beside, Potensic T25 drone will fly as you want once Customize Flight Path function activated.
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY FOR BEGINNERS: Headless Mode, Altitude Mode and One Key to Take-off / Land functions make access to kids or beginners easier.
  • SAFE AUTO RETURN: Equipped with Dual GPS, the drone can hover in air for easy control. It also can automatically return home once you press RTH button, which is effective measures to prevent loss of drone.
  • 2 BATTERIES: 2*Modular 1000 mAh batteries can support up to 300m control range. You can go farther and see broader. Great drones for adults.
Bestseller No. 4
Autel AutoLink AL519 OBD2 Scanner Enhanced Mode 6 Car Diagnostic Tool Check Engine Code Reader CAN Scan Tool, Advanced Ver. of AL319
  • 👍【Upgrade of AL319】Autel AL519 is a plug-and-play handheld OBD2 car check engine scanner. Upgraded from AL319, instead of just reading and clearing codes, AL519 can perform all OBDII functions (mode 1~10), and provide quick DTC lookup and live data in text & graph. It retrieves generic(P0, P2, P3, and U0), manufacturer specific(P1, P3, and U1) codes and pending codes, vehicle VIN, turn off CEL, check I/M readiness status for ready test, locate bad parts like a O2 sensor, do evap leak test, etc.
  • 👍【Full OBD2 Functions】Generally only the scanners in auto parts stores are equipped with full OBD2 diagnosis, as they can handle more complex OBD2 issues. But this little guy has those too! AL519 car scanner integrates all OBD2 functions (10 modes), including: read code, clear code, view live data, freeze frame data, vehicle info, check I/M readiness status, O2 monitor test, on-board monitor test, EVAP leak test, modules present. Anyone who has cars knows it’s well worth the price!
  • 👍【Read/Clear Codes & DTC Lookup】Knowing the accurate codes in advance if you don't want to be ripped off. You can use AL519 scanner to read the codes to quickly locate the problem areas, then determine if you can do the repair yourself or go to a mechanic, and clear the codes to get everything back to normal. When read out the DTCs, you can click the button to display what the codes mean, and DTC Lookup functions work as a DTC library to search meanings for DTCs, no need to google or guess it.
  • 👍【Turn Off CEL & Smog Check】The Check Engine Light is always annoying you, most of the time because of a little thing like a loose gas cap, isn't it? With AL519 scan tool, you can read codes to quickly find out why the check engine light is on and reset it. Don’t waste money on a failed smog test! AL519 can retrieve I/M Readiness status to make sure OBD2 monitors on your car are “Ready”, monitors like misfire, fuel, catalyst, O2 sensors, EVAP, etc, to help you pass the annual smog check.
  • 👍【Live Data Graphing】Data graphing makes everything easy, so you won't miss any suspicious data changes! Auto diagnostic scanner AL519 can view live data of multiple sensors and components in text and graph to quickly pinpoint bad parts or faults, for example, viewing the change of the 02 sensors in the graph mode enable you to locate bad sensors in a few minutes. Also you can use AL519 scanner to record the data for later review and print it out via PC to share it with customers or mechanics.
Bestseller No. 5
Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808, 2022 Bidirectional Diagnostic Tool Same as MaxiCheck MX808, 28+ Service, All System Diagnosis, Injector Coding/EPB/BMS/SAS/TPMS/AutoVIN/ABS Bleeding, FCA Autoauth
  • 🔥🔥🔥【2022 New Functions Making MK808 the Top Dog】Big Surprise! Since 1st June 2022, with the same cost, Autel MaxiCOM MK808 has been added $300+ valued NEW Functions. Including ✅Bi-Directional Control (Active Test) ✅28+ Service Functions ✅ FCA Auto Auth for 2017 & later FCA cars (Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat etc) ✅Work with MV105 &MV108 (not included).👉Click the "Update" icon to upgrade the MK808 system version to V2.62 or above to get all new features. Autel always Persues High Products for you!
  • 【2022 Newly Released Bi-directional Control】The coming new software version V2.62 (released on 2022 June 1) brings powerful active test, making MK808 the most cost-effective Autel scanner (Cost less $300 than other bidirectional scanners). Active test is widely equipped for car subsystems to help you check if the car actuators are all in good conditions. Such as windows up/down, switch on/off, rear mirror fold/unfold and more. Note: Updating your MK808 firstly to get this new function.
  • 【28+ MOST POPULAR SERVICES】 Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808, one of the most versatile OBDII diagnostic scan tool in the market, is an ideal choice for car shop owners and professional mechanics. With its advanced 28+ hot service functions including Oil Reset, SAS Calibration, Odometer, IMMO Keys (disable lost keys, add new keys), ABS Bleeding, Injector Coding, Battery Registration, DPF Regeneration, etc., and still growing, 2022 Autel MK808 ranks top in professional automotive scanners.
  • 【DIAGNOSE ALL AVAILABLE MODULES】 2022 Autel MK808 works well on 80+ car makes and models worldwide (1996 and newer), to Read / Clear codes, view Live Data for all available systems using the supported protocols. The detailed report reveals the exact nature of the problem, with possible fixes to help greatly plan the budget for repairs.
  • 【IMMO KEYS】OBD2 diagnostic scan tool MK808 is cost-effective with a nice price tag of $449 considering the IMMO feature that it offers. Each time you lose the key, Autel Maxicom MK808 can add the new key and remotely disable the lost one. *ONLY available for Asian vehicles with low-grade anti-theft systems.
Bestseller No. 6
Autel OBD2 Scanner 2022 Newest MS309 Automotive Check Engine Code Reader, Check Emission Monitor Status, CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for All OBDII Protocol Vehicles After 1996
  • 👍[FOR STARTERS & DIYERS] This error code reader is “plug and play” and comes with an easy interface. Even if you’re not familiar with vehicle repair, you can quickly take control of this code reader, and get the information you want. 👉It comes with English only, NO Spanish or other language.
  • 👍[TURN OFF CHECK ENGINE LIGHT] This car diagnostic tool supports Reading DTCs, displaying DTC definition under the codes, Freeze Frame & I/M Readiness etc to figure out the root cause of the Check Engine Light (CEL) and turning it off, to help you detect any potential problems, and to avoid excessive costs for unnecessary repairs.
  • 👍[UNIVERSAL OBD2 CODE READER] Autel MS309 is a very basic obd2 code reader, it can turn off check engine lights. Mostly, if your car is with OBD2 socket, then it supports. BUT it does NOT support ABS, SRS, Engine and Transmission etc. systems. PS: For OBD2 cars, usually, US cars after 1996, EU cars after 2006, Asian cars after 2009.
  • 👍[USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN] This check engine code reader features two easy-to-use buttons, namely: "Enter/ Exit" and "Scrool" buttons, which are very easy to operate. It comes with backlit display, and the cable is long enough without being too long and getting in the way. No batteries are needed.
  • 👍[HIGH-QUALITY SERVICES] 12 months warranty from the date of purchase and lifetime free tech supports are offered by this Automobile OBDII scan tool. If need any tech support, please feel free to contact us via 🚘auteldirect @ outlook . com🚘.
Bestseller No. 7
Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT Car Diagnostic Scan Tool - Active Tests & Bi-Directional Control Scanner, 2022 Upgraded of MK808, MX808, All Systems, 28+ Services, FCA AutoAuth, Compatible with BT506/ MV108
  • 🚙【2022 Autel Most Worth Buying Wireless Diagnostic Tool】Upgraded from MK808/ MX808, Autel MK808BT is the most powerful wireless diagnostic tool for it's price! Equipped with multi-functions of ✅wireless BT technology✅Bi-Directional Control(Active Test)✅28+ maintenance services✅all systems diagnostic✅Auto Scan & Auto VIN✅ 10,000+ vehicle coverage✅Cloud-based report management✅Compatible with Autel BT506 battery tester/ MV108✅ 1-year free update✅multilingual etc. Designed for workshops & DIYers.
  • 🔥🔥🔥【2022 Added Functional Benefits】Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT has been added $300+ valued powerful functions, namely: ✅Bi-Directional Control(Active Test)✅28+ Services✅battery test(Autel BT506 required), which MK808 wired tool doesn't support ✅compatible with MV108 ✅"Auto Auth" gateway for 2018 and newer FCA cars(Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep,etc) for US/Canada & Mexico. All these functions are available(V2.62 and above) to download for all MK808BT on 1st, June, 2022. Autel is dedicated to make life easier!
  • 🚙【Equipped VCI Mini, USB Wired+Wireless Diagnostic】Do you want to get out of your narrow driving seat for a car diagnosis? MK808BT CAN DO IT! Compared with the old wired diagnostic tool MK808, MK808BT equipped with wireless BT technology,✅ up to 33ft(10m) working range, enabling wireless diagnostic ✅with more stable and faster data transmission. This way you can check any part of your car while holding the MK808BT or, as users commented, perform a diagnosis while sitting in a comfortable chair.
  • 🚙【28+ Maintenance Services, Everything for you】How much did you spend on maintaining your car? In fact, experience tells us that just a small repair service may cost a lot of money. So Autel MK808BT are actively reducing the unnecessary expense by integrating 28+ services, meeting most of maintenance needs, such as Oil/EPB/SAS/DPF/BMS/ABS Bleed/Injector, etc.‼ Note: Service functions vary by vehicle, please send VIN to 📞auteldirect @ outlook . com📞 to check compatibility before order‼
  • 🚙【Bi-Directional Control/Active Test】What would you do if the wipers stopped working? Just replace one or spend a lot money to fix it? Don't be in a hurry to dismantle your cars! Bidirectional control tool MK808BT can perform real active test that can send commands to the vehicle’s ECU to drive the actuators to work, like ABS, window, door, solenoids, valves, wipers, headlamp, etc, helping you quickly find out bad parts and pinpoint faulty issues.Note: NOT universal, please check compatibility.
Bestseller No. 8
Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808BT, 2022 Bi-Directional Control Diagnostic Tool, Upgraded of MK808/ MX808, 28+ Services, Active Test, All Systems Diagnosis, FCA AutoAuth, Compatible with BT506/ MV108
  • 🚙【Why Choose Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT】Autel MK808BT scanner is definitely the most worth-buying wireless diagnostic tool of 2022! Compared with the old wired MK808/MX808, MK808BT is upgraded to wireless BT version, and has more 2022 features:✅Bi-Directional Control(Active Test)✅28+ maintenance services✅Compatible with Autel BT506 battery tester/ MV108✅"Auto Auth" gateway for 2018 & newer FCA cars(Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep,etc) for US/Canada & Mexico. All new features downloadable since 1st, June, 2022.
  • 🚙【Bi-directional Control/ Active Test/ Component Test】What would you do if the wipers stopped working? Just replace one or spend a lot money to fix it? Don't be in a hurry to dismantle your cars! Bidirectional control tool MP808K can perform real active test that can send commands to the vehicle’s ECU to drive the actuators to work, like ABS, window, door, solenoids, valves, wipers, headlamp, etc, helping you quickly find out bad parts and pinpoint faulty issues.
  • 🚙【Wired+Wireless Connection】 Come on! You don’t want to be dragged by a short OBD2 cable all the time, do you? Autel MK808BT will bring you a new experience! MaxiCOM MK808BT keeps the cable and adds a Bluetooth VCI (valued at $130), of which wireless diagnosis supports a 33ft(10m) working range and provides more stable and faster data transmission. This way you can check any part of your car while holding MK808BT or, as users commented, perform a diagnosis while sitting in a comfortable chair.
  • 🚙【28+ Maintenance Services, Money Saver】Is it really necessary to go to the repair shop every time? Why not try this scanner? Autel MK808BT integrates 28+ services, meeting many basic of maintenance needs, such as Oil, EPB, BMS, DPF, SAS, ABS brake bleed, IMMO, etc. Each service save you a lot of money and energy! Best investment for worshops, DIY enthusiasts and home mechanics. 🚦👉📢Note: Functions vary by vehicle, pls send VIN to 📞autelofficial @ outlook . com📞 to check compatibility.
  • 🚙【OE-level Diagnostic Tool, Be Your Car Doctor】It’s time to hire a reliable doctor to help you diagnose your car, save time and effort. Wireless scan tool MK808BT can access all available vehicle modules like PCM, ECM, TCM, BCM,etc, to read codes, clear codes, view live data of sensors in text, graph & analog, freeze frame data, ECU info, active test(bi-directional control). With simple clicks, you can quickly locate the issues to save you so much trouble and money. Note: Not Support TPMS!
Bestseller No. 9
Autel Scanner MaxiCheck MX808 with Bidirectional Control, 2022 Diagnostic Tool Same as MaxiCOM MK808, 28+ Services, Active Test, OE-Level Diagnosis, FCA Autoauth, Injector Coding, ABS Bleed, DPF, EPB
  • 🥇【GOOD NEWS, 2022 NEW ADDED FUNCTIONS】Autel MX808 scanner has been fully upgraded and added $300+ valued functions. 👉Click the "Update" icon to upgrade the system version to V2.62 or above to get all new features. 👍 Bi-Directional Control/Active Tests 👍 Support 2018 and later FCA cars AutoAuth login such as Chrysler, JEEP, Dodge, Fiat, etc. 👍 Examine Difficult-To-Reach Areas (work with MV108/ MV105 ). At the same cost, you will get Autel MX808 with more possibilities, why don't have a try?
  • 🚘【BETER AFTER-SALE SERVICE THAN MK808】Autel original MaxiCheck MX808 is US model of MK808, same functions as MaxiCom MK808. The big difference is Autel MX808 diagnostic scanner comes with the best after-sale service not only online but also offline stores. The Autel MX808 has been proven by engineers with many years of experience and is the most trusted product. With the best tech support and the most reliable quailty , MX808 is the best choose for both work shops and auto technicians.
  • 🚘【BI-DIRECTIONAL CONTROL/ ACTIVE TESTS】 In terms of the bidirectional control, Autel MX808 is the king of Autel's performance. Autel MX808 bidirectional scanner can control the various systems and components of the vehicle such as Injector tests, turning on/off headlamps/ fuel pump, cycling the a/c, clutch on/ off, Oil Pressure Test, Vehicle level position calibration, Brake Vacuum Pump, Inlet, and Outlet Valve tests, door, sunroof, etc. NOTE: Pls send 17 digits' VIN to check compatibility.
  • 🚘【DIAGNOSE ALL AVAILABLE MODULES】Autel MX808 diagnostic tablet scanner can scan all available electronic systems like Engine, ABS, SRS, Trans, EPB, Chassis, Steering, TPMS, Fuel, Light System and A/C system, Body and etc to perform full diagnostics to read/clear codes, view live data stream of multiple sensors in text or graph and retrieve ECU info. With Auto VIN & Auto Scan features, MX808 can perform an efficient and accurate full diagnosis. NOTE: Auto VIN feature does NOT work on all cars.
  • 🚘【28 + SERVICE & HOT FUNCTIONS】Autel MaxiCheck MX808 is a professional car diagnostic tool that provides 28+ service/hot function options including Oil Reset, EPB Reset, SAS Reset, DPF Regeneration, Battery Registration, Throttle Reset, ABS Bleed, Injector Coding, Key Fob Programming (add new keys on low IMMO grade vehicles only), Headlamp and so on. Note: Service/Hot functions do NOT work on all cars. Please send VIN to 📩 immoautel @ outlook . com for check compatibility.
Bestseller No. 10
Autel ML629 OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Engine Transmission Diagnoses OBD II Full Functions Upgraded Version of AL519/AL619/ ML619 for DIYers Professionals
  • 👍【4 Systems Diagnose】: Upgraded of MaxiLink ML619 and Autolink AL619, Autel MaxiLink ML629 reads and erases all codes in Engine/Transmission/ABS/SRS systems. It allows you to turn off warning lights quickly on 99% cars in the market since 1996.
  • 👍【10 OBD2 Functions】: Supporting all 10 test modes of OBDii test, professional but affordable Autel ML629 offers complete diagnosis, including live data, On-Board monitor test, freeze frame data, view readiness status, O2 Monitor/Component Test etc.
  • 👍【DTC Lookup Function】: Designed with built-in DTC library, code reader MaxiLink ML629 can search DTC’ definitions in 30 seconds. Generic, manufacturer specific and pending codes are all available, helping you know what’s wrong with the car quickly.
  • 👍【Retrieve Information in 3 Seconds】Auto diagnostic scan tool ML629 features Auto VIN feature that allows you to retrieve important vehicle identification number for efficient diagnosis. Data Playback and Data Printing is available for better analyse.
  • 👍【Wide Coverage and Worry-Free Purchase】: Our 2022 newest version ML629 works on 1996 to 2016 vehicles (OBDII & CAN) and supports 12 languages. Lifetime free update, 12-month warranty, 30-day free return/replacement, 24/7 tech support are offered. Notice: If the vehicles model is after 2016, pls feel free to contact us and provide VIN.
Are you searching for top 10 best autel x star premium drone on the market in 2022? After evaluating and analyzing in detail more than 33,313 customer satisfaction about top 10 best autel x star premium drone in 2022, we have come up with the top 10 rated products you may be interested in. We have ranked the best brands from Artificial Intelligent and Big Data, as you see below:

Our Best Choice: (2021 Global Ver.) LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 [+VSP600 Endoscope] 2022 Latest Bidirectional Scan Tool, Full System Automotive Diagnostic Scanner,31+ Reset,Active Test,AutoAuth for FCA SGW,Guided Functions

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


Product Description

Dealer-level 2022 Elite Global Version Launch X431 V Pro V4.0 ✔️

2021 launch scanner2021 launch scanner

✔️Faster, ✔️ Better ✔️ Versatile ✔️ ALL-IN ONE ✔️ Same Functions as 2022 LAUNCH X431 V+/PRO3S+

As with all Launch diagnostic tools, the LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Global Version covers a wide range of car models including European, Asian, American and Chinese models. It also has a range of powerful test functions and provides extremely accurate test data. LAUNCH X431 V pro 4.0 is upgraded to 2022 ELITE VERSION, which has more advanced Hardware (a) 2.4GHz&5GHz Dual-Frequency Wi-Fi, the transmission rate is 4Xfaster (b) 32+128gb(EXTENDABLE ) storage, save more vehicle documents and customer data.. (c) CPU Processor Updated from 1.4GHz to 2.0 GHz Quad-core. greatly increased the speed of running multiple task. (d) 8XFaster AUTO VIN Technology.Time IS Money.

Other features of this tool include:

High configuration software that allows for high operating speedsA multi-touch, tablet-style capacitor screen for quick, smooth usePortable size makes it easy to use and transportBrand new interface that’s much more user friendlyUsers can install any Android softwareAlso has photo, video and multimedia functions, as well as other software applicationsQuick and easy updating procedure, over Wi-FiCan graph live data when in useModule coding, resets, relearns and bi-directional capabilities also possible✔️For 2017 and later FCA Vehicles with Secure Gateway Module (SGW) Register with AutoAuth to enable your LAUNCH x431 V PRO 4.0 tablet to communicate with the FCA SGW Authentication System and bypass the SGM, so as to perform diagnostics and bi-directionals without using a bypass cable. ( NO extra charge is needed To Access)31+ Reset Relearn Functions. including but not limited to :Reset ENGINE/ABS/Transmission/Gear/SAS/EPB/TPMS/DPF/IMMO/BMS/ETS/Oil/Brake/AFS/EGR/GEARBOX/SUNROOF/SUS Reset/ABS Bleeding/ Injector coding/Head light Fitting/Seat Matching/Door and Window Initialization Study/Sunroof Initialization/Air Suspension Matching/Gearbox Matching/Injector Calibration/Multimedia Video Reset/Cluster Reset/Immobilizer Service/EGR Adaption/AdBlue Reset /Tire Reset/Seat Calibration/Airbag Reset;A/F Reset/Transport Mode/Windows Calibration/Language Change/ODO Reset/NOx Sensor Reset Stop/Start Reset/Coolant Bleeding (depending on the specific car models,not applicable for all car models )

>> Want to diagnose in native language with NO Extra Charge ?

LAUNCH X431 V 4.0 Scanner has multiple language options for 24 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Simplified, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Danish Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish, Chinese Traditional. Thus, if you feel more comfortable with your native language, you can switch back and forth as necessary without encountering any sort of language barrier.

2022 Elite Global Version – LAUNCH X431 V Pro V4.0

 NEWEST 4.0 Version OE-LEVEL LAUNCH X431 V scan tool ! NEWEST 4.0 Version OE-LEVEL LAUNCH X431 V scan tool !

Improved Function of 2022 Elite Version Launch X431 V PRO 5.0 ✔️ Same Functions as 2022 LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+

ATTENTIONS PLS !!! You must click” Add both to Cart”to get the free endoscope,If you didn’t receive the endoscope,Kindly let us know to resend one.

Guided Functions: Compatible with Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda / Seat etc.Component Matching: Compatible with Volkswagen / Skoda / Seat / BMW / GM / Ford / Opel / Mazda / Fiat / Honda / Nissan / Hyundai / Kia / Subaru etc.Online Coding: Compatible with Volkswagen / Audi / Benz / BMW / Seat / Porsche etc.Online Account Login Service: Compatible with Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda / Seat etc.Online Calibration: Compatible with Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda / Seat etc.Online Parameterization: Compatible with Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda / Seat etc.Anti-theft IMMO Serivce: Compatible with Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda / Seat etc.Power Balance test : Compatible with Chrysler / GM / Ford etc.Programmable Module Installation: Compatible with Ford / Mazda etc.Flash Hidden Functions: Compatible with BMW / Porsche / Toyota / Subaru etc.√ Actuator Test : Injector Test ;Turn Off ACC Lane Keeping AssistTons of Actuator Test (Functional Test) :Turn ON/OFF Front and Rear side ACM Solenoid , turning the fuel pump on and off, cycling the a/c ,clutch on and off, Left clutch electromagnetic coil test,Acceleration Device Test,Oil Pressure Control Test,DYNAMIC camera aiming,Vehicle level position calibration, Brake Vacuum Pump, Inlet and Outlet Valve tests, Open Brakes tests, Parking Brake Botors, Wheel Speed Sensor Supply, PARKING BRAKE tests (Vary by car, Hundreds of actuation test functions ) …

Key Programming : >>>>Add, Delete & Reprogram Keys, >>>Rewrite smart keys, All smart keys lost, Replace smart key ECU, Replace KNOB IGNITION;>>>>Reset Key: Relearn a key. (Note:this key programming function is NOT universally compatible .please check compatibility with us if necessary. X431 V pro supports PINCode reading for most cars before 2008 ,for vehicles after 2008,you need to have PINCode to do key programming)

This new Launch X431 V pro scan tool is just the perfect All-in-One automotive tool that professional mechanics can’t wait to have.


2022 Elite Global Version – LAUNCH X431 V Pro V5.0

LAUNCH X431 V PRO 5.0 Scan toolLAUNCH X431 V PRO 5.0 Scan tool

2022 New Added “OE-LEVEL”Function of LAUNCH X431 V 4.0

You get Free updates for 2 Years, After 2 Years, you will NOT lose any functionality, you can continue to use all the functions as normal , you just will not receive updates .

[2022 Optimal Function] ECU Replacement: Help the Newly Replaced ECU/Module Work Normally

What can LAUNCH X431 V v4.0 Scanner do?

Featuring ECU/Module replacement functions, LAUNCH X431 V4.0 Bidirectional Scanner can help you initialize, match,relearn, or code the newly replaced ECU/module to get it back on track.

ECU Coding: Customize Your Car in Minutes

Same as other LAUNCH X431 High-end OE-level scan tool , LAUNCH X431 V v4.0 has the capability of ECU coding to change preprogrammed options in the software, helping you customize your car faster as needed.Optimally code your car by changing some settings to fit your needs, such as setting alarms, doors locking, etc.Access the ECU to make full use of the hidden features or disable the car’s annoying functions, like 1. changing the color of interior lights 2. switching on/off the auto hold, 3. customizing dash kits 4. activating the auto side mirrors folding function 5. disable auto start-stop .6. remove/change Speed LimitProvide excellent solutions for issues of drivability, power loss, fuel efficiency, etc. to improve the car’s performance.Reprogram the adaptive data for certain components after repairs or replacements.

200000+ Vehicles Supported (Almost cars on the world):



Malaysia car models——PERODUA(PERODUA),PROTON ; IRAN car models ——IKCO,MVM; Australian brand——Austford, Holden ;


✔️ Same Functions as 2022 LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+

launch x431 v pro bidirectional scan tool best scannerlaunch x431 v pro bidirectional scan tool best scanner

Extended Modules Turn Your LAUNCH X431 V pro 5.0 to an ALL-IN-ONE Diagnostic Master .Turn Your Business to Fast Lane.

✔️NEW OPTIONAL FUNCTIONS:✔️ (You can perform more comprehensive vehicle inspections with LAUNCH X431 V PRO 4.0,need EXTRA-BUY )

X-431 ADAS Mobile/PRO: Operate ADAS calibration to vehicle cameras, LKA system, ACC system, LDW system, and AVM system.VIDEOSCOPE: Examine and clean difficult-to-reach car areas normally hidden from sight, such as spark plug holes, engine cylinders, and small partsTSGUN: Activate all sensors,tpms relearn,program launch sensor.X-PROG 3: IMMO for VAG Group Above 3.5,advanced immobilizer & key programmerX431 PRINTER: Print out diagnostic data/ reportsBST360 Battery Test clip Analyzer :can be used for Battery Cranking system Test, Battery Charging system Test, Battery Health Test.ScopeBox is on the way. Stay Tuned.

Note:If you want to get this extra modules , just let us know ,we have all modules in stock .

✔️ Thanks to the LAUNCH X431 V 4.0 pro Scan tool, you can get more repair orders and Improve your efficiency and professionalism , Having such a state-of-the-art ,Fast,Smart, Intelligent Bi-Directional Scanner, Which is a great investment in your life .

✔️ As a Car owner ,Thanks to the LAUNCH X-431 V 4.0 Scan tool, you don’t need to rely on the mechanics or auto repair shop , you can be the mechanic of your family ,Which is a great money saver for your family.

With 5+1Years Extended waranty, 2 YEARS Free software subscription, and the after-sales service of LAUNCH X431 V is guaranteed by more professional and sophisticated Launch Tech Team .We always stand behind our products. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> More functions and vehicle coverage is developing and waiting you to discover ……..<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<








check issues on unreachable area in a vehicle

Relearn,Reset and Program TPMS sensors

Dual Frequency (315MHz + 433MHz) TPMS Sensor ; Cover 99% Vehicles on the world

Bluetooth 6V 12V Car Battery Tester

Support 12V And 24V Vehicles: Cars/Trucks/buses/trailers/excavators/diesel engine/construction machinery /pick-up/etc.

2022 Elite Global Version – LAUNCH X431 V Pro V4.0

LAUNCH X431 V PRO 4.0 Bi-Directional Scan Tool Full System ScannerLAUNCH X431 V PRO 4.0 Bi-Directional Scan Tool Full System Scanner

WARNING !! What you are watching is NEWEST 4.0 Version OE-LEVEL LAUNCH X431 V scan tool !

The LAUNCH X431 V pro can perform a wide range of actions as well as a a number of special functions that make it an even more astonishing piece of equipment. These special functions include but not limited to :

Service light resetsElectronic parking brake resetinjector programmingFull global DTC testing of vehicle modulesDiesel particulate filters regen/replacementKey/immobiliser codingVIN recognition, auto-searchLive data recording and multiple graphing

< What Comes With ALL-IN-ONE Launch X431 V 4.0 Scanner >

X-431 V 4.0 host, 1* Inspection Camera,QUICK START GUIDE, Papal USER MANUAL, PIN envelope, Storage Case, CLIPPER, FUSE, BLUETOOTH ADAPTER (DBScar-4/DS301), SWITCHING ADAPTER, AIT I OBD16 Extension Cable, USB A to Micro cable, Cigarette Lighter Line; 3 Adapter Plugs applicable for US,UK,EURO.14 Connectors :TOYOTA-17, HONDA-3, MAZDA-17,FORD-6+1,SSANG YONG-20 , CHRYSLER-6, SUBARU-9 , KIA-20, DAEWOO-12 ,GEELY-22 ,GMVAZ-12, DAEWOO-12, BMW-20, BENZ-3812 Cables : GAZ , OBDII-16 EXTEND CABLE , SSANG YONG-14, SUZUKI-3, AUDI-4, FIAT-3, MITSUBISHI HYUNDAI-12+16, OBD1 ADAPTOR, BENZ-14, NISSAN-14+16, DAIHUATSU-4, POWER CABLE CLIPS.EL-50448 TPMS Tool 1Set ( in the package)Extra Gift in the package

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Advanced Features of LAUNCH X431 V pro 4.0

Health Report Generate and Share — With Launch X431 V Pro ,you can generate a full system Diagnostic Report by ONE-CLICK. The reports can be emailed to the office or directly to your customer. You can also print out the vehicle health report card .Online Repair Resources , mainly including —

Operating skills, which mainly introduces how to use diagnostic tool to solve common faults of some models, such as resetting BMW brake warning lights;DTC Help, which introduces the troubleshooting method for a specific fault code of some models, for example, how to eliminate the U0196 fault code of Chrysler 300C;Automotive Technology handbook, circuit diagrams of certain modules of some models, component introduction, fastener tightening specifications, such as the 2009 GM enclave body maintenance information, which describes the bumper and instrument specifications, and the tightening specifications of each component force.Repair Case, repair cases of some car models. Provide more than 1600 vehicle models’ service & repair information, handbook, repair case and operation skill

View History

Once a vehicle diagnosis is performed, LAUNCH X431 V will record the every detail of the diagnostic process.you can record/review/playback live data anytime .The History function provides quick access to the tested vehicles and users can resume from the last operation, without the necessity of starting from scratch

Remote Diagnosis

Configures LAUNCH X431 V as an I/M(Instant Messaging) tool, which enables technicians to exchange repair experience and perform remote assistance more conveniently.

Maintenance Help

Including How-to Videos, operation skills, and user manual, Q&A, Quick start guide, etc.

What If I meet with Issues during the diagnosis ?

For any problems found during the diagnosis, submit the feedback immediately. LAUNCH professional experts will provide perfect solutions for you as soon as possible .

👍【 ✅2021 Model ✅Faster, More Popular ,Wider Regional vehicle coverage than ever】LAUNCH X431 V (Pro) 4.0 scan tool adds loads of OE-Level features as ➤【AutoAuth for FCA SGW】which makes V pro works with Chrysler,Dodge,Jeep,Alfa Romeo and Fiat after 2017.➤Setting & Changeover (adblue reset, unlock the engine after a collision, cancel ABS driving test, and more) for Benz ➤Modification for BMW ➤Offline Coding ➤Customization ➤Personalization, for worldwide vehicles, and keep growing.
【Bi-Directional + ECU Coding+Over 31 Reset Services+ Active Test + Adaptation+ Initialization + Matching 】: Besides actuate solenoids and actuators for active testing. Launch X431 v also support : Auto VIN Detect, ECU Coding, Adaptation , Matching ,Key programming,Gear/SAS/EPB/TPMS/DPF/IMMO/BMS/ETS/Oil/Brake/AFS/EGR/GEARBOX/SUNROOF/SUS Reset, ABS Bleed, Injector coding .Gives you the ability to use dealership level relearn procedures to complete repairs or maintenance.
✅【2021 Better Hardware 】:Launch X431 V pro4.0 Updated and Optimized the hardware compared with 3.0.👍 Open Android 9.0 OS .👍 2.4GHz&5GHz Dual-Frequency Wi-Fi, the transmission rate is 4Xfaster than old version.👍5000mAh stronger battery capacity👍32+128gb(EXTENDABLE) storage,save more vehicle documents and customer data. . 👍 CPU Processor Updated from 1.4GHz to 2.0 GHz quard-core. greatly increased the speed of running multiple task .👍 8XFaster AUTO VIN Technology.Time IS Money.
👍👍【 5 Years Warranty + 2 YEARS Free Update +Almost OBDI&OBDII Connectors and Cables Included + Covering 99.99% Vehicles on the World 】: LAUNCH X431 V Pro scan tool works on ECU of vehicles covering Asian, European, American, Russia, Malaysia, India car brands up to 150 car brands, 10000 car models . 🔥.Contact seller to Get Free Screen Protective Film
🚗【Real Active Test】Launch x431 v 4.0 car scanner diagnostic tool Features Full bi-directional control ability, to send commands to vehicle’s systems/components, to verify system input/output without using the vehicle’s controls, e.g. turn on the radiator fan, modulate the throttle, open/close windows, operate mirrors, Injector Buz Test,turn on interior & exterior lights, sound horn, test door lock actuators and such.
✅FULL LOCALIZED 24 Languages FREE TO USE ? YES ! choose your native language without encountering any sort of language barrier– English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Simplified, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Danish Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish, Chinese Traditional.
👍👍👍【Support Wifi Printer/ Videoscope/ TSGUN/ X431 PRO G Optional functions 】✔️Videoscop: Check unseen parts of engine, fuel tank system, etc.✔️X431 TSGUN: Activate all sensors,TPMS relearn,Program LAUNCH sensors✔️X431 PROG: IMMO functions for VAG Group Above 3.5✔️X431 PRINTER: Print out diagnostic data/ reports.

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