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Top 5 Best Hoverboard Charger To Buy In 2023 Reviews

While they may not yet be what we see in science fiction movies, hoverboards are still a lot of fun. Unfortunately, they do still have wheels, but that’s just a matter of time. Even though we all wish these boards flew rather than rolled, it’s really the battery that screams last century. However, there is a way to increase the mileage you get from your battery.

The best hoverboard charger will help extend the life of your battery. There are several styles of hoverboard out there, and each one has its top selling points. However, that’s an article for another day. Today we are looking exclusively at the best replacement chargers for hoverboards.

Whether you’ve lost your charger, damaged it, or are just looking for a backup, you’ll find something in our review. After all, wouldn’t it be easier to just leave a spare charger at the office? That way, you can ensure you have a full charge to get home without needing to remember the charger.

So, let’s go through them and find the best charger for your hoverboard…

Top 5 Best Hoverboard Charger To Buy In 2023 Reviews

Top 5 Best Hoverboard Charger In 2023 Reviews

1 EVAPLUS 42V 2A (84W) Power Adapter for Bird & Lime Charger – Most Versatile Hoverboard Charger

One of the biggest issues with hoverboards is that the batteries often seem to fail far sooner than expected. Occasionally it’s not the battery but rather the charger that isn’t doing its job correctly. This is because many chargers are often cheaply made. Luckily, EvaPlus produces a power adapter for Bird and Lime chargers. However, this unit will work with a wide range of hoverboards.

This includes Bird, Lime, Jump, Spin, Lyft, Skip, Segway, Ninebot, and many more. In fact, this charger will fit the majority of units on the market. You’ll just need to ensure your hoverboard is equipped with a lithium battery. We’ll cover this in more detail in the Buyers Guide below.

Longer life…

This unit from EvaPlus features a US-style plug and is compatible with 100-240V 50/60Hz inputs. This then translates into 42V 2-Amp output for a quick-charging time.

This is a lithium-ion electric scooter battery charger, and it’s made from high-quality materials. The solid construction helps keep the battery running longer. We found this is even the case with regular usage.

Keeps you informed…

We also appreciate the indicator lights that let you know when the unit is charging and when it has finished. Even better, it’s backed by a Money-Back Guarantee. That means you can purchase with confidence, which is always nice.

EVAPLUS 42V 2A (84W) Power Adapter for Bird & Lime Charger

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Lithium-ion battery charger.
  • 100-240V input.
  • 42V output.
  • Widely compatible.
  • Charging indicator light.


  • Not ideal for NiMH-style batteries.

2 TOMOLOO Hoverboard Charger Cord 42V 1.5A for Self Balancing Scooters – Most Versatile Hoverboard Charger

If you have a Tomoloo hoverboard, then your best bet is sticking with an original factory charger. Luckily you can get one quite easily.

Does it fit your hoverboard?

This charger is billed as a universal hoverboard charger for all Tomoloo hoverboards. This includes the Q2C, Q3C, K1, V1, V2, Q3-X1, and many more. But you’re not limited to these hoverboards.

We found that many 3-prong, o.31-inch diameter plug ports accepted this charger. So, while it’s designed for Tomoloo hoverboards, it works well with many other branded self-balancing hoverboards.

What voltage does it support?

This unit is designed with a 100-240V AC input, at 50/60Hz pushing 1.5Amps. The output is regulated to 42V at 1.5Amps, which means it’s only compatible with 36V Lithium batteries.

Safety is always a concern, so we should point out that this unit is UL Certified. It also has built-in protection from short-circuiting, over-voltage, or over-current, and reverse polarity should you somehow connect it incorrectly.

But wait, there’s more…

There is also the nice touch of dual charging light indicators. Red means the unit is properly connected and charging. When the unit is fully charged and ready to be disconnected, the indicator light changes to green.

All in all, we think this is one of the best chargers for Tomoloo hoverboards. The only complaint we should mention is the short life some users have noted. Of course, this is why you’re likely buying a new one in the first place.

TOMOLOO Hoverboard Charger Cord 42V 1.5A for Self Balancing Scooters

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • 100-240V input.
  • 42V output.
  • Lithium-ion battery charger.
  • Compatible with all Tomoloo hoverboards.
  • UL Certified.


  • Not the longest-lasting charger out there.

3 Tangsfire 36V Lithium Battery Charger Output 42V 2A Power Fast for Electric Bike Batteries Pack – Most Powerful Hoverboard Charger

There are some hoverboards out there that require a bit more juice than others. For these options, we would recommend this next Lithium Battery Charger from Tangsfire.

What’s different about this unit?

Compared with the two options we reviewed above, this unit is almost exactly the same. It still offers an input of 100-240 VAC for a Lithium Li-ion Li-poly charger. However, this unit produces 36V at 2Amps, giving you just a little bit more juice.

This makes it ideal for 10 Series Electric Bikes, as well as other 36V hoverboards, scooters, and the like. It also has the same red light/green light indicator to let you know when charging is underway and complete.

What about built-in protection?

Tangsfire has designed this unit with overload protection and short-circuit protection. This should keep the unit from failing or frying your hoverboard.

While we didn’t notice this issue during our testing, but other users have complained about this unit getting rather hot. If you experience such an issue, we advise contacting the manufacturer. Luckily, they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so you can buy in confidence. We think this makes it one of the best quick-charging hoverboard chargers you can buy.

Tangsfire 36V Lithium Battery Charger Output 42V 2A Power Fast for Electric Bike Batteries Pack

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Lithium Li-ion Li-poly charger.
  • 36V 2Amp output.
  • Overload and short-circuit protection.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


  • Not compatible with all hoverboards.

4 TreeNB NiMH 24V 2A XLR Electric Scooter Battery Charger – Most Durable Hoverboard Charger

Not all hoverboards run on Lithium batteries, but the vast majority do. For those out there that require a NiMH battery charger, your best bet might be from TreeNB.

Is this the best NiMH hoverboard charger?

We think so, that’s why it’s the only one of its kind on our list. This unit will support a 100-120V AC input running 50/60Hz. The output is limited to 24V at 2Amps, which translates to 2000mA.

The connector is the standard 3-Pin XLR male, making this unit widely compatible with electric hoverboards and scooters. This includes the GO-GO Elite Traveller Plus HD US, eZip 750, E-4.5, and many more models.

Check your battery requirements…

NiMH batteries are not the most common type used in hoverboards. We highly advise that you double-check your requirements before ordering, as this unit will not function with Lithium batteries.

It features a red light when charging that changes to green at full charge. Plus, there is a 12-month warranty to help assure you of the quality.

To be honest, we think it’s the best NiMH hoverboard charger we can buy.

TreeNB NiMH 24V 2A XLR Electric Scooter Battery Charger

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • NiMH electric scooter battery charger.
  • 24V at 2Amps.
  • Widely compatible design.
  • Backed by a 12-month warranty.


  • Not compatible with most hoverboard batteries.

5 Street Saw Replacement Hoverboard Charger – Best Value for Your Money Hoverboard Charger

The final option on our hoverboard charger list comes from Street Saw. These guys have gone and saved the day by making their chargers available separately. Furthermore, if you have a Street Saw hoverboard, this is easily the best option.

Here’s why…

There are a lot of reports out there of hoverboard batteries failing in spectral ways. Some have caught fire, and others have seemingly exploded. Often this is linked to a faulty charger. This is why we’d recommend not skimping on price and getting a premium hoverboard charger. Ideally, we’d recommend a replacement from the same manufacturer.

That’s why Street Saw made their 36V – 42V chargers available on their own. This unit is widely compatible with Street Saw hoverboards, making it the best option for many consumers.

How does it compare to the competition?

So yes, this unit is considerably more expensive than the others on our list. However, it also charges at 1.7 Amps, which makes it faster than many other options. It’s also packed full of protective features, such as short-circuit, over-voltage, over-current, and reverse polarity connection protection. Plus, they make these available in multiple styles.

No matter where in the world you live, Street Saw has a charging adapter for your region. In our opinion, that is what makes it the best hoverboard charger for the money.


  • Charges at 1.7 Amps.
  • 100-240V input.
  • 36-42V output.
  • Widely compatible.
  • Dual-color status light.


  • Considerably more expensive than other options.

Best Hoverboard Charger Buying Guide

EVAPLUS 42V 2A (84W) Power Adapter for Bird & Lime Charger for Bird,Xiaomi, Lime, M365,Jump, Spin, Lyft, Lime S, Skip, Segway Ninebot Es4, Es3, Es2, Es1

As you can no doubt tell from our review of high quality hoverboard chargers, there’s a wide variety of options available out there. This is a good thing because it means there is something for everyone. However, it can also make narrowing down the options feel overwhelming.

To assist you with this task, we’ve broken down the top factors to consider when shopping for a new hoverboard charger. The first of which is the most complicated…

Power Requirements

We say this section is complicated because there are multiple factors under this single heading to take into consideration. In truth, though, this is all basic enough, so it shouldn’t stress you out. The first step in understanding the power requirements is checking your hoverboard’s manual.

Does it run on a Lithium battery or a NiMH battery? This is important. You can damage your hoverboard by hooking up the wrong charger.

Once you have determined if you require a Lithium or NiMH battery charger, you’ll need to confirm the necessary voltage. The majority of hoverboards out there run on 42Volt systems. However, there are also 24V and 36V options out there. Hooking up a charger that runs the wrong level of voltage can also damage your hoverboard.

In fact, you can cause a fire or even an explosion if you’re not careful. This is why it is highly advisable to confirm your requirements before ordering a replacement charger for your hoverboard.

Charging Type and Time

You have to ensure the type of battery (Lithium or NiMH) and the voltage match up for proper functionality. At the same time, the number of Amps relates to the speed at which the charger pulls power to your battery. We know you’d like the charging to be as fast as possible. This is why many people opt for a higher Amp output from their charger.

It can certainly cut down on charging time, but at what cost?

The high-tech batteries employed in hoverboards are completely different than your traditional acid battery. By pumping them back up with power too quickly, you can easily create problems for yourself. Yes, you can also ruin your battery by overcharging. However, it’s likely to happen far more quickly if you’re higher Amp output than recommended.

What all of this means is that you have some homework to do. Before you make a purchase, you need to get out your overboard’s owner’s manual. It will have all the information about battery type, voltage, amp requirements, and limitations, and the rest to make sure you are using the right type of charger.

Money Talks…

We know that one major consideration for anyone buying anything is the price tag. Unfortunately, many of the cheap options out there are simply not worth the risk to your toy. We recommend spending a bit more on your hoverboard charger if that’s what it takes to get one you can trust.

There are a lot of knock-offs out there. And since you can easily kill your very expensive hoverboard by using the wrong charger, we think a few extra bucks is generally worth it.

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But What Is The Best Hoverboard Charger?

There are a number of good hoverboard chargers for sale out there. Hopefully, our above review of the best 5 hoverboard chargers has helped you find exactly what you’ve been searching for.

The best charger for you is the one that matches your hoverboard. If you’re still not sure which option is the best, don’t stress. We’d recommend the…

Street Saw Replacement Hoverboard Charger

While it is more expensive than other options, it’s also packed full of safety features. Plus, with this option, you’re getting a manufacturer original, so there’s no concern that it will be low quality.

Until next time, have fun on your fully charged hoverboard!

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