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Vantrue N4 Three Channel Review

The Vantrue N4 is one of the most comprehensive dash cam kits currently available on the market. Complete with three cameras to cover the front, rear, and inside of the vehicle. The two-unit set records three channels simultaneously, along with the audio as well.

Perfect for ride sharing and taxi drivers, or even those just looking to have that extra sense of security while on the road. This product offers great protection against potential liability issues, as well as accidents.

So, let’s go through our in-depth Vantrue N4 Three Channel Review to see if it’s as good as it sounds…

Vantrue N4 Three Channel Review


There are two units containing the three cameras. The main front unit contains a 2.45-inch (6 cm) screen for menu navigation and basic footage review. To the right is the vertically rotatable interior camera, with the front facing camera on the other side.

On the left side is a port for the cable that goes to the rear camera. There is also a tiny reset button, a micro SD card slot, and an HDMI out port. On the top, there are five control buttons for toggling through the menu system.

Clever design elements…

The main camera’s power cable connects to the mount instead of the camera itself. This makes it much easier if you wish to remove the camera, as you don’t need to unplug the power. This becomes even more convenient with regards to something we will cover later.

The rear camera is a cylindrical shape with the camera in the center of the housing facing outwards. It hangs on a suction cup style mount and can easily be maneuvered to ensure the clearest picture at all times.


Installation can be completed by yourself rather quickly and easily. Both of the cameras can be hung from the front and rear windshields using the included suction cup mounts. They actually work really well, and they don’t come loose, even with road vibration.

Power is supplied via a charger cord that plugs into your car’s power supply port (previously known as the cigarette lighter). Then all that’s left is running the 20-foot (6-meter) included data cable from the front to the rear camera.

DIY versus hardwired…

There is a hardwire kit available too, which must be purchased separately. We would recommend it though, as it affords some additional options. One of which is the convenience of removing the camera, as we mentioned earlier. We will cover the other features shortly.

Professional installation would be required for hardwiring, unless you are handy with some tools and wiring yourself. It’s a reasonably simple process for a professional, though, and shouldn’t be too expensive or take too much time to complete.

Stand-out features

Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam 1

One of the first features we would like to mention is the night vision on the interior camera. Using four infra-red LED lights, the footage is clear even in complete darkness. The microphone can also pick up quiet, whispered conversations.

The footage is recorded to a Micro SD card up to 256 GB. The oldest footage automatically is overwritten by new footage, so you don’t have to keep clearing the card. However, if the G-sensor is activated during an accident, that footage is locked onto the card. You can also lock footage manually through the menu system.


If you choose to hardwire, then there are additional parking modes. When the car is turned off, the camera goes into standby mode. If either the motion sensor or the G-sensor is activated, the camera will automatically start to record.

The parking mode works as a great anti-theft device. In addition, there is also a separate GPS module available too. This enables the camera to geotag the exact speed and location into the footage.

Quality Specifications

One of the most important parts of any camera is the sensor. And Vantrue hasn’t skimped in this department. They have chosen to use Sony STARVIS CMOS sensors. A great choice considering Sony is a leader in camera sensor technology.

All three cameras record at 30 fps. The front facing camera has 1440p resolution, while the interior and rear both have 1080p. All lenses have a wide angle of view, with the front having 155°, the rear 160°, and the interior 165°, making sure nothing is missed.

Picture quality and compatibility…

Video is recorded using the MP4 format. This is very versatile and can be played back on most devices without the need for converting to another file type. You can either insert the SD card into your PC or use the USB Type-C included cable.

Playback is excellent, with both day and night footage offering a clear, crisp, and sharp picture. Number plates are easily recognizable with both the front and rear cameras, should you ever need to submit footage to insurance companies or police.

Will operate in all conditions…

No matter what the weather conditions are, you can be assured that your cameras are operating. Rated to withstand temperatures between 14°F to 158°F (-10°C to 70°C) no matter if there’s snow or sun, you won’t be let down.

Vantrue recommends that only their own brand SD cards are used. There is no card included in the box. There is a specific warning not to use Sandisk or Transend cards. A 256 GB card can record around 19 hours of footage before it will start over again.

Pros And Cons Of Vantrue N4 Three Channel

 Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam 2


  • Sony STARVIS sensors on all three cameras.
  • Excellent night vision.
  • Clear footage recorded in convenient MP4 format.
  • Includes three separate cameras.
  • Great for ride sharing or taxi drivers.


  • GPS is an added extra.
  • Proprietary SD cards are required.
  • No Wi-Fi or App for easy file transfers.
  • More expensive than other dash cams.

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Vantrue N4 Three Channel Review Conclusion

There are certainly cheaper dash cams available out there. However, it would be difficult to find one with the same quality components and as many features as the Vantrue. Covering almost the entire circumference of the vehicle across three cameras certainly is an appealing aspect.

For general use, this might be a little bit of overkill. But then again, it never hurts to be over cautious. If you are a rideshare or taxi driver, a piece of kit like this should almost be compulsory.

A step above the rest…

Even though the initial outlay may seem a little more pricey than others, you need to remember that everything (except the GPS, SD card, and hard wire kit) is included in one package. There is more than enough to get you started and offer secure protection.

With the quality camera sensor, ease of installation, and excellent picture quality, this is almost the perfect package. The area it falls short is the requirement to use the proprietary SD cards. But possibly this might be addressed in a future update of the device.

Happy and safe motoring.

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